In My Home This Week...

This week in my home...

Winter has finally arrived here in Georgia.  That means it's cooler, what we'd call cold, but some of you might snicker at our idea of cold.  It's winter because it rains far more often and seldom a week goes by without at least one full day of showers and sometimes more often.  The propane truck came Thursday with a delivery of gas and left black scars on the lawn.  No complaints.  This too is normal for soggy ground this time of year.   The weather men tell us there will be snow, a chance of snow, no snow, well maybe snow...  It is not weather conducive to getting outdoors and doing much. It is perfect weather to rummage through drawers and closets and cupboards and reading good books.  It is weather for hot cocoa and grilled cheese sandwich suppers and pots of popped corn for snack.  It is the right weather to snug into a cozy sweat shirt and pants and a stack of vintage magazines.  It is the right weather to read a big deep book from which you wake with a sense of having been in reality and finding yourself now falling out of it.  I find I'm liking winter rather well at the moment and I mean that sincerely.    We'll see how I feel about it come end of February...

...I plan meals

Oven Baked Beef Stew, Rolls, Pear Salad
Skipped the fruit salad in favor of a plain green one having had 2 fruit servings following church while we ran an errand...

Roasted Chicken,  Wild Rice Pilaf, Steamed Broccoli, Baked Apples stuffed with cranberries

Lima Bean Soup, Green Salad, Corn Bread

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Peach Crisp

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole, Green Peas, Glazed Carrots, Waldorf Salad

out with Mama

on my own

...I plan work in my home:

I would have said I had little to cull in my household...I guess over the years I've just been working my way down through stuff.  My closet has been the repository for paperwork overflow and now I'm getting into that.  There's a lot of shredding to be done.  The shredder is iffy about working at present, time for a new one and surely by the time I get to the heart of this stuff it will push the old thing over the cliff.

Actually take stuff to be donated to church thrift store.  Took one box with us today and dropped off at the church.

Get a comprehensive pantry shopping list written out so I can watch for sales and specials on those items.

Start planning a trip to the meat market, roughly scheduled for February.

I have some serious thinking to do about budget and such.  I thought I'd planned things out well in December but I see now that I just did the preliminary work.  Now to dig a little deeper.

I've been dusting the walls and this week I shall tackle the guest and music rooms and the guest bath walls.  Later in the week I'll dust the kitchen, kitchen sitting and back entry.  I do the furnishings after I've done the walls and then I vacuum deeply.

All the routine housework. This should include mopping this week.

Get lab work done.

....I plan a bit of fun:

A trip to the library for certain.  I didn't go this past week when I meant to, due to rain and finding my day's work was more intensive than I'd planned.  But I've finished my book, Sister's Choice by Emilie Richards and am ready for another.

Lunch out with Mama.

Dig in the genealogy stuff once more.  I'm 'missing' my folks.

Write a family letter to all the grand children and mail it out to each family unit.

Send a longer note to my oldest son via email.


Lana said...

I like your porch! One thing I would love when we downsize is a covered porch like yours.

After being snowed in all weekend we were able to get out this afternoon. Cabin fever was setting in big time! Now we are watching the Panthers game. This is our home team from right up the road in Charlotte. Hopefully we are headed for the Superbowl after this game!

I was glad to get out and not miss the weekend sale at Bi-Lo. More free soup, 50 cent cans of tuna and 9 boxes of cereal for $7.43. For months it has only been kids cereal that have been good sales with coupons. We are stocked up for months now. Change in taxes and insurance gave us a $25 a month raise this January. We decided to add it to our monthly date fund.

The real biggie this week is prepping for the rest of the kitchen renovation which really ramps up on Friday. I will be without a kitchen for about 8 days so I am letting perishable foods run out so that they do not get wasted. I will be sooooo glad when this is all over! The we will save for new flooring upstairs. That will give us several months off. This is also my week to cook for the homeless shelter. I am glad this fell on the right week and I did not have to cancel due to the kitchen mess.

Have a good week!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Terri, I love your description of the Ga winters, sounds like Ms. I am enjoying the home time and getting more done in the house... You made it sound so nice.. I love how you manage your time and home.

I am trying to use the winter time to do household chores[decluttering and organizing], Really thankful for the time.

Hope you have a blessed week with lots of savings.

Anonymous said...

I had a big file cabinet I am trying to middle down to a tiny one. Good luck on that one ! Hubby seems to think underwear is all that is needed to keep any important papers for the whole house. I wish. I know some say they only have one envelope of past years income tax information and such but how do they do that ? :) When I go through some of the craft articles and such I have saved I always chuckle though. What was so special and important years back is so old hat now to me !! :)
I am really wishing the diabetics classes were already done as I see our menus. The deserts and fruits and such. Hubby is scared to eat hardly any fruits and very low on carb veggies. We don't know how to balance it all yet I guess. So far many things have gotten more routine and so later will making out fun menus again. Who would have though less than a year ago you would be talking about your diabetic meals? Plus helping others understand it all. God knew it all along. :-) Thanks again Teri. Sarah

Mariana said...

I love Waldorf Salad! I haven't made it for months so I guess it is time to make it this weekend.
I love the porch as well. My dream, for after we move out of NYC, is to settle in a quiet place, in a small home with a porch (just like yours), grown a vegetable garden and live more peaceful life. :)

Anonymous said...

I have really pared down our stuff over the years and if I went looking, I'd probably find more to cull. Where does it all come from?? My hubby says he'd better stay useful or I'll put him out with the next batch. ; 0) I've been helping a friend organize our church's decorations. It was such a mess. Now we know exactly what we have and where it is. Fun!

I like the picture of your house. I bet you really enjoy that porch. I was shoveling the snow and ice from my front porch/patio the other day so I could sit out and soak up the sun. Give me a big cup of coffee and a sunny porch in January! Pam

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