In my Home This Week: Let's Go Outdoors!

In my home this week:

...I've been busy outdoors the past few days. It finally has warmed up nicely and I've had my hands in the dirt, potting up plants.  And when I'm not outdoors, I'm looking on Pinterest for ideas to use in my yard.  'Tis the season and all that.  I've just asked John for more yard tools for my anniversary present and I seriously believe he's going to give them to me, too!  I finally have convinced him that I'd rather have what I want than another piece of jewelry.  Not that I have a thing against jewelry.  As soon as I want something special I'll let him know.  Not turning down diamonds or gold or pearls.  Nope!

We spent our Shabat traveling.  John had a deep desire to see Isaac and Josh.  He planned this weekend right after we got back from seeing Taylor.  I carried a big slab of lasagna and half that chocolate cake I made two weeks ago.  And of course, I packed a supper to eat on the way home.

We arrived just as they finished up the church egg hunt.  I love Bess and Sam's church.  They are a very friendly bunch of people and they love to open their doors to the community at large.  That's just what they did this weekend, allowing community to come in and hunt eggs with their own children.  They fed them hot dogs after and had a very brief program by the children's minister and that was that.  It was a good time for children who might never hear it otherwise, to hear the story of what we call Easter.

I carried dinner down with us, so the kids wouldn't have to make a meal.  I had lasagna and chocolate cake from the freezer and a bag of lettuce to make salad.  It was a late meal due to the fact that my lasagna did not thaw Friday at all and was still solid when we left home Saturday morning.  At least we didn't need ice!

Isaac is a sweet fellow.  He slept a lot as a two month old ought to do. He now weighs 11.5 pounds.  He's a rather serious looking fellow overall but he smiled at me several times and that was rather sweet.  He appears to be a mini me of his Daddy, right down to the blue eyes.  The only difference I really noticed was that Isaac has very dark hair.  His daddy's was most definitely strawberry blonde at that age.

Josh was happy enough to see us, but he spent an awfully lot of time shouting "No, no, no!" at us.  He learned that word well before he was two and he's used it pretty steadily ever since.    He had to put on my 'tink,tink' as he refers to my bracelets.  He and I played with two matchbox cards and drove them about the table top after dinner.  Then we went outdoors and drew chalk pictures.  His little face crumpled up when we said it was time for us to leave, which John and I both think is absolutely wonderful.  It took Josh quite a little while to warm up to us and that he now is aggrieved when we go away is awesome, lol.

John and I had a lot of time for talking, which is understandable, when you're in a car together for 8 hours total.  We sorted out several 'problems' we see before us and talked of our individual faith walks.  We also sat quietly and admired the great beauty of what is supposed to be spring here in the South.  It's hard to say it's spring when all the blooming is done and the leaves are fully developed on nearly all the trees.  Even the pecan tree behind our home is leafed out and casting a wide swath of shade.

I am excited for the week ahead.  I've finished my second day of working with my new household routine.  It was a good morning's work.  We stayed home from church today.  I dislike the crush of all the added folks on Easter Sunday and Mother's Day.   We have listened to a long series of sermons from various pastors all morning long.  And John played a wonderful worship set  this morning as well.  I certainly don't feel I missed a thing as far as my spirit went this morning!

Time to look at the week ahead!

...I plan my work

I'm so excited over my new routine for housework!  I mean it!  This was just the spark I needed to make me feel good about home all over again and I think it's going to be a wonderful way to focus my energy and get my home back on the mark. 

I practiced it on Friday when I went right out to the yard to work and not one care about what job in the kitchen needed to be done.  It was my time for the yard and I was happy to be out there.  This morning, I spent time in the bedrooms and bathrooms.   It's going to make Sundays easier, too.  I was always stuck in the kitchen on Sunday afternoons wiping down cabinets and appliances and countertops.  No fun!  I can do these tasks early in the day and have my afternoon free, getting them all done before church on Sunday.  

Buy more plants.  I drove by the discount  grocery store on Thursday and they had lots of nice basic plants.  They perform well and they sell them at a decent price, so no hardship to purchase.  I'll use these as my basics and then fill in with the occasional splurge item like I did last year. 

Put them in pots.  I don't know why planting them seems to get put off so often but I actually planned ahead Friday and lined and filled pots ready to plant. There's a procrastination buster!

Pull out the pansies.  They are looking mighty poor now that we're consistently hitting over 80f each day. I sure have enjoyed them.

Work on the second set of cushions.

Paint the café table and chairs.  John has mentioned more than once how much he admires the red set a neighbor has displayed in her yard.  I have three cans of red spray paint I'd meant for the guest room bed.  That bed isn't priority right now but sprucing up the porches IS, so I'll work on painting these this week.

Paint the steps I use as a plant stand under the pecan tree.  I meant to do it last year and failed.  I'll head out there one afternoon and dust them down well then paint them.  I have black and green paints so I can use either one. 

Paint a plant stand to use on the front porch.  This is iffy.  I don't know if I have the paint I'd like to use.  I'd rather spend my money right now on plants and décor stuff, not on paint.

Move an item to the front porch that I think is going to be my 'statement' piece there.  I'm excited to see how this works out.  I think it's going to be unique and fun.

...and just in case you're wondering, outdoors work is my project at the moment.  I have plenty of indoor jobs to do, as well.

Paint the laundry area lamp.

Hang fresh pictures in the laundry.

Hang the pictures in the back entry.

Figure out placement and hang the pictures on the front entry wall.  I think I need to go by Hobby Lobby for a couple of items to add to that wall.

Work my housekeeping routine and refine if needed.

Continue studying in my housekeeping guides for housekeeping boot camp.

Make out a month's worth of menu ideas.  I do not plan well in the warmer months and I thought if I had 30 days worth of meals to choose from life would be easier.

...I plan meals:

Chili pineapple chicken, Brown Rice, Steamed Snow Peas, Oranges

Mayonnaise Roasted Chicken, Hash Brown Casserole, Tossed Salad

Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Coleslaw

Ritz Chicken Casserole, 24 Hour Layered Salad, Steamed Asparagus or Green Peas

on my own x1

out with Mama x1

Leftovers  There are always leftovers of meatloaf and of roasted chicken (it weighs 7 pounds) so we're sure to have more than enough to manage the day of leftovers!

...I plan leisure:

I think this week, if I do all I've said I'll do my leisure time will be best spent reading.  I've got a hankering to read homemaking type books which I find area best written by Grace Livingston Hill.  Honor Girl and Recreations are two of my favorite which focus most strongly on what homemaking can bring to family.  Just the sort of thing I'd best like to read right now.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'll be mighty busy. Thank you for the book titles & author. I love homemaking books, but I don't have an easy time finding them without titles and authors. I read a wonderful book a few years ago, didn't write down the name, & our library doesn't keep history unless you specifically request it. I haven't been able to find it as I can't remember the name!!

It has only taken me 12+ yrs. in this house and large property that one morning of yard work is not nearly enough. And worse, trying to finish in one day makes me irritable, cranky, and too achy. So, I'm going to try going out early each morning before my shower and work until my husband finishes his exercise routine. It's cooler then and I think I'll accomplish more. I hope....

Enjoy your week and new routine!

Debby in KS

Deanna said...

I have so much outdoor work I'd like to get done but I still haven't painted my office yet, either. And we are going on vacation soon so I have a lot of work to get done before then - I plan to have blog posts and all my social media scheduled ahead so I can "unplug"!

I checked my library and they don't have either of those books so I bought them on Kindle for only $1.40 each. Looking forward to reading them!

Anonymous said...

I've got to say that Honor Girl is one of my favorites from GLH. It's kind of amazing how much housework that one high school girl can do in one day, though! The kind of list I WISH I could accomplish without wilting:) That's one reason why I love the book. I've read many of her books in the past, but do find that some are much better written than others. I have gained a lot of insight of that time period (early 1900's-1930's mostly) from things she includes as just "normal" in her books.

Terri Cheney said...

Debby in KS I hate to 'lose' a book like that one you found and then couldn't remember the title of. I've had a few like that and it is impossible to find them once again.

Dee, Do what is most important to you. I'd say your office, since that is the primary thing you've mentioned this year.

Becky, I love some of her books better than others as well. I have many many copies of the books, some beautifully dustjacketed that John bought me as a Christmas gift over the years, but I've discovered that not all her books are my favorites. I loved Honor Girl so much. I had only a paperback copy that was reprinted in the 1970's and the last page was missing. I never did know how the story ended but I would re-read the book several times a year. One of my most cherished books now is the hardback old copy John purchased for me. And I was so pleased to finally get to read the end!

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