Spring Fresh: Updating the Bedrooms

The guest room last fall

I was so excited to finally pull the guest room together last autumn.   Though it is not finished, it is still a far sight better than it was last year.  I wanted a fresh look for Spring but I've searched endlessly for bedding with nothing affordable or really lovely being found.  I really wanted to change from the red.

Last week I had a call from the flea market and I was told I'd made a fairly good sale, one that will more than cover rent this next month.   That made me feel I could be free to spend my allowance this month without holding it for the booth.  

I'd tried all sorts of things here at home but at present, I don't really have a lot of extras, having weeded out all the worn/torn/beyond tired things, I was pretty much left with nothing.  I'd no idea I'd have such a hard time replacing them!  I'd already changed out the blue spread in our room for the madras quilt that John has come to like so this late winter/early spring.  I'd tried every option that might possibly work for curtains in that room and nothing felt right.

On Friday, I went to the Dollar General in the next town.  Out of habit more than anything, I checked the curtain and shower curtain sections and was pleased to find a blue blackout panel that was the exact shade I'd wanted for the master bedroom.  I bought the four panels at a great price and when I brought them home found they were indeed the best match.

Saturday I walked into the guest room and as I glanced at the bed, I 'saw' it fully dressed...in the blue spread we'd used over winter.  I had to wait until Sunday to put it together, but I think it looks just lovely and it's a good blend with the touches of red and red and white toile, as well as the cream sheers and lace panel used at the window.  
The quilt is really the key to this working so well.  

I used the sewing machine cover I'd made from a vintage pillowcase as a slip for a throw pillow I had in the closet.  I'm not totally satisfied with this room yet.  The pictures over the bed are lovely and I want them in the room but not sure that is the best arrangement or place for them. I dislike the straight line of them.  I'd like to remove the shams from the pillows in our room and use at the head of the bed to beef it up a bit, too.  But for the moment, it's an acceptable change and it cost me nothing.

The way my bedroom looked over the past nine months

                            The new curtains and the quilt I'll be using for our summer look

I'm so glad I purchased the curtains.  For the price and to end up with a fresh look in two rooms, I just couldn't beat it.  I'll be doing some minor work over the next week or so in both rooms, shifting accessories about, just to bring the rooms a completely fresh look.  It's a nice time filler until the rain quits and I can go to work on the porches and patio.


Kathy said…
Pretty! I like the new look.
Rebecca said…
Well done! (I'll look forward to seeing how you rearrange the pictures over the guestroom bed.)
Laurie said…
Your rooms look very fresh and pretty. I'm itching for a change. I think when my husband built our house he designed it in a way that rearranging the furniture is nearly impossible. It only looks good one way!
Lana said…
It is crazy how much bedding has gone up in price. I need a new coverlet for one of our guest rooms but I refuse to pay $100 for one.

You have made some nice changes. I love when things can just be moved round a bit a new item or two added. I think you might like your guest room art better if you move the middle three down a bit. Try centering them with the bottom of the the outside pictures. But, on how I hate trying to hang anything on the wall!
Anonymous said…
Isn't it fun to change out a room? I liked the red but I also like the blue. Pam
vickie morgan said…
It's amazing what just a little change can do. It looks very pretty (of course though I thought it was pretty before)
I love that you don't have a headboard either. My husband thought I was crazy when I asked for a platform bed without a headboard. My wonderful FIL and daughter built me one this past winter and I finally got my bedroom painted. I have not had a matching bedroom suite since I married and moved out of my parents house 24 years ago. It was time for an update. I finally found a quilt/comforter I loved at Tuesday Mornings. Good quality at a descent price. I like the way you pulled all the colors together with the quilt.
Beautiful.. Love the new look..
Congrats on your big sale too, and finding the beautiful curtains..
Anonymous said…
I like what you have done to change up your rooms. ;) They are very pretty. The quilt colors would look nice with red, or blue gingham checks too in pillow ruffles or other accessories. Just an idea. We had to get a new bed frame and so it gave me a push to redo a bit too. I need to look here for those lined curtains. They would help in summer or winter. We have the skinny metal mini blinds but they let in some light. Sarah
Anonymous said…
I really, really want the little white nightstand and the red shaded lamps. Are the lamps antiques? They look like some I had in my bedroom at home when I lived with my parents. My bedroom walls are one a pretty blue and the rest very basic beige. Hadn't ever thought about red being a perfect color for in there, but after seeing your room I am thinking..........Gramma D.
Julie Baker said…
Room looks lovely.

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