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In My Home This Week: The Last Week Of July

La ti da da...This month is nearly over and it's been a rather good month overall.  As always as July dwindles to an end, I am torn...There are only weeks left of peach season now.  I asked this morning and the projection was 3 1/2 weeks.   I am torn because August here is back to school time but autumn is a long way away.  I am torn because about this point for us in Georgia, it feels like summer will never, ever end.  Were it not for the spate of fresh produce and the last of the peaches, I'd consider the month a lost cause and go on vacation for all of August the way the French do.  I mean it.  John will deny August is a sad month.  It's the beginning of football pre-season and he'll be happy as can be.'s not France, August will come and linger and July will end. I shall find as many pleasures in the month ahead that I possibly can.  In the meantime, let's finish off July with a Bang!

This Week In My Home: Summer Time and The Living Is Easy

Time to plan another week of menus.  The week just past was awesome, hard, fun, and naturally tiring but it was just that, a natural tired.  I think I'm getting my feet under me once more.  I even spent the morning contemplating a Monday morning routine for tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a thorough wipe down of the kitchen this afternoon.  No fears, I'm not pushing myself too hard yet but I am feeling restless and a bit more energetic.  I've taken care to limit myself to a load of laundry, fresh bed linens and emptying the dishwasher today.

I did rather well overall with meal plans last week but at least one day I seemed to be 'off' somehow, either with carb or fat counts, not sure which.  I'm giving myself leeway to make mistakes and figure things out.  I have a goal starting this week: figure out just what carb count works best for me on a per meal basis.  The nutritionist told me to never go below 130 grams per day.  The dietitians recom…

Questions, Answers and Comments, Oh My! A Short List of Replies for May

Well dears, I am not fit for much at the moment...I thought I'd be right back to normal, because I'd felt so restless in the hospital.  I forgot all about those thrice daily naps I was taking and the very limited amount of exercise I was allowed and grossly misjudged how I'd feel in a normal environment.  Keeping up with meals and dishes afterwards has been about all the tasks I can handle.  I even refused to go grocery shopping today because I felt like the stuffing was knocked out of me just going to CVS yesterday.  Mind you all, I am being kind to myself and not forcing myself to do anything.  I'll get back to my natural energetic self eventually and in the meantime I'll let my body be the judge of how much I do.

I thought I'd try to make replies to last month's posts.  Not sure I'll be as in depth as usual but I'll hi the highlights at least.

In my first savings post of May  it was the Living Well section with my comments on blooming being a s…

This Week In My Home: Ambition + Inspiration = Determination to Save

What I really want to show you are the two beautiful feather stuffed pillows I picked up for $7 at a thrift store the other day...part of a future tiny makeover in the living room...alas there are woes with Windows 8.1 that sometimes allows me to upload my photos and mostly doesn't these days.  So what I'm showing instead is a former shot of the little side flower bed I redid last year.  I wish it looked half so good just now but that's due to change as I'm feeling so much better.  In the meantime,  I want you to know that pretty on a budget is entirely possible if we'll just use what we have in a creative manner, as I did here.  This little flower bed cost me three bags of mulch and a lot of sweat equity.  Everything else was on hand, including the flower filled pots I moved from other parts of the yard.

Saturday:  My favorite day of the week.  Namely because I like to use today to gather inspiration.  I read magazines, blogs, scan Pinterest, jot down ideas and jus…

Iced Tea Chat: Peaches and Tea

Oh Hello!  Come on in and let's have a nice little chat.  Peaches are in the fruit bowl.  They are the lovely free stone variety I prefer and so juicy and sweet.  I shall enjoy peaches daily for the next four weeks or so while they are in season.

So...I didn't mean to disappear.  I truly have been so busy about the house, reading, getting out, reading, praying, cleaning, reading...Get the drift?  I've done it all except writing and I have struggled with that.  It happens at times that the flow just quits and so I am priming the pump by being creative, reading and thrifting and seeking inspiration all over the place.  So far, not a peep.  But it will come eventually and then you all shall find a spate of posts coming.

I'm all alone and while I'm not blue by any means, I wanted someone to talk to, so I've conjured up a tea party just to have a bit of company.  That's all right with you, isn't it?

I tried to have a tea party last week but the whole thing…

This Week In My Home: Ambition Meets Inspiration

For all my meal planning last week we only ate about two meals off that menu.  Well not this week!  We've been kind of casual about spending lately, with the attitude that if it's good for me I should just go ahead and buy it.  I'm not saying that's the wrong idea.  If it's good for me I should be buying it...but budgets are necessary and it's time to whip myself back into shape on that score.  Our balance dropped a little and it's mostly due to the healthy but not quite necessary little trips to the grocery mid-pay period.  I did a little better last pay period by purchasing more long lasting and less delicate vegetables, as well as extra bread.  What I didn't do was work ahead well enough to offset take out meal because I was already hungry and late eating and looking at an hour or more before a meal.  Friday I considered the weekend ahead and did indeed get to work and prep foods for the weekend. Big help. To budget and my own schedule. I'll try…

Lana, your answer

Lana, I believe it's exit 29.  The station was called Goasis at one time but I think they changed the name.  There is also a Huddle house and I think a Krystal just across the drive from that station.  The gas brand is BP...Hope this is timely for you!

In My Home This Week: Better Saving Habits

One of the things I love: collecting.  And the second thing I love: putting items together to create a vignette that reflects my current likes.  I enjoy finding new uses for items I've had for years upon years.  This little area above my stove is a good example...and it makes me smile each time I walk into the kitchen.

Saturday:  Saturdays are our day (usually) to stay home and rest.  It means we seldom spend money on this day.  Instead we're all about a certain ritual, from what we have for breakfast to stacking dishes in the sink and leaving them until the next day.  John usually prepares either breakfast or supper on Saturdays.  It's all part of our rhythm and it works beautifully for us.  I find, at the end of a Saturday that I am often starting a list of things I mean to accomplish the next week, simply because I'm so rested I can think of all the things I would like to get done.

Fed the pets the scraps of food from fridge clearing out and from dinner plates.  I di…

Book Review: The Mapmaker's Children by Sarah McCoy

I confess that I'd bypassed this book twice in choosing what I'd read for review...I am deeply sorry, I did.  Why?  Because I've just found my newest 'book friend', one of those books I expect to pick up and read again and again.

Ms. McCoy has done a difficult thing: She's told the story of two distant generations side by side.  I dislike swapping characters and centuries in books finding that the stories are muddled.  Not in this book.  Ms. McCoy has skillfully blended the two stories, while keeping them separate and distinct in the story they each tell, by threading in common characteristics and objects.

The story is part mystery, part history, and partly a coming of age sort of story though not of a child.  It is the coming of age of grown women who must find their own way from a place of grief to a place of peace, each in their own century.

I couldn't walk away from this book and hated to see it end.  I can't recommend it highly enough!

This book w…

This Week In My Home: Better and Better

No worries ladies, I'm fine.  Really.  Remember when I said I was lightening up on myself?  Well I did.  I had a very busy week, full of lots of normal day to day sorts of activities and two days out (ate out both times, but navigated it very well).  I was tired.  I didn't feel good the first part of the week but I made it through and was only slightly snarky yesterday as a result.  No head for blogging at all, and I'm sorry for that but each time I came here I sat and sat before the blank page and there was nothing.  Nada.  So I gave up and went away.  I read.  I looked at too many diabetic friendly recipes.  I worked hard.  I went over Pinterest more than the usual number of times.  I  played in the kitchen.

And what did I have for all that lightening up I said I meant to do last week?  A pretty good week overall.  Steadily decreasing numbers.  Confidence.  Revelation.  A lighter closet.  A heavier debt load.  A fresh pedicure.

I'll share all about those things la…

This Week In My Home: Tightening Purse Strings

DIY decorating is often slow going, but I enjoy it all the same...I get a look that is unique to my tastes and feels comfortable to others.  This spot isn't nearly finished but it looks just as it did in early Spring when I re-worked the area.  Eventually I'll finish it. 

Saturday:  I made steak fajitas from the leftover steak.  I added peppers and onions and served in warm tortillas.

Made an avocado dressing using 3/4 of an avocado, some non-fat Greek Yogurt and lime juice.

We had leftover salad as our salad today.

John made egg salad from the remaining boiled eggs I cooked earlier this week.

The weather was unexpectedly mild so that the AC cut on and off routinely all day long.  That's nothing to do with anything I did to save money, but it surely is a help to the budget!

Spent the afternoon going through the magazines Mama gave me earlier in the month and culled recipes, articles, coupons, inspirational photos.

Continued to treat my cold with vapor rub and Eucalyptus oil…

I Wonder as I Wander...A Rambling Post

My brain won't settle enough to let me get inspired just yet, but I've all sorts of random things wandering about in my head of late and so I decided it was time to share them and get them out of the way.

The little bird on my back porch that is nesting is perhaps a sedge wren...Or at least as near as I can tell from the bird identification book and online photos.  The female sits on the eggs alone. Certainly the rounded nest, with the side entrance, tucked under the bow of the aloe leaf  is as described in the bird book.  And having taken my flashlight and peered in Sunday morning, I saw the fine lining inside of feathers and dog hair and such that is woven in to the interior of the nest.  The bird sometimes hesitates just a moment when any of us comes up on the porch or out of the door and then quickly flies off through the porch banister and into the brush alongside the driveway.  She's quite shy really, but oh what a lovely song is sung.  Like mocking birds they tend…

This Week In My Home: Lightening Up

I have this tendency to do things hard...Not the hard way, but to work hard at whatever I am currently doing.  If it's housework or yard work or office work, I'll push and push until I get all I meant to accomplish finished.  It took a car accident 24 years ago to teach me that sometimes things get accomplished just as well if I stop and rest a bit and then get up and go at it again. Still working hard, mind you, and only just barely allowing myself time to rest, but a slight improvement over my former self.

Well, I've been going at it hard with this whole diabetes thing.  I meant to do it just exactly right and to that end I started studying hard, even while in the hospital, and I've kept it up for the past 5 weeks.  I can't help but notice how many sites conflict in information.  No carbs, low carbs, moderate carbs.  Eat no fruit, eat at least two servings daily.  Eat no starches at all, eat at least 2 servings daily. Dairy 3 times a day.  No dairy. at. all.  No…

This Week In My Home: Summer Savings Come Easy

Sometimes when I find myself itching to redo an area and funding is short, I settle in for a good old fashioned neatening up.  My desk really needed it this past week but I'm feeling far less dissatisfied with life overall after taking the time to refresh and straighten the area.

Saturday:  Ran into town this morning to get more dry ranch salad dressing mix.  I had promised Katie her favorite meal for birthday and then discovered I had no ranch dressing mix.  Tsk tsk.  Made the trip count though by taking mail to be posted, picking up mail from Friday, stopping by the Women's Club house yard sale.  Not a lot to be had, but then it had been up and running for a few hours at that point.  I spent just $1 there.

Noted the Key Lime Pie in the freezer case.  Katie's favorite and a fitting treat for a birthday girl.  went ahead and purchased it.

Prepared mashed potatoes, black eye peas and ranch chicken.  I also sliced and fried green tomatoes.  I did tasks in spurts and despite t…

Questions, Answers and Comments, Oh My!

Here we are with a brand new month once more. I realize I didn't write a lot of posts last month but there were loads of comments and replies and I really wanted to acknowledge those and share a bit here and there about different ones.  I am working on a creative project at present and am hoping it will fire my brain into inspired status all over again.  I feel quite hopeful after the spontaneous post on Makeup Basics last month, lol.

I'll start with my first post for June:  Home, Home is Best.  There were 35 comments on this post and I can't even begin to address them all.  You all touched me with your warm welcome on my return, your own stories, your prayers, your sympathy and concern.  Funniest remark of all was from Shell who said "There is, however, no pill for being stubborn. Next time listen to your body and get in right away."

Shell, you are so right;  it was a wake up call that I really needed to 'listen' more closely to my body and a reminder th…

Iced Tea Chat: Humming Along

Hello love... Did you hear me humming as you came in?  It's doctor's orders.  Yes, really.  I've had this weird thing going on with a Eustachian tube and I feel as though my ear is just full of water.  Well when I mentioned it to the good doctor he told me the trouble isn't fluid at all (he did look in my ear) and he suggested I sing or hum whenever it bothered me. It has something to do with vibrations when you hum...  The sensation of being full of water comes and goes and each time I begin to feel bothered by it I start to smile because really, how often is it prescribed that you sing or hum?  Never, in my experience!  As it happens I have been singing my whole life, but I've admittedly fallen silent more and more the last few years.  I must say I've noted that the doctor is exactly right.  I hum or sing and in a while I have no more trouble with that ear at all.

Tea...I have mint this week, fresh ginger root, and lemon, or lime...Take your choice and settl…