This Week In My Home: Changing Lifestyle

While her wake-up call is for the family to come down for coffee, my wake up call wasn't half so pleasant, lol.  However, meal plans are not only necessary but will be followed rigidly for a bit, until I get used to this whole thing.  Some of the menus posted this week are actually some that I had in hospital and am adapting.  A few are meals I've planned for us this week.  Most of the vegetables you see here are limited to 1/2 cup serving.  However, you can easily add a salad or skip bread and add another 1/2 cup to your vegetable serving.

By the way: Sarah's protein news last month was very much in evidence in all the menus I took note of over the past week and I was told it was best to eat meat at least once every day, as it balances the carbs.  Keep that in mind.

I'm not planning projects this week, not just yet, but I do have some goals I'll share at the end of this post.

Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Butter beans, Blackberries with Whipped Cream
Serving portions are the standard ones.  Meat the size of a deck of cards (about 3 ounces), 1/2 cup each of the potatoes and butter beans, 1/2 cup of the berries with fat free whipped cream dolloped on top.  That's the meal I made today and it was very good, very filling.  Measuring my food is interesting.  I think 1/2 a cup doesn't sound like much but it's really a quite generous serving.
* an addendum here:  butter beans and mashed potatoes are both carb heavy and will cause a spike in blood sugars.  Choose one or the other and have a salad or steamed broccoli, etc which does not have starches.

Cheese Sandwich, Raw Carrots and Broccoli with Salsa, Cantaloupe, Milk
Toasted or plain for the sandwich.  Toasting adds no carbs and does actually increase the fiber slightly.   I can't eat a commercial Ranch or Blue Cheese dip or dressing due to the heavy fat content.  I was shocked at how good salsa was on these vegetables.  Cantaloupe serving is 1 full cup and so is the milk.  I'd been in the habit of having my milk at night but I find it very satisfying to add to breakfast or a sandwich meal if I'm not having soup.  You may substitute pudding (sugar free for me) or yogurt for the milk.

Hamburger Steak, Corn On the Cob, Steamed Broccoli, Gelatin
One of the best meals at hospital was a broiled hamburger steak with a light sprinkle of Worcestershire sauce and Montreal Steak Seasoning.  They served it with mashed potatoes which was just lovely, unbuttered, as the juices flowed around the potatoes like a sort of thin gravy, adding more flavor to them.  Sugar free flavored gelatin, with a teaspoon of whipped cream.

Lemon Baked Chicken, Rice,  Steamed Green Beans, Fresh Peach
John is not fond of tart lemon tastes and loathes an overdose of lemon pepper, but I find a light sprinkle is just as flavorful and never overpowers.  I like to squeeze fresh lemon juice over the meat too before baking. A friend used to slice lemons and bake right along with the chicken in the pan. It made a lovely dish.

Black Bean and Rice Soup, Fiesta Chicken Salad, Strawberries
The soup served at hospital was thin with just a bit of onion, cumin and the rice and black beans. Plan on 1 cup serving.  It was unbelievably delicious and I look forward to attempting it here at home.   A chili powder and lime seasoned chicken (about 2 ounces) is sliced over lettuce, bell peppers (red and green) and red onion bits.  A very light sprinkling of shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese.  The dressing?  A lovely light one that is made up of sour cream, lime juice and chili powder.  A full fat sour cream is actually recommended in this diet, rather than fat free.

Six Inch Turkey Sub with Vegetables, Oil and Vinegar, Banana Smoothie  
My dietitian assured me that convenience food eating was possible.  Choose a whole wheat high fiber bun, add on more vegetables and skip the mayonnaise.  A sprinkling of oregano adds a world of flavor to plain old oil and vinegar and if you're a spicy person you can  add pepper flakes as well. I opt to use my fruit serving to make a smoothie.   Typically I keep my smoothies sweet and simple.  Using either yogurt or milk and frozen banana (1/2 banana is a serving and just right to thicken a cup of milk), sweetener is unnecessary and not missed.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Green Salad, Gelatin
I think one of the most surprising things to me was that pasta was not 'off' my diet.  A half cup serving or if you skip bread you can have 3/4 cup.  When I make meat sauce I load it with vegetables, but you can certainly add another 'free' vegetable to the meal if you feel you haven't enough.  My dietitian recommended following South Beach Diet guidelines on eating certain vegetables and as long as you stay under 3 cups they don't count as a carb.

Goals This Week

  No big projects, no big plans to deep clean.  I'm still trying to get back on my feet and I reckon it's gonna take me a week or two.  I took advantage of the ability to sit and actually did the filing that's been piling up for months now.    I suspect I'll do more little tasks like that as the week goes on but I have some real goals to work towards as well:

#1.  Find a new primary care provider.  I've actually found someone.  I just need to make sure my insurance will transfer me and that the doctor is indeed taking new patients.

#2.  Set up new and follow up appointments with doctors.

#3.  Get blood work done.

#4.  Get a pharmacy error corrected.  They gave me the wrong lancets for my diabetic kit.

#5.  Pay bills.

#6.  Buy groceries.

#7.  Copy 'plate guide' for easy kitchen reference.  Make a smaller copy on index cards to carry in my purse for when I'm away from home.  I'm visual and need those reminders.

#8.  Keep a food dairy and finger stick log.


Lana said...

You are wise to make detailed menus. It is always hard to think of what to eat when you are starving and everything has changed. I have made huge changes because of food allergies several times and it is not easy at first. In a few weeks it will feel normal. I will be praying for that adjustment,too.

Chari said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Planning is important & you are so good at that. Did they ever tell you why you got blood clots in your lungs? Was it from sitting in a car for a long time? I have a hard time getting hubby to stop for a stretch on a trip & we are both heavy & way out of shape.

a8383 said...

Oh Terri, I have been out of town and the FIRST thing I did on returning home was check on you! Praise God for answered prayers! So happy you are taking care of yourself! Angela

Anonymous said...

How delightful to find new posts from you. The book you reviewed sounds fascinating. What some have to go through so others can learn from it! I think of Joseph, and yet it was God's plan to save his people.

Sounds like you are moving forward. I agree that you will do well because you are a planner. I keep a food diary. I've found that I eat more if I don't keep close track of what goes into my mouth. I don't get the veggies I need if I don't plan them into my diet. Weighing and measuring is a good way to keep track of servings. And of course, making out a menu is very helpful too. I still need to do that for June! 😉

So glad you are home and starting to heal. Take care of yourself! 🌹🌹 Pam

Rebecca said...

Wow! I don't know how I missed your Great Adventure. Glad you're home. Praying for your adjustment to accommodate your new "reality" :)

Rhonda said...

Terri, I have thought of you and prayed for you so often, it is so nice to see you posting your chatty posts again, :) hugs and love to you

Mim Pepper said...

So sorry to read about your medical problems. Hope you're feeling better and will continue to get better and better.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are at home and on the mend. You will do well with a diabetic diet. You're very organized and have what it takes to keep the records you will need to take back to your Dr.
It's amazing the things you can eat that you never thought of before in fruit and veggies.

Praying that your problem with the blood clots clears up and never comes back. Will continue to pray for increased strength and vitality for you.

Karla Neese said...

I knew in reading your post about your diagnosis and instructions going forward that you'd take to this like a champ. Your already organized brain and home systems seem like it would make it so much easier to adapt! But I know it will still have its challenges.

Your meals sound delicious and healthy. I may have to try the broiled hamburger steak. That sounds yummy.

I know exactly what you mean about 1/2 cup being more than it seems in our heads. My husband and I are back on the losing weight and eating healthy kick so we measure everything and I have to give him calorie counts for his daily log. It's sometimes tedious but worth it to see how helpful it is in his weight loss.

One tip I thought I'd share that we surprisingly enjoy is spaghetti squash! I still make our traditional meat sauce loaded with veggies but occasionally instead of pasta, I'll bake or microwave a spaghetti squash and serve that instead of pasta. Very yummy.

Karla Neese said...

I had to add another comment. As I was getting ready to go on to another blog, my eyes went to your front page photo of your little baking center. Oh happy that photo makes me. It just looks like such a happy little corner.

Tammy said...

It won't be long and the menu planning will be easy. I remember measuring portions for preschoolers for the food program, and we thought they weren't being served enough food, but they were.
My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years ago, and he still keeps a log of his finger stick readings. In fact, he may still keep a food log. I would have to do the same.
Anyway, I'm so glad you're home and feeling better!

Anonymous said...


You spoke about you prayer warriors. Well you are a warrior in your own right and I am sure you will emerge victorious from this health battle. Hopefully with no battle scars! God bless you.

Best wishes from Best Bun.

Anonymous said...

I have been further trying to study these protein needs. What is complete and not complete protein uses and such. I will admit at times my mind cannot wrap itself around it all. I found a book accidentally that goes further on with A Diet for a Small Planet in that information and also mentions that book. I am also looking through my old copy of Recipes for a Small planet for more protein uses in recipes. I kind of wish you were close so I could ask you what they mean by what they are writing! lol
I have been tested for diabetics many times and so far am ok. But eating like we are with good recipes and ideas is eating good no matter. Also the Mediterranean diet is good but I don't know how that works with diabetes. I do know I need to watch out eating and am trying. Hubby has heart problems and it is a need not just a want.
As others have said, your use of always listing your menus is now going to help more. A habit you have already. Also the many home cleaning projects you have done recently have many projects out of your mind. You are a doer. Nothing is going to fall apart if you take it one step at a time and concentrate on getting healthy only. You know that but I know it is hard to sometimes make our minds realize. Maybe that is why God makes us weak after being sick so we cannot over due. ?
I too was wondering if they told you what happened to cause those blood clots. I know a relative who got them but that is the usual cause of not being able to move about due to illness. The doctors always watch out for that or pneumonia if a person is bed ridden. But you were not.
All of us will be naturally still praying for you and also John. You lives took a left turn but now is getting back on track. A bit of a new track but one that can be managed and traveled. One that we are so very happy you got out of the hospital and Can travel. Sarah

vickie morgan said...

I'm also so glad to see this post has I just now read the previous. You take it easy and get yourself feeling better. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Sparkiedoll said...

Prayers from England coming your way...what a horrid experience but all will be well just different. Rest, eat well and look after yourself...Very best wishes. Rose x

sparky136 said...

Thanks for posting the serving size for soup, veggies, and pasta. I'm trying to watch my food portions and this really helps.

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