This Week In My Home...Migraine Version

 This week in my home...

Ugh.  I woke with a headache this morning and the thing has stuck with me all day long.  It's a migraine but I don't have the horrid headaches that I used to have with them.  These days the migraine manifests with a very mild headache but a general feeling of malaise, tension in my shoulders and neck, a bit of nausea, a desire for intense quiet (so you know my husband has been super chatty today) and a hypersensitivity to aromas.  I nearly lost it over a bar of Zest soap.  This shall pass, I know and if it's not done with by bedtime I'll drop some lavender oil on a soft cloth and breathe in deep.

Nevertheless, a plan for the week ahead must be tended to and rightly so.  No one wants a free for all week in this house.  Our stores of meat are getting very low and I need to use all my thinking powers to stretch what I have until I can get time and money together to visit the meat market.  Groceries must be bought, bills paid, money saved.  February will be a hard month for us.  Car tags, property taxes and and four birthdays in 29 days.  Yep.

...I plan meals:

Oven Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Steamed Cabbage, Biscuits

Chicken Fried Rice,  Mixed Oriental Vegetables, Clementines
Rice and chicken is cooked, and vegetables are prepped and ready to cook.  This will come together quickly for an after church meal.

Cubed Steak Sandwiches, Oven Fries, Apples
Unusual to have sandwiches midday but I have a doctor's appointment and we'll need to leave at lunch time to arrive on time.

on my own

take out or deli

Chicken Enchiladas, Corn, Salad, Pineapple
I thought I'd make chicken salad from the remaining portion of the chicken I stripped from the backs but you know, I'm pretty sure that I can spare a half cup or so of rice and a cup of black beans to mi with some o this chicken and make a third meal from it.

Stuffed Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Corn Muffins
I put this entree on my menu a couple of weeks ago and then discovered I had no cabbage.  Well I have plenty of cabbage and I especially set aside those lovely deep green leaves for this dish.

...I plan my work week:

It's Harvest Week, so all that goes with that day: paying bills, banking, mail, shopping lists, etc.

Grocery shopping.  And time to do it the right way.

A doctor's appointment.

Tag items for the booth.

Go into the booth and place a few more items, settle up for January.

Finish cleaning the walls (kitchen, back entry).

Go purchase car tags and pay taxes.

Post a book review.

...I plan my fun:

I was out of house so often last week that there was no fun day.  This week I've only one day to myself and half that shall likely be taken up with a morning of errands and such.  When I come back home, I shall spend the afternoon working on genealogy things.  And I shall spend some time in that chair near the windows reading my current library book and sipping coffee from my pretty cup and saucer.  To me that is the ultimate fun day.


Kathy said...

Hope your migraine feels better soon!
Love the picture with your chair by the window. It looks like a perfect place to relax and read. Hope you are able to get some rest this week.

Anonymous said...

Next tea time chat,I claim that chair! Hope the head is better. Hate it when the mind wants to be busy and the body says, "I think I need a nap." Gramma D

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy! I, too, get them every so often. They can be weather induced or I get one if I've indulged in too much sugar. Sigh! No fun! I have a migraine med that I've only taken twice as the doctor says it shuts down all the systems in the body and he really doesn't want me taking it but there are times when the pain is too bad, going on day 4 or 5, and nothing helps except a migraine pill.

I never would have thought of putting your curtain combination together but I really like it. Since Gramma D claimed the chair, I'll sit at her feet for the next tea time chat. ; 0) What a cozy corner.

Hope you feel much better soon! Pam

Lana said...

I hope you are much better today. I hate those days. Do you have a rice sock for your neck tension? It has been a life saver for me lately since I am learning to play the violin and my neck is not used to that position. Let's all get together this week but not at my house since I don't even have a kitchen sink!

I feel your pain on the car tags which are property taxes here in SC, and property taxes. We had all that due in January. Thankfully our old cars taxes are not too much.

Meals this week are a few sandwiches at home but mostly out.

Fun is seeing my new kitchen come together day by day. More fun is my new violin that I have wanted to learn since I was eight. I used my Christmas money for it and purchased books with my Swagbucks Amazon credits.

Tammy said...

We just paid property taxes last week, and right before I went in for surgery, got the bill for the furnace repair from December. Ugh. That was a few hundred more than I'd anticipated, so... February is going to be a very tight month around here.
Hope your headache is better. I'm hoping to not get them any more. :)

Alison P. said...

I had two days of migraines in a row and I had to keep telling my son to whisper because his normal 7 year old voice is almost always at a scream which is hard to take around migraine time. Hope you are well past it and no more Zest soap in your future :) I actually put lavender soap in my bathroom which seems to help during the headache times and I love it every day!! I stopped by from a link on Nathalie's blog :)

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Hope your migrane is better. Praying for you. hope you have a great week..Love
that chair /sitting area.. Just perfect.
Your menu plan sounds really good.
I have been under the weather for a couple days.So not accomplishing much. Thank you for all the encouragement you share.

Karla Neese said...

Interesting - I had a migraine on that Friday night the 29th and Saturday the 30th. It was one of the worst I have had in a long while. Ugh! They are horrid, aren't they?

So glad you listened to your body and rested a little and treated yourself with kindness.

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