Questions, Answers and Comments, Oh My! A Short List of Replies for May

Well dears, I am not fit for much at the moment...I thought I'd be right back to normal, because I'd felt so restless in the hospital.  I forgot all about those thrice daily naps I was taking and the very limited amount of exercise I was allowed and grossly misjudged how I'd feel in a normal environment.  Keeping up with meals and dishes afterwards has been about all the tasks I can handle.  I even refused to go grocery shopping today because I felt like the stuffing was knocked out of me just going to CVS yesterday.  Mind you all, I am being kind to myself and not forcing myself to do anything.  I'll get back to my natural energetic self eventually and in the meantime I'll let my body be the judge of how much I do.

I thought I'd try to make replies to last month's posts.  Not sure I'll be as in depth as usual but I'll hi the highlights at least.

In my first savings post of May  it was the Living Well section with my comments on blooming being a seasonal occupation that drew the comments.  It was such a revelation to me when I worked it out in my own mind, and I'm glad that it resonated with you as well.

Shell's comment on this post that my blog is like a dairy of sorts... that was my intent when I left Xanga and came to blogger.  I wanted my blog to be like my journal of life here in my home.  I am so flattered by your idea that I ought to write a book.  I love to write, to share my thoughts but right now I haven't an urge to write a book.  Though I'll share I wrote one years ago and after it was all done, I set it aside and let it be.   It was good experience and suited to the time it was written.

And on that same post Julie Baker posted a bit of wisdom that means a lot more today than it did last month when she wrote it!  " You do have a lot of changes for others going on around you. May be time to just sit back and let it all happen....accept the things you don't really like as you can't do anything to stop the changes."    Well honey, they have happened and some of them are my own to handle as well.  We'll just absorb them the best we can, lol.

Janell, Here is the link to Laine's Letters.   And thank you for repeated kind offers to do what you might for me.  It's awfully nice of you, truly it is!    I am in need of nothing at the moment, but your sweetness in offering means the world to me....All those meals I put up last month thinking they were meant for Katie are at my disposal here still.  Her husband suggested I should keep them all for myself to lighten my load.

Lana,  Cheddar is the cheese of choice for making a peanut butter cheese sandwich.  I'm not a fan for or against myself.  One of the other things I do with peanut butter occasionally is chop fine some turkey bacon and add minced celery and grated carrot to it and sprinkle that on the peanut butter.  It's really good and straight from a 1940's magazine advertisement for Peter Pan peanut butter (Derby's Peter Pan).

Mentioning 1940's magazines, Dale I'm not sure you got my email when I came home from hospital but the magazines arrived while I was away from home.  What a joy to sit down and read through them this week.  Good incentive to rest and I love the short stories in those older magazines.  Thank you so much!

Clothing posts were very popular series this month and I'm awfully glad Tammy encouraged me to write about what I was doing!  I loved that on this particular post so many of the comments were from those of you who stretched yourselves to dress a little nicer when you were going out.  I loved especially this comment from Angela:  "I have so enjoyed these posts! I have tried new color combos. I added a necklace just to go to Sams Warehouse today- I never would have done that before. I felt so good about myself- felt pretty cute for a middle-aged grandma- haha. "

Janell:  2. What's the deal with limes in water? 
The water helps keep the limes from drying out, which they will do naturally if left at room temperature or even in the fridge over time.  So fill a glass jar with limes and top off with water (or lemons if you have those).  It works very well and while it might seem 'new' it's really one of those 1940's tips that resurfaces now and then.

Janell also shared this yummy sounding pizza: 

I make a chicken pizza that is one of our favorite meals. I purchase pizza dough from Publix. They now have a prerolled one and it is so much easier to work with. I usually do this when they are on sale BOGO. Jarred Alfredo sauce, onion, Perdue short cuts chicken in grilled Italian (when they are BOGO and freeze until I use them), fresh whole milk mozzarella that I shred,and bacon if I have it. Cook the crust until almost done and then add ingredients and finish cooking. I precook my onions in either a little butter or the bacon fat. We also like spinach on ours.

Karla, Sweet n' Saltines is a Trisha Yearwood recipe, but it pre-dates her.  Most of what Yearwood cooks on her show are foods I grew up eating here in Georgia.   

Sarah recommends the book  Diet for a Small Planet by Francis Moore Lappe which she says is full of ideas for combining foods for optimum proteins.   It's not strictly vegetarian but does include those options, too.

Now for a quick fill in on the last post in which I stated Katie's safe delivery of her precious little girl.  Taylor was born in the wee hours of Wednesday morning via c-section after labor proved too stressful on them both.  She was 21 inches long, and weighed 7lbs.13 ozs.   Katie went home on Saturday and they are doing as well as any newborn upset household can do.  By all accounts she is a very good baby, already prone to want to sleep through several hours at night.  I chuckled over Katie's text that she 'had to wake her to feed her'...I gently told her that a sleeping baby is not a hungry baby and they will let you know!   I am just longing to see the baby again, especially now that she's peering at the world.  I can travel, but I tire so easily at present that I'm sticking close to home.  Katie is still post surgery and doesn't need to travel the three hour trip down here either.

Now that's a wrap on this post!  I'm thinking a short nap is in order.


Lana said...

My laptop has died so I am left with my phone and am prone to typos on this tiny keyboard. The other peanut butter sandwich sounds delicious!

I am glad you are resting and letting your body dictate what you can do. It will get better day by day. Still praying.

I have actually been able to put together some outfits by using Pinterest on my own! I have also purged my closet so that all I have are clothes that fit. I have had many compliments on what I am wearing and I owe it to your posts. Thanks!

doe853 said...

Hi Terri, no email but don't expect any since you have been sick. I am glad you are enjoying the magazines. Keep your chin up, get strong again. Just happy that you are home and posting! Dale

Crystal H. in Nevada said...

After reading past blogs of yours I purged my closet and matched up some more outfits to wear. Looking forward to being a little more put together than I usually am. Got rid of the way too big and way too small and other things I've never really liked but someone gave to me and being frugal I never wanted to throw away. Wake up call that I would never wear these if I didn't like / love them. lol

Enjoying the back posts. Glad I found you a few weeks ago. Take care.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Take care and rest. I was in the hospital for a couple of days at the end of May during some of the time you were. I went to the emergency room with severe weakness and light headedness. It was discovered to be atrial fibrillation. They did tests on me and shocked my heart in an attempt to get it back into rhythm. That worked for a day or so and now my heart is beating irregularly again. Apparently the big danger of Atrial fibrillation is the chance for blood clots to form and be sent throughout the body. I am now on a blood thinner.

It does take a while, I believe, just to get one's strength back from being in the hospital. I didn't rest well there. I find I now become exhausted at the end of the day more than I used to. I don't know if it is from the A Fib or the blood thinner or that I am still a little worn out from being in the hospital.

I am overhauling menu planning, cooking, and portion sizes. Your posts have already been an inspiration.

May you feel better and stronger every day.

Susie D.

Lana said...

Another thought. I want to share where I shop for pants as a plus size woman other than jeans which I buy from Avenue. will save you a ton of money. Once you know what size pants you wear they will fit 95% of the time so you can be confident about ordering online. I got 5 pairs last week and used a 10 off 40 deal they had for a total of $42.xx shipped. You cannot beat that anywhere! I don't usually buy their shirts because I have never been happy with them. This site is also a good source for special occasion dresses.

Rhonda said...

Oh Terri, it brings me a lot of joy to read your posts and know that you are home and on the mend. I expect you will be tired for awhile. Give it time and you will be feeling like yourself soon.
About that cracker candy, it is so yummy and one of my favorites but I won't be making or eating it anytime soon. I've been sugar free since Jackson was born and it's not as hard as I expected.

Karla Neese said...

I'm so happy your listening to your body and taking it slow! Isn't it nice how God gave you the idea to prep those meals and now there they are!

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