In My Home This Week: Last Week of July!

In my home this week:

...It will be an 'in and out' sort of week.  I  have just sent John off to visit his brother in Texas. In the meantime, Bess will be in and out with the boys as she treks northward to see her family.  John comes in and then heads out to work.  Bess comes in and out again on her way back home.  It will be a busy week and a good balance for me with alone time and companion times well mixed.

It is the last week of July.  It does seem I have done more this month and certainly I am pleased with what's been accomplished if all of  my goals aren't finished they've at least been worked at.  It's so hot just now that being outdoors is a misery.  Nevertheless, as soon as John can mow about my Faith tree I shall get to work and finish off that project.  I'm not sure it will be done this week but I've done what I can until he does his part.

I am satisfied with my desk area.  I'm looking for a shelf, a clock, artwork to finish off the area but overall I'm pretty happy with how that came together and how well it now works for me.  I found a spot for my makeup box as well that is near the desk and yet fully out of the way when not in use.  

I came to the end of Shabat evening with my head finally clear enough to really start to think.  I will hopefully be sharing some of that with you over the next few weeks.  

Being the end of July it's time to start planning August and making goals for the month ahead.  I also want to start planning for fall.  I find it's always too late if I wait until it's actually here.  This should give me considerable time to think hard about what I want to do to acknowledge this coming season and insure that I have materials and plans to accomplish those things.  I'm tired of sort of just floating through and being very hit and miss with things.  

Well, let's get this week planned and then we'll tackle weeks ahead!

...I plan my work week:

As I said I've plenty of coming and going this week to see to.  However the non-visiting parts of the week will see me busy enough with all the routine things.  Now to do those 'next' things which will see to it that I progress with this month's tasks.

I really need to plan a day of shopping.  I am looking for a clock, a shelf and some artwork for my desk area.  At the very least, I must purchase frames if I find the artwork I want amongst the things I own.  I need mulch to put down once John has mowed the lawn and that area under the faith tree.  

I need to deep soak the potted plants.  It's been hot and dry.  The flowers all need a really good watering and fertilizer this week.  I'll do a few each day.

I have numerous areas I want to touch on this next month and some specific tasks I want to attend PLAN for August.  Set goals for the month ahead.

I must cut back those antique roses.  They've gone wild on me again and they are completely out of hand.

No need of my planning too much outdoor tasks because it's just too darn hot to think of doing anything much.  I will concentrate on keeping the indoors cool and doing so reasonably.  Our last electric bill took a bit of a jump and I'm sure this next one will as well.  The more I can do to offset it the better for us.

Plan my autumn wardrobe.  Again, I'm wanting to think ahead and now is the time to begin it!

All the usual routine stuff and whatever other tasks I can toss into the mix as well.

...I plan meals:

Steak, Armenian potatoes, Steamed green beans, Salad, Rolls

Chili Pineapple Chicken, Brown Rice, Steamed Broccoli and Red Peppers

Chicken Fajitas, Corn on the Cob,  Green Salad 

on my own 

Pepper Steak Sandwiches, Chips, Plums

Tuna Pasta Salad, Crackers, Oranges (I never made this dish last week)

Cold Cuts Platter, Potato Salad, Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

...I plan leisure:

Lots of loving on grandsons while they are here.

Sewing.  If I get a chance.

Continue (and hopefully finish) two of the three books I'm currently reading.

Plan my next thing...I love making lists and so I always put my list making tasks on the leisure end of things as it's a good quiet time activity.


Mimi said...

Dear Terri, I love a well planned month. There is so much satisfaction in looking over a completed month, and being able to tick several tasks off the list! I must say Peppered Steak Sandwiches sounds like a rather luxuriant solo meal. I'm a scrambled eggs kinda gal when left to my own devices! Wishing you a peaceful and productive week. Mimi xxx

Lana said...

Enjoy your grandsons! Sounds like a wonderful week!

We had reservations to go to the mountains for husband's 60th birthday this week and an odd thing has happened. A dangerous armed criminal is in that area hiding out in the Pisgah National Forest and so the tourist type natural areas are all closed for the safety of the public. Thankfully our reservation could be cancelled without a penalty. I found a cozy little cabin on Lake Hartwell that has a big porch right out at the lake and a lovely dock to swim from and sit on. So plans are being tweeked and we will pack food for all meals since we will be 20 miles from anywhere. The cabin has a beautiful kitchen so all will be fine. We plan to do a lot of nothing and just relax and float around in the lake.

Angela said...

Just wanted to share this post with some good salad ideas:

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