End of April Challenge: More on Convenience Meals; Reader Input

I had a nice response from you all about the ShoeBox Meals.  I wanted to share the information that readers chipped in with:

Lana noted that Southern Plate has a similar thing that she's shared on her blog.  Shelf stable meals that she stores in a zippered storage bag and calls Bags to Dishes.  Follow the link to see her ideas.  I've just glanced at the site but have it bookmarked to go back to.  I read one recipe and she mentioned that there were now nearly a month's worth of meals online.  The link I'm giving you is linked directly to these specific set of recipes.

She also suggested this menu:    I would add the taco soup recipe that is made up of 5 cans of food and a cornbread mix. 

I immediately thought of Pioneer Woman's Seven Can Soup as another good possibility.

Judy shared this suggestion for a shoe box meal:  I would maybe add--Chicken/Dorito casserole..[ Using can chicken breast, cream of chicken soup, dorito chips, Can of cheese whiz. Dried pepper/onion flakes. Green beans, Pineapple slices.

Michele offered this suggestion.  I went to find the recipe and yes indeed it is a great idea for a shoe box meal.  Even better it's pretty much a one dish meal:  Just a quick thought about tuna salad. We like ours a little on the dry side so we use mustard instead of mayo.

Also, there is a delicious recipe for chicken barley chili on the back of the Quaker Quick Barley package. I make it with all canned goods. I usually make it in the slow cooker, but it is fast and easy on the stove top as well.

I do plan to go over the grocery shelves in the next bit of free time I have to see what's available.  I can't help but remember that both Rhonda and I at one point bought Sweet Sue whole canned chickens to put on the pantry shelf as a convenience item.  Oddly when I looked up that item it comes up with canned dog food.  Believe me, this chicken is not dog food.  It's not the prettiest thing to look at.  It looks like any boiled chicken which is never, in my opinion, pleasing, but it tastes just fine and is really good.  I just haven't seen any of these in a while but I'm going to actively look for another one or two for the pantry shelf.

I intend to write out the recipes on an index card to slip into each box. 

I came across a Chicken Tortilla casserole that will be a good addition to these meals. I'd substitute canned chicken breast for the chicken and the rest are already canned foods.   It calls for lime juice and there is a powdered lime (and lemon) juice product that can be purchased. 

And I mean to create little packets with seasonings in them too.  I think if a recipe calls for garlic, onion, salt, pepper, chili pepper you can easily mix these and put in a small bottle or plastic condiment cup with a cover and have it at the ready, as well. 

You know I've been thinking these meals would even be a bonus addition to a vacation if you don't want to spend any time shopping.  Just pack up your kits and off you go.

I'm glad you all were interested in this little concept.  I thought it a grand idea when I read it in the vintage magazine and I'm pleased you all agree.  Now let's make up some shoe box dinners!


Anonymous said...

I save empty medicine bottles made out of amber plastic -- at least the majority are. They make wonderful small containers and keep out some light. I write on them with a sharpie or use masking tape and write on that. They come in really handy for my home dried spices, spice mixtures, and small amounts of ingredients needed when we're camping or I'm traveling. As I read about getting everything ready for a meal, I thought these might make containers for the small amounts of ingredients needed for a specific recipe. Chris

Terri Cheney said...

Chris that is a great idea! John just emptied a bottle and I've washed it up and stripped off the label and put it aside to use for one of my shoebox meals.

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