In My Home This Week: The Last Week Of July

La ti da da...This month is nearly over and it's been a rather good month overall.  As always as July dwindles to an end, I am torn...There are only weeks left of peach season now.  I asked this morning and the projection was 3 1/2 weeks.   I am torn because August here is back to school time but autumn is a long way away.  I am torn because about this point for us in Georgia, it feels like summer will never, ever end.  Were it not for the spate of fresh produce and the last of the peaches, I'd consider the month a lost cause and go on vacation for all of August the way the French do.  I mean it.  John will deny August is a sad month.  It's the beginning of football pre-season and he'll be happy as can be.'s not France, August will come and linger and July will end. I shall find as many pleasures in the month ahead that I possibly can.  In the meantime, let's finish off July with a Bang!

Bagels with cream cheese, Orange, Milk
I found some whole wheat mini bagels at Aldi this week.
Chicken, Southern Cream Corn, Sliced Tomatoes, Banana Pudding
ha...It was supposed to be banana pudding, but I left out the bananas.  What do you call sugar free vanilla pudding with a meringue?
Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust, Green Salad
Frozen pizza from Aldi is low fat and under 30gms of carbs per serving.  A nice treat for a Shabat meal.

Toast with Peanut Butter and Peaches, Milk
Miniature Salmon Loaf, Green Peas, Tomato Salad
John's at today is about me and what I like.  I have some 5 ounce cans of tuna and will use one to make my entree.
Chicken Caesar Salad with Croutons, Grapes, Milk

Whole Wheat Waffle with Peach Melba topping, Turkey Sausage
I may try making waffles from scratch but I do have some in the freezer yet.  The Peach Melba topping is super easy: fresh sliced peaches and sugar free raspberry jam melted to use as syrup.
Roast Beef,  Armenian Potatoes, Green Beans, Wedge Salad, Frozen Graham Square
I never cooked the roast beef last week...I won't make a full recipe of the potatoes either, just enough for two.  The dessert is leftovers from last week's frozen treats with yogurt and whipped cream filling.
Turkey Club Sandwich,  Almonds, Grapes

Mushroom Omelet with thyme, Buttered Toast, Grapes
Southwestern Style Chicken, Brown Rice, Salad with Black Beans and Corn, Strawberries
The chicken is seasoned with cumin and chili powder and topped with Salsa near end of cooking time.
Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Sauce, Slaw, Banana Pudding 
Thought I'd actually saute a single banana and top our pudding with it...

Sausage Egg Muffins, Banana Bran Muffins, Fruit Cup
A sausage patty is thawed and pressed into bottom and sides of muffin tin.  Fill with beaten egg and baked until egg is set.  Simple enough and super tasty, this is a recipe we had often during our Atkins Diet days that fits well with my current eating plan.
Shepherd's Pie, Green Salad, Strawberries with Whipped Topping
I think I'll do individual casseroles for the Shepherd's pie so I can control the amount of mashed potatoes used in the topping.
Egg Salad Sandwiches, Celery Sticks,  Mixed Nuts, Orange Half, Milk

Vanilla Almond Cereal with Strawberries and Milk
out with Mama
Chicken Salad stuffed Tomato, Whole Wheat Crackers, Peach

Yogurt with Peaches, Toast
Ground Sirloin Steaks, Zucchini Fries, Tossed Salad
I mix 2 tablespoons of Monterrey Steak Sauce with the ground meat and then cook on a cast iron skillet.
Santa Fe Chicken Salad, Tortilla Chips, Sugar free Chocolate Pudding
Leftover chicken, black beans and corn, team up in salad for this meal. I can have nine of the chips for a moderate carb allowance which works well with my diet.  I may add some fresh peach to my salsa portion to jazz it up.

Jobs This Week

Pantry list still needs to be made.

Finish trimming branches on back yard trees.

Continue weeding rose bed.

Weed little area on the right side of the back steps.

Clean back porch.

Plan and prepare three convenience meals for freezer.

Get umbrella up on patio table.

Pick up peaches to take to Katie.

Work out what I want to do in household routines...and implement them.


sparky136 said...

I don't know if you can have bananas, but you can take a frozen banana and put it in a food process or blender and make "banana ice cream". ( just the banana, nothing else).

Lana said...

My husband works for Michelin, a French company, and August is a lost month business wise because the main company is shut down and the rest of the world is still working and just kind of on hold in many ways.

I want to can some peaches. I need to get to it before they are gone.

We plan to work on replacing siding on our house on Saturday. I hope we can get the whole job done in one day.

Much still to do with getting the compromise of my debit card resolved. We have switched to credit card only and our accountant daughter helped me come up with a plan for the budget and using a credit card for everything.

Anonymous said...

This old girl is ready for fall! Our fall will come much quicker than yours since we are so far north. We just have to get through hot August and then even though the September days might still be warm, the nights will cool and sleeping will be good.

I have a few things on my to-do list too. I do not know why but putting out bags of mulch is my one procrastination of the summer. I'd like to get them out of my garage so why don't I just do it??!! It's kind of a DUH moment. Smile. I've been busy cleaning out the entry way - organizing, giving away, and getting ready for some new shelves. Now this is fun so I don't mind putting in time on it. The plan is to take one set of shelves from the entry and put them up longways on the garage wall. I love seeing a cleaned up space. Pam

Tracy Lee said...

This time of year does seem to go on forever. The heat & humidity make it nearly unbearable! While Autumn will be a nice respite, I never look forward to Winter with it's cold and grey skies!

Karla Neese said...

August is so much the same here, especially since my girls are no longer little kids going back to school. Only 1 of the 2 is in college now and she lives on her own so no need for Mom to do back to school stuff. It seems to make August even longer, doesn't it? Especially when it's so very hot. Ugh! They say our August should be cooler than normal. So I'm guessing that means 98 instead of 100.

Juhli said...

I agree with you about summer seeming endless when living in Georgia! It is really only 2 months of dreadful heat but that is enough. I am trying to embrace the season this year and not spend the entire day inside in air conditioning.

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