This Week In My Home: Feeling Inspired

This week in my home...

...I have had a lovely first week of my new homemaking routine and it's gone very well indeed.  I'll say nothing more about it, though.  Starting to sound like a record that won't skip to the next line of the song.   

This week promises to be busy enough.  There are lots of the usual business of living and such and John has extra time off which changes things up a bit.  This next weekend we have a big family gathering and there's plenty to be done in association with that, too.  I want to do so much and only have so much time and money and that's the way life generally goes, doesn't it? 

Not pouting or whining, there's not nearly enough time to spare for that!  I just need to gather my thoughts and make my lists and get busy.

I've had the most fun of late with my home.  I changed a few things that I felt were not just what I wanted.  It cost me little or nothing to change except mostly thought and time.  If only all change could be so easily wrought. 

...I plan my work:

I am nearly done with the bill box for this pay period.  I have a few simple tasks to do to finish that up.  Then we mail off bills, run errands, and shop for groceries.  It always looks like such a little bit written out like this but it takes a few hours of time. 

I have truly done about all the sprucing up I mean to do on the house and porches.  What my focus will be this week will be putting in a few more plants on the patio and perhaps gathering some pretty baskets of flowers for the front porch.  Or so I plan. 

I do have John home for the whole week, so there may or may not be a visit to a DIY store. If there is I will try to buy a few bags of mulch for the existing flower beds and some more landscape blocks so I can put a few more aside for the next bedding area I am making up.  I'd like paint for the patio table and chairs but we'll see.  It will be a big job and require far more paint than the café set!

Fill the eggs we'll be hiding this weekend.  Yes, even though it is after Easter I thought it would be fun for the children and I know the adults will enjoy watching them.  At least one Gramma and one Gammy haven't seen the children hunt eggs yet.

Make cupcakes and freeze them for the weekend.  I have had a menu plan in place for two months for this gathering so no need to worry over that nor do I need to do too much prep work ahead but I'll do the little that can be done.

Work on routine housework schedule. 

I'd like to try to make a simple summer weight robe to wear over my nightgown.  I always seem to want that little something more but nothing heavy by any means.  I've loads of fabric on hand and a couple of patterns that I think will be suitable.

I have a few projects in my craft room box that require sewing.  So if time permits, I mean to do a little sewing.

...I plan meals:

out with John at least two times this week.
We have a special dinner at church.  It makes me laugh because it sound so Southern but it's called Baptisms and Barbecue.  Apparently it's a big outdoor service after regular service.  Grocery day is also a day when we normally get something to eat either take away or something we specially purchase at grocery that is easy ready prepared.

Red Beans with Sausage and Rice, Coleslaw, Sliced Tomatoes, Corn Muffins
I'll double the rice this day and save the extra for the Chinese food day.

Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Potato Sticks, Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup, Grapes
This meal is portable too so if we decide to go somewhere we can take it along.  The soup will keep hot in the big Yeti tumbler.

Almond Chicken, Steamed Snow Peas, Rice, Oranges and Strawberries
If the snow pea pods are not available I'll substitute broccoli or frozen oriental vegetable mix from the freezer case.

Hamburger Steaks, Mushroom Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, Rolls

Macaroni and Cheese, Italian Pan Roasted Vegetables, Salad

...I plan leisure:

With John off for so many days this time around, I plan to try to keep plenty of time free just for him. He loves to take coffee on the porch a couple of times a day.  If I know my husband we'll be out of the house at least two days.  He's very keen on dates lately which is why I planned a meal that can travel with us if needed.  So my main focus will be on what he'd like to do.

I have several books I'm reading for study purposes, for Housekeeping Boot Camp purposes, for pleasure and that's what I'll plan to do as well.

7 comments: said...

I love that you have had a menu plan in place for two months for your family gathering! What a great way to be on the lookout for good prices on what you need.

Anonymous said...

I say in order to get all the things done i want do i will have to live to be a 150! Gramma D

Lana said...

We have baptism and BBQ twice a year at our church and the next one is May 21. It is a big event! Every family brings a dessert and the rest is catered. So looking forward to it!

We are home for doctor visits and cardiac rehab and then back to the lakehouse on Friday. We are not unpacking so just refreshing the groceries and washing the bed linens and repacking them.

Laurie said...

I love the photo of chickens with vintage flour and cornmeal bags. I hope to do a bit of sewing this week as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Gramma D. I found that when I got into my 50's, I realized I no longer had forever to do everything I wanted! As if I ever did, but I think it seems so when you're young. Now that I'm in the Autumn season of my life, I take time more seriously. On the bright side, if I do live to be 150, I have enough stuff in my craft room to keep me busy until then! ;)

I think it's great that you did another egg hunt. As a kid, I would've been thrilled. The more, the better!! After I was first married, my husband had a bunch of nieces/nephews that all Tweens. Too old for egg hunts. Or were they?! One year, I decided to test that. I got some large eggs, filled some with candy, coins, a couple of dollar bills, one $5, Mc Donald's dollars, etc. and hid them all over the yard. After they all got there, we told them. Their eyes all got wide and out they went like a pack of little kids. It was so much fun to hear their cheers of excitement and such when they found the little treasures. I took pictures and I sill smile when I look in that album at all of them rooting thru' the hedges and such! My brother in law always does a *buried treasure* with clues at his lake house every summer for all the teens/early 20's. $20 is the prize. It's fun to watch them all trying to figure it out. The winner always treats the others to ice cream at the shop down the road.

Debby in KS

Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love the sounds of Baptism and BBQ. What a joyous occasion! You had a great week
You know I need a summer weight robe too- I had to chase the cat yesterday early in the morning in my nightgown. I hope and pray everyone was asleep!

Carolyn @ Our Gilded Abode said...

The egg hunt will be such fun! And I agree with Debby that big kids (adults) can have just as much fun as the teeny ones! For Christmas each year I give each adult a nostalgic toy (they all get the same one). Nothing expensive ... a yo yo, silly putty, Rubiks cube, etc. It's such fun to watch them play with them! And how wonderful that John looks forward to spending quality time with you. What a sweet couple you two are! :)

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