This Week's Meal and Job Plans: July 20-25

Oh what a lovely weekend!  Well it wasn't weather-wise but it was all around.  Mama, my niece Ashley and I drove to Athens Saturday to join in Katie's bridal shower.  It was an intimate group of folks.  I've met her soon to be in-laws before but there were new faces to acquaint myself with, and then I had my lovely family about me.  Bess came and brought the baby who is growing rapidly and I mean that sincerely.  He started out at 6pounds 6 ounces, but he now weighs about 8pounds 13 ounces in just five short weeks.  He's a nursing baby but tolerated, sort of, the bottle his Mama brought along so that I could feed him.  I did laugh at the look on his face as he clamped his lips and cut his eyes at me.  And when Bess nursed him later, oh so discreetly, the little man smacked his lips loudly and 'Mmmmmm'-ed so much that he made us all giggle and brought full attention on his Mama, lol.

We passed the baby about from one set of arms to the other and he was just fine with it all.  He gazed at strangers and family alike and listened to words meant just for his tiny lovely ears and never whined or whimpered about it at all.

Of the girls who came to share in Katie's celebration, five were engaged and three were pregnant.  It is a season for young women.

Sunday was another rainy day.  After church we came home and settled in with dinner, the crossword puzzle and television.  My current favorite programming is Mountain Men on History channel and they were running a marathon of episodes yesterday afternoon.  I enjoyed my Sunday afternoon at home thoroughly.

Today, John went off to work half a shift.  I decided the kitchen needed some deeper cleaning, so I cleared and wiped down the inside of the fridge. Golly but it was needed.  No waste or spoilage to report, but plenty of sticky spots to wipe away.  Then I mopped the kitchen floor.  I'm finding for my flooring the liquid Dishwasher detergent is the best at getting up grime.  Remember my floors are white, and we do live in the country, so the floors get ground in dirt on them all the time.  I need that extra cleansing boost I get from the dishwasher soap.

Meals...Time to plan those!  I will start with yesterday's meal which was mostly homemade and we'll work our way from there, okay?

Deli Roasted Chicken, Steamed Squash, Baked Potatoes, Tomato Slice Salad
Mama bought the chicken Saturday on our way home.  I put the potatoes in the microwave while the squash steamed and the chicken reheated in the oven.  It wasn't a fast meal necessarily but it was a good one and most welcome by the time I put it on the table.

Pot Stickers, Chinese Stir Fry Vegetables, Fresh Peaches
Actually there's only me at home today but I didn't want chicken of course, I rummaged about in the freezer and found the last of the Chicken Pot Stickers, lol.  I used what vegetables I had in the fridge to make my stir fry to go along side.  It was pretty tasty.

Red Beans and Rice, Cabbage Salad,  Corn Bread, Individual Apple Cobblers
I'll use a little Italian turkey sausage to season the meat.  I'll just cook the one sausage and put the rest of hte meat up for another entree later.  The cobblers will use up two apples that are just not getting the attention they deserve.

Brown Sugar Corned Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Cabbage
I cook the corned beef first (usually in my crock-pot) and then take up the meat and put in an oven-safe dish.  I mix brown sugar and plain old yellow mustard together and spread over the meat then run under the broiler.  It caramelizes and sort of tones down the saltiness of the meat.  I've had this corned beef in the freezer since St. Patrick's Day.  We like to slice the meat thin for sandwiches so I'll set aside the rest of the meat for that.  It freezes well once cooked, too, so no fear we will tire of corned beef sandwiches.

Beef Ravioli Bake, Green Salad, Italian Green Beans, Crusty Bread, Fresh Fruit Bowl
I am having the best time mixing up berries with peaches, melons and such for a fruit salad of sorts.  I don't even bother to dress it, just mix up the plain cut fruits.  It is so delicious and refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness after a rich meal.

Twice Baked Potatoes, Peas with Mushrooms, Tossed Salad, Lemonade Stand Pie
As my meat supplies dwindle and I try to stretch it all a bit further, I'm reminded of all the really good meatless meals I can put on the table, like this cheesy stuffed potato.

Calzone with broccoli, sausage and cottage cheese, Green Salad, Lemonade Stand Pie
I'll use some of the broccoli I steamed and chopped last week and the 1/2 cup of cottage cheese I put away in the freezer a couple of weeks ago (and maybe a bit of goat cheese and mozzarella) to fill the calzones.  I'll mix in some of the sausage I cooked earlier in the week as well for added flavor and perhaps I'll make a quick marinara to set alongside.

Jobs This Week

John is going to be home most of the week so I might be ambitious in my listmaking, but we shall see.  I do have a free calendar for a couple of weeks and I hope to get a few things done.  I've gotten two of the items done earlier today.  Were I very ambitious I might knock out a few more but I'm not ambitious.  It's been a long day and I keep promising myself I can read a chapter of my book and play an hour of a game as my reward for working today.  I really do need to practice keeping my promises to myself.

Mop Kitchen
Clean fridge deeply and well
Tag and take a few new items to booth
Grocery shopping
Clean front porch rails and siding
Straighten the linen chest
Clean the oven
Wipe down insides of cabinets on the end wall of the kitchen


sparky136 said...

How much dish washer liquid do you add to your water? Do you just eyeball it? I want to try this on my floors.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I am curious about how to make a Lemonade Stand Pie. Sounds like something my family might enjoy

Anonymous said...

Yes I wondered too about the use of Dawn. Is it the cleaner for the electric dish washing machines? Does it strip the wax on the floor or interfere that you know of with the ever shine on some newer floors? Of course you would only know about your own floor. Are your's stone tile or linoleum? Do you need to rinse it? It sounds like it works great!
The comment you made about the baby shower. The one about so many newly married and pregnant ones was it is their time..brought tears to my eyes. Oh to remember those times! They seem like they were only yesterday when they were hundreds of yesterdays ago. :) Such a sweet time of of life wasn't it. Sarah

Anonymous said...

You have gotten me thinking of that sweet smell of the tiny babies. It has been way too long since I held a little one. I can still remember the feel of their bodies in my arms and the softness of the down hair and the softness of their thin wrinkly skin. Looking down at them wondering if they would open their eyes and look at me. It has got to be one of the sweeter memories of life. Thanks for making me remember oh so vividly that memory. I am happy you are getting to gather some new memories yourself. Sarah

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