Retirement Remedies: Winter Wardrobe Options

It's time for a seasonal change and time I pieced together a few things for real winter weather just in case we actually have some.  Mind you, here in the deep South we don't get the negative readings friends further north get, nor do we very often find ourselves in snow, so my wardrobe is naturally a little lighter than some of you might wear but it's definitely 'bundle up' sort of wear for me.

I'll start with the camel wool coat Mama gave me which fits me just so.

It will be especially nice over these next two outfits I think:

The one above is meant for a dressier outfit.  I paired my own short sleeved sweater vest with along sleeved shirt Virginia gave me (more terracotta and less peach than the photo makes it appear) and a vintage crocodile handbag.  The pants are a plaid lined wool pant that Mama gave me as a pants suit.  The jacket does nothing at all for me, being both boxy and collarless and I've skipped it entirely. You can get a better idea of the pants below.

Katie gifted me the maroon sweater which picks up on one of the colors in the plaid, while the green crocodile handbag (modern but looks vintage) picks up the green in the plaid. I love this bag but it's little.  I can use my green suede one as well.  I paired these items with the silk hunting scene scarf I bought at the church thrift store last year.  It all looks amazingly classic and chic.  I can also pair this outfit with the butterscotch colored pleather jacket and jeans, if I choose.

Because I am more likely to wear jeans as a rule, I thought I'd go for a more casual look.  Here I've paired a thick hoodie sweater with an aqua shell Mama gave me.  It's still sporting the tags!  The Paris souvenir scarf pulls all the colors together nicely: navy, aqua, gray with a lovely touch of buttery yellow.  The gray bag completes this outfit.  It's perfect for grocery shopping or going to lunch with Mama.  My gray wool jacket will go nicely over this and the next outfit.

The same heavy gray sweater hoodie with a white tank underneath and paired up with my newest necklace, silver and turquoise and gray.  I think I might try the aqua bag with this outfit for an additional pop of color, but I may change my mind once I actually wear the outfit.  I've a nice black patent purse that will go well with this, too.

Here's a darling red wool peacoat I bought from Zulily last year.  It was too small for me, so I passed it to Katie.  Katie was pregnant at that time and couldn't wear it.  She tried it on this fall and the shoulders are far too snug for her, so she passed it back to me.   Now that I've lost weight, it fit perfectly.  I paired it up with my gray fitted t-shirt (not many wearings of that left as it's getting a bit big) and the pretty silk scarf that is black, camel, red and gray.  I thought the black patent bag looked best with this.  I'll wear with my  suede sneakers or  my cute ballet type flats that are black patent and black smooth leather with a buckle accent across the toe.

I can also use both my white  and cafe colored tees under this jacket with the same scarf and either my brown bag or my gray one, so lots of possibilities.

Now those are all the outfits I'll show for this season.  You can see that the basic pieces (tees and jeans and accessories) move with me all throughout the year.  This is the most economical way to dress and has done me well this year.  It will be interesting to see how I do come Spring and then summer of this year.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Terri, I love your outfits. You put them together really well.Very talented lady.

Lana said...

Beautiful outfits! I can see that you are really getting smaller in your mirror selfie. I am really getting clothes poorer and must get some outfits in mind here as getting dressed in anything besides a fleece and jeans is a chore but okay since I am home most days.

Debbie said...

I too love how you brought your outfits together. I enjoy putting together different looks myself and have so many wonderful accessories to play with to totally change the look.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

You have a lot of very nice outfits to wear for the season. Very cute purses, too. I love your collection of scarves. They really accent your outfits and add some pretty pops of color.

It was so cold and windy here today when I went out, that the scarf that matched my outfit and started out at my neckline ended up being worn "babushka style" over my head and ears as I carried groceries into the house.

Mimi said...

Nice work Terri. I love the thought you've put into each outfit, and I have to say I adore your crocodile handbags. Love, Mimi xxx

Anonymous said...

Any retirement homes near you? Today it is a real feeling temp of about 10 below! Do like your wardrobe, especially how some of is gifted or regifted. Keep up your good work with your weight loss. Your wardrobe would be a fall one here. Your winter wardrobe would be dressed in a whole lot of warm layers!Gramma D

Karla Neese said...

Oh what darling outfits! You've inspired me to try harder to look nice consistently and to try new combinations.

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