Debby's Home Routine

I've enjoyed my new routine thus far.  I felt I accomplished more on Friday and again on Sunday simply because I was interested in what I was doing once more.  Monday morning I accomplished all my work well before time to leave to go to Mama's.   That left me free to work on another project when I came in that afternoon.

Debby share her current routine with us, though she is planning to shake it up a bit.  Her old routine though may be just the new one you require to shake up your old routine, so I thought I'd share.

A new routine sounds nice. I'm also a zone cleaner. My friend loved Flylady and that's where I got the zone idea. I started there and fine-tuned it to fit me. I have daily zones and weekly zones. Since most are probably familiar, I'll be brief.

Monday-Upstairs bedrooms
Tuesday- Living Room, Dining Room, Entry, & Front Porch
Wednesday- Upstairs bathrooms and hallway. Entire basement, including bathroom.
Thursday- Ironing, bill paying, desk work like shopping lists, bday cards, etc. Essentially all the things that make life run without curse words.
Friday- Kitchen & laundry room, clean out cars, purse.
Saturday- Yard

Week 1- Basement
Week 2- Kitchen
Week 3- Bedrooms
Week 4- Bathrooms and hall pantry
Week 5- Living room & Dining room

I have a chore each day for deeper cleaning. Like the kitchen may be
M-Clean & reorganize a drawer or pantry shelf.
T- Check stock of homemade soaps & make any, if needed
W- Deep clean fridge
Th- Deep clean freezer
F- Clean windows

I have two monthly lists that I change every other month. Some chores are needed like the deep cleaning fridge every month. Others are only on one because they need doing less often, like making soaps.

My regular thing is to vacuum every day. We have a lovable hairy mutt that sheds and I have asthma. For the same reason, I dust the bedroom daily. I swish the toilets daily with baking soda between big cleans. I also check the calendar, sort the mail, & make any needed calls in the morning.

As a general rule, the big cleaning is done in the morning before lunch. Once I have lunch, I get to do fun activities like sewing, mending, or essentially anything that doesn't require my back!
I keep a basket near my office shredder and put stuff in there for weekly shredding. That's Wed. because I split the shreds among clean wastebaskets. If someone wants to dig thru' them, be my guest, but do so at your own risk!! I used to mix it with cat litter for my cat. :D

Terri, you have me thinking about shaking things up a bit just for my boredom....

Debby in KS


Anonymous said...

It all sounds inspiring, ladies!

I'm glad to have Easter cleaned up--it was a wonderful day. It was back to work/homeschool/routine for me today. And, I got jury duty for Wednesday. Around here, you call the night before and see if you have to go in or not. I went and found exactly where I will need to go Wednesday morning, since it's likely I'll need to go in.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, I try to get some food cooked and set out in a crock pot or ready to warm for Rob and whichever girl or girls are home that day because I am gone into the evening at work. Today, Ja'Ana packed Rob and the girls a nice lunch in a pail to take with them. They went and did some errands, including getting another van load of firewood from my sister's farm, while I was at work.

Everywhere we go, we have Ja'Ana drive for practice. She's got over 20 hours now (out of the 50 we need to supervise), and has taken her first diving lesson with the Driver's Ed instructor. Since her classes are on Sunday afternoons, they cancelled it for Easter, of course. So, back to the grinding stone for her too. It's been an additional time commitment for us, but we feel we are gaining on the project.

Terri Cheney said...

Becky, how well I remember those driving days with Katie. She took drivers ed online so no need to go anywhere to do that. That was a huge help. Logging in those 40 hours was the more difficult part because I seldom go anywhere, lol. However, she got them all logged in mostly because I had her drive every single time there was anyplace at all to go. She and Samuel were the easiest of the children to teach to drive.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Debbie, this sounds like a very workable idea. I have never done the zone thing.. But,sounds great.. thank you for sharing.

Carolyn @ Our Gilded Abode said...

Isn't Flylady awesome? I set up my routines, zones and Master List ages ago and they all are life savers. It's fun and interesting to see your routines, too. Have you all tried her Holiday Control Journal?

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