In My Home This Week: Are We There Yet?

Have mercy!  Work and meals come around as regularly as laundry and dishes, don't they?  As of the time I'm working on this post we've had rain for 8 days.  Not steady rain, not all day or all night sort of rain but rain of some sort every single day for the past 8 days.  Two days it rained so long and hard that we felt we were under a deluge.  Both of those days the 'chance' of rain was in the lower percentiles.  I cannot even begin to imagine what the day two days from now will be like when it is meant to be a 90% chance! (*Two days later: It rained hard enough and powerfully enough to flush the clogged ditch at the field side of the end of my driveway!)

 It has rained enough to keep the yard wet, too humid to open windows, and just wet enough to really make you feel discouraged at going anywhere that wasn't absolutely necessary.   Every now and then the skies have lightened and we've breathed a sigh of relief, looked at one another and said "Oh good!  It's starting to clear off!"  No, it wasn't.  It was tomfoolery.  It was just a deep breath before the next wave of rain came in.  And it came in.

This 6 inches of rain pretty much put an end to my plans to do yardwork and go out to the shed to work.  All the dreary weather also put an end to ambition to do anything at all indoors other than the daily dozen.  

We ate well this past week.  I pretty much stuck to my menu with only two deviations.  Once was a failure on my part to THINK.  John came in late and I waited breakfast on him.  I simply forgot he came in two hours late.  And so dinner time rolled around and there was no dinner, nothing prepared, and I was hot, bothered, tired as could be because I'd been working hard.  I threw together a meal and I mean that literally.  The second time was John's kindness.  He insists on grocery day in getting take out.  I don't plan for takeout but he wants to make things easy on me.  It's a lovely loving gesture and I am happy to accept his kindness.

Now I've promised one meal this week and I'm duty bound to provide it.  I'll lead out with that one and we'll go from there.

Tuna Pasta Salad, Saltines, Strawberry Cobbler
I had the salad on menu a couple of weeks ago but it was one of those meals that got moved off the list.  I have all the ingredients needed to make this salad and the temperatures are supposed to warm up once more next week.  Strawberries were $.99 at Aldi last week and I got two pounds of them.  John is not as fond as I of strawberries but he will eat a strawberry cobbler without one murmur.  I've also discovered he will eat them in a fruit salad which also contains bananas.  Slowly I will convert him to eating them just any old time while in season, lol.

Lemon Pepper Chicken,  Asparagus Risotto,  Strawberry Almond Salad,   Angel Biscuits
I'll go light on the lemon pepper.  John isn't nearly so fond of it as I am.  The asparagus risotto will be a new recipe for me.  A nice way to stretch the asparagus to two meals instead of one since the risotto calls for so little.  

Mushrooms Newburg over Toast, Baked Potatoes, Garden Salad,  
 I've had this recipe in my files forever.  I thought it would be a good time to try it as a meatless meal.

Pasta with Sausage, Peppers and Onions, Italian Flat Beans, Salad, Angel Biscuits
I have turkey Italian Sausage in the freezer, and plenty of fresh peppers.  And yes, I am trying a lot of new recipes this week.  I need to shake things up!


Out with Mama

Grilled Steak,  Corn on Cob, Fried Onion Rings,  Tomatoes Au Gratin
I hope to start up the grill for the first time over the weekend.  I may even grill the corn.  The tomato recipe is easy enough.  Seasoned tomatoes are topped with saltine cracker crumbs and shredded cheddar.

Work Work Work

Jobs Last Week
Rain prevented a lot of work this past week.  I managed to get the little flower bed weeded and a portion of the rose bed as well.  I cleaned the closet in the guest room and sorted out a number of things that just needed to go.  I started a new donation pile.  Bills were paid, groceries were bought.  I spent one day waiting on repairmen.  Mama was here so that precluded doing any work.   It was a mixed week of work.

This Week:
Hang new curtains in master bedroom.

Get guest room ready.

Mop floors.**We'll see.  The kids are coming up and it's supposed to rain off and on all week.  I might wait until they go home since it's inevitable there will be spills.

Continue working on flower beds.**if weather allows

Get a double or triple lot of things to booth.  It's festival weekend and I hope it means good sales for me.

Finish book and get review posted...Not a hardship!  I am really enjoying it a great deal.


Lana said...

Ugh! We have had the same rainy, soggy weather. The house is stuffy at night and I long to open a window but do not want to let the stickies inside. Our yard is so wet that the water seems to be right at the surface and not soaking in. Today we had tornado warnings and all that and tomorrow is supposed to be a repeat.

My Mom always said not to mop floors til after the company is gone. It is especially true when little grandchildren will be here.

I hope you have a good and drier week!

Anonymous said...

Same here. We had to catch one single day when it had just barely dried out enough to mow the lawn. Almost like mowing through mud, but it had grown so much we had to do something. You take your life in your hands using the weed eater when it's this wet.
I live in a household with two males, one a teenager. They think we have a floor faerie who cleans up any track ins. So, I am with you about waiting until after the rain subsides a bit. But, when? They keep changing the forecast every time I think it's going to be clear. I have never seen a spring quite like this.
My car mats look like mud elves have been inside. That will have to be cleaned, as well. I mean, a whole lot of cleaning.
Oh well, at least we didn't have to go through what they did on the East Coast.


Anonymous said...

Love how Shell writes!! :-) Now if that fairy just could give Calif. some of the extra rain you do not want that would be great...but not possible. I had a darker print rug by the kitchen sink. Then we got this bright idea to get one of this jell filled rugs. They feel cushy on your feet all right but this one is light solid tan and seems it is always showing dirt! :( :) It is a tradeoff...the feet love it but it is extra work for the hands!
Even with all the set backs you seem to still be working ahead as much as possible on your list of projects. You can only do what you can do. Your list keeps getting smaller. Congratulations! I feel that as long as we are moving matter how slow it is a good thing. :-)
I love to hear about our outings with your mother. Enjoy every minute while you have them. Sarah

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

We have a lot of rain going on here as well. It finally has stopped this afternoon. I hope you have a good week.

Janell in Georgia said...

I am having brain fog. Maybe from all this rain? I have seen you and others post a link to your pages on another blog site in the comments. Please tell me how to do this.

Anonymous said...

I'll take some of your rain! We will be in a drought if we don't get rain. We've stopped planting crops because they will just die with no rain. I'm praying for rain! ☺️

So glad to hear your booth did well. That is exciting.

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