This Week In My Home: Planning the Week

We had a lovely week behind us.  Who doesn't love family and travel and birthdays and such?  This girl here sure loves them all and enjoys them very well.  Our birthday was celebrated twice with cake that I didn't have to make.  John's partner's wife made one for him and Lori bought one for us when we visited our grands.   John bought me roses on our way home.  I made his favorite meal of chili mac when we got in from the trip.  I put chili to thaw in the fridge when we left home so it was easily prepared chili mac.

Yes, it was a lovely week but there's a week ahead to be productive in and to enjoy.  So here's to the second week of February!  Let's begin.

Dinners:  Five dinners to plan this week.  John is working two days, I'll be out with Mama one of those days and will rustle up leftovers for the other day.

Roast Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, Steamed Broccoli, Rolls, Cake
I've never cooked apples and potatoes in with my roasted chicken before.  I thought it very tasty.  I seasoned the chicken with Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning and a sprinkling of Lemon Pepper which John dislikes on it's own.  The vegetables I seasoned with salt and pepper and a fresh minced garlic clove and butter.  I'd let the chicken roast about 1/2 hour and then put in the vegetables and apple and tented foil over the top, sort of pressing it in at the sides.  Golly that was good!  And that little chicken was slightly larger than the last so there were leftovers.  I'll plan a second meal from those.

Chicken Enchiladas, Tossed Salad, Chocolate Pudding
Leftovers of chicken, yellow rice, black beans and the enchilada sauce I didn't make last week but will this week will go in the last of the flour tortilla shells.

Burger Sliders, Sweet Potato Fries, Baked Beans
I'll make extra sliders to keep in the fridge for future fast supper ideas.

Macaroni Cheese, Green Beans Creole, Green Salad

Cowboy Chili dish, Cheesy Biscuit bread, Pineapple Salad
I expect to have leftover baked beans since the can is so large.  I'll scramble ground beef and onion, add catsup and beans.  It's simple but always a winner.

Jobs This Week
last week:
I'll start deep cleaning the living and dining rooms this week.  If necessary I'll spend the whole of the month in this area.

Work on 2nd portion of flower bed.  There's digging to do in that area to move things out.

Run errands, pay bills, buy groceries.

Spend time with family.

This week:
I hope to finish up the living room this week.  I did a great deal last week but have two bookcases to dust and cull lightly and the magazine bin to sort through.  I also need to wash the slipcover on the ottoman which I'll put in the wash with the dining room curtains and sheers.  I want to try and freshen up the top of the big bookcase and the small one next to my chair and the room will be complete.

 I plan to spend some time outdoors this week doing small tasks as I can.  My arm/shoulder is a great deal improved and only bothers me when I'm cold.  I'll be careful not to strain it.  I hope to buy several bags of mulch and spread on that second flower bed. I would like to plant garlic and rosemary in that bed too, both good companion plantings for roses. I need two more trellises.  I hope Aldi soon has them in store again.

Pantry and Freezer inventory must be seen to.  I swore I had some spaghetti sauce and another jar of chili...Need to see just what I do have and what is about to expire.  I found about to expire juice packs in the kitchen cupboard.  I'll drink those over the next week or so.

Clean the guest room floor (just vacuuming but I have to remind myself.  I don't do it as often as I clean the main portions of the house).

Tag items for booth; go in to put up new shelves.

Thrift shop.


Janell in Georgia said...

I tried to email you this link yesterday, but today I got a response that said it could not send it. Follow the directions for an extra 200 fuel points when you spend $25 at Kroger. Hope you don't mind I posted it here.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been keeping yourself quite busy. It's fun reading what you are accomplishing. Pam

Back Porch Writer said...

Your planning and frugalness inspire me! Hope you have a great week!

Annabel Smith said...

I love hearing what you have been up to and these old fashioned homemaking images are just gorgeous. I feel inspired by both.
I am finding, week by week, keeping track of what I achieved is motivating and helpful. Many thanks for uplifting

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