This Week In My Home: A Little At A Time

Well this past week went rather well.  Overall I did nicely with my meals and my foods choices but I confess, when I was tired and weary, meals were the last things I wanted to plan. Fortunately for me, I learned long ago with the Atkins diet that planning meals out ahead of time is key to success.  I figure it's pretty much the same with my current need to eat well and right.

One of the tools I was given at the hospital was an illustration of The Plate Method.  I found one online to share:

3-4 ounces of protein, 1/2 cup starch or starchy vegetables, up to 3 cups of non-starchy vegetables, 1 medium fruit (or 1/2 cup starch or 1 slice of bread) and 1 cup milk (or another 1/2 cup of starch or bread).  It is recommended that I have three milk servings daily.  This is something I've not yet worked my way into but I am trying to get in two daily.

This has been the most helpful of things in laying out a meal plan as well as serving myself portions.  You might notice it varies from the U.S. Government 'plate' which divides the plate into four sections, with 1 fruit on 1/4 of the plate.  I think the diabetic plan promotes eating more vegetables.  It is truly about finding the balance of carbs plus fat plus protein to balance the body's production of sugar.

I spent some time this morning going over my recipe notebook.  I dumped tons of untried recipes, or those which would obviously not be a good choice for me.  I kept a few tried and true recipes that I felt could be altered to be more friendly to my current eating plan.  And I did keep the very few dessert recipes I have used over and over again.  I might not be able to make them often but they will be nice for family days.  I'll eventually build up a few friendlier recipes for occasional treats.

I don't care to eat eggs every morning and I confess that was the mainstay at the hospital.  I am trying to balance that with eggs every other morning and cheese or peanut butter toast or turkey sausage on other mornings.

For suppers I've been craving soups and I've indulged myself.  John prefers sandwiches which is fine by me.  Now and then I'll have a sandwich but I'm happiest with soup.

So what's on the menu for next week?  I've a turkey in the crock pot as I write and that will lead off the menu.

Sliced Turkey, Stir Fried Green Beans and Peppers, Wild Rice
I kind of want to go to church but not sure I'm up to that yet.  It's the drive combined with the length and the long walks (the place is huge).  I'll cook the rice before we go then reheat in the microwave when we get home...or just cook it fresh if we stay home and tune in to the live feed instead.

BBQ Chicken, Potatoes Au Gratin, Tossed Salad
I just remembered that when Sam and Amie were little, they always asked for Potatoes All Rotten...Doesn't sound in the least tasty does it?  But it was so sweetly funny back then!  I won't be making my potatoes super cheesy as I want to balance the fat in the dish, but I find I'm craving potassium (bananas and potatoes are great sources, and potatoes also pack a wallop of Vitamin C).  I've got a homemade sauce to go over the chicken which is lower in sugar than commercial.

Cubed Steak Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato, Chips, Fruit cup
I like to saute the steaks rather than fry them.  It makes a delicious sandwich.  I've got some lovely sour dough bread and it's lower in carbs than two slices of regular loaf bread despite being slightly larger than an average piece of bread.  Typically I cut a piece in half which makes a nice sandwich.  Yes, I did choose chips to go with this meal.  I will buy a 1 ounce bag and therefore limit myself.

Baked Italian Sausages with peppers and onions, Potato Salad, Coleslaw
I will limit the mayo in my portions of slaw and potato salad...Or I might get fancy and do a sort of Jamie Oliver type dish with tomatoes and potatoes included in the pan of sausages.  I'll see how it goes the day I prepare that dish.  I'll cook extra sausage and John can have a sandwich for his supper one night.

Turkey A La King, leftover Wild Rice, Steamed Broccoli
Turkey a la king is a good way to give John the feeling of having his favorite creamed turkey with the addition of lots of vegetables.  It's delicious and economical as it stretches the meat a good deal if you've a family to feed.  

Turkey Salad and Fruit Plates with Whole Wheat Crackers
Again, my portion of salad will have less mayonnaise than John's.  I hope at this point to have an apple or grapes in the house to put on the plates, all served on a bed of lettuce.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Turkey Club Sandwich
 I expect to have this meal alone, so I planned soup first.  I expect to be about done with turkey at this point and will put any remaining in the freezer with some broth over it.  That is meant to keep it moist and flavored during the freezing.

Plans for This Week

We have two appointments this coming week:
Get the car serviced
Intake as a new patient at doctor's office for me

John will work two days.  I thought I might do very small projects:
Sort out the house drawer of clothes in my dresser
Get my underthings folded properly and neatly.
I'll also see about straightening the linen chest
There are some place mats with candle wax that I'd like to get back into the dining linen drawer.

For the rest I'll just piddle about doing a little here and resting a bit there.


Lana said...

I would struggle to get down 3 servings of milk, too, especially with this hot weather. Milk seems thick and sticky to me when it is hot. I don't like ice cream in the summer for the same reason.

We have live feed for our church service too which is really nice when you just cannot get there.

My Dad always said Potatoes Hog Rotten which us kids just thought was the bomb and my Mom hated it. But then we called Egg McMuffins, Chittlin' McMuffins which Dad hated. Whatever!

Your menus look great! I did a chicken in the crock pot today so that will be springing off place for me this week once I get it all sorted out. It is so hot here that food does not even sound good. We have been working through a batch of KFC Coleslaw which is nice and cold with any meal.

Have a good week and I hope you like your new Doctor. Going to new docs is not my favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you here posting again. Hope you are getting better!

Leftovers are my great summertime help. I like a fridge full of them. My hubby does not mind for which I'm fortunate because in the summer I NEVER know when he will be in for meals. When he comes in, the food needs to be on the table fast or he might not take the time to eat. Summer on the farm! ☺️ I'm finding my menus help out wonderfully. Thanks again for your inspiration in this area! Pam

Janell in Georgia said...

I hate you are having to deal with this. and I mean this in the kindest way. I am looking forward to seeing your diet changes. It is so hard to eat properly when the bad for you stuff is so much cheaper. I have put up 19 bags of squash this week. I really should measure servings but I just eyeball what I think the 3 of us will eat for a meal. I just got an electric pressure canner and I also did 3 jars of green beans. Dr. Pepper is my biggest weakness. If I could quit those I would be so much better. Those clothes you didn't purchase. There was a reason. You know you are going to need some new ones when you start dropping weight. :)

Janell in Georgia said...

P.s. did you see the coupon/sale on Butterball turkey sausage for Kroger?

Lana said...

Just a thought-mix your mayo with some of the yogurt and stretch your dressing on your salads. Plus it would be an easy way to get down some of the milk servings.

Anonymous said...

Through the comments here and your posts we are all learning. Anyone could be healthier eating such menus. I used to love milk. for some reason the last two years it has not interested me. I have to make myself drink it. I do mix in a tiny bit of molasses for flavoring once in a while to get some extra iron and make the milk taste better to me. Yes as was suggested you might be able to use other dairy things as a substitute for your milk portion? Smoothies with yoghurt? My mother dumped most of the old family recipes when my father had to change his diet. Along with them went many of the old family favorites. Later when we asked for many recipes from our childhood Mom could not remember how to cook them. The recipe was long gone by then. :) Everything you learned through the years about menus and cooking seems to be working together now to help you in you knew adventure.
We are eating supper out a bit more with this summer heat. We need a break as the house is Hot. We have friends we see there and share a meal with. If I was alone I would just have a quick something at home then go to the library to cool off for a while but that is not hubby's cup of tea. :) It would be better to eat at home for all meals but he says we deserve to feel comfortable for a while each day so we are eating sometimes where it is cool in the evenings. Feels kind of odd and wasteful but He says to enjoy it. We have worked it into the budget ok.
On a side note I have realized several colors to look for in purses that are not exactly the colors I wear always but as you said do compliment the colors and make a statement. Now I am on the hunt for them! What fun!! I am now also mixing things up with jewelry accessory colors. How daring of me!! lol Thanks again for all this FUN! :))) Sarah

Louise said...

Love reading your menus now especially since your diagnosis.. Little changes make all the difference. I think ALL recipes can be tweaked to suit diabetics and without having to use artificial sweeteners too.. My body doesn't tolerate the artificial stuff..
I am finding it harder to cut back on sodium.. My blood pressure has been out of whack. and getting used to Decaf coffee has been a killer for me.

Keep up the good work!!!! Learning to take it easy with housework and such will be harder on you than meal planning I would think.

Anonymous said...

One diabetic friendly dessert that I enjoy is a one step angel food cake mix dumped dry in a large bowl. Add 1 20oz can unsweetened crushed pineapple, juice included. Mix with a spoon until well mixed. Pour into an ungreased 9x 13 pan and bake at 350 until golden. You can eat plain or add a bit of whipped cream or whipped topping. Nuts are also a good treat.

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