In My Home This Week: Wet Dog Days

In my home this week:
...I have finally gotten near the finish line for July goals.  I haven't forgotten all about August, though.  I did make some headway on the next area of the yard this past week, since I hadn't materials to finish off the Faith tree bed.  What is my next area?  It's two areas actually. 

One is the long bed in front of the back porch.  Maddie dug quite a deep hole at one end which is filling with rain water like nobody's business. It's muddy and mucky and some of the bordering rocks and iris that were there fell into the hole.  I noted last week that weeds were taking over that bed rapidly.  I didn't put down a thick layer of mulch last year.  I got all of the weeds up and next I plan to plant the iris I took up from the Faith tree bed at one end.  This will mirror the opposite end of the bed.  

The next area faces the front yard but is at the eastern end of the back porch.  Maddie had dug about in it and left a deep hole there, too.  For good measure she dug two more against the porch lattice.  The bed was even and nice but now it looks like it's all dips and berns.  As well, her digging spread some wildflowers I had growing in one small area and they took over the bed.  As of now, the bed is free of most all the wildflowers.  I plan to divide the daylily in that bed and then make it flat once more and mulch it.  That will give me two nice looking areas facing the front yard, visible when you're coming up to the house.  

Because it's wet and muggy I'm not going to spend a big block of time out in the yard.  I'll do it in 15 minute increments!  So yeah, it might take all of August to finish this project and it is enough.

We ended our week with a visit from Katie and Taylor which made us quite happy. I had a photo of the Kingsland trio ready for the first day of school.  The twins started kindergarten this year. My how time does fly past!  In two weeks, V's baby boy is going off to school, as well.  My these children do grow up entirely too quickly!  I can't believe that next year Josh and Rosa will be going off to school, too!  

Yes, it's school season in our state.  At least this year most waited until August to start rather than beginning last month as they often did when Katie was in school.  I don't exactly keep up with school dates any more except to note when the stores are packed with school supplies and the grocery is featuring lunch making items.  Despite not keeping up with it, my ears just seem keyed to the sound the bus makes when it stop at the stop sign at the top of the road.  I'll hear it morning and night even though I really don't mean to be listening for it!

I think my 'inspiration' this year was a subconscious reaction to the 'new year' mentality that the start of the school year brings along.  I seem to have just naturally fallen into that time frame for finding a refreshing spring of creative thoughts.  Does the new school year affect any of you in that way?

...I plan my work week:

This week I mean to absolutely finish off the Faith tree project and my desk area.  I still don't have art work that wows me but I did find a couple of things to use until I do.  And no, the desk area won't be finished until it's complete with the pictures, because that's how I've seen it in my mind and I want it to be DONE.  There's plenty of 'almost done' around this house.

Minor shopping: frames, mulch...and possibly a few more things, see below.

Now that fall is truly nearer I want to find my inspiration for fall décor early on.  So I'll spend some time seeking that inspiration among my own things and online.  That may mean sorting out the shed somewhat, but again, because it's hot and muggy and wet, I won't be working long hours in that shed.  

While I'm there I'll start setting things aside that I no longer want and am ready to donate.

Paint picture frames I'm using on the living room wall.  LOATHE the green.  LOATHE.  I must change it.   This is the focus area for August.  I'm ready to change up my living room somewhat.  Not going to cost much money, but I'd like fresh pillow covers, perhaps new sheers, to paint the mantel, absolutely will paint the frames and move out a chair (and maybe move one in). If I move in the other chair, I'll probably make a slipcover for it.  I have colors in mind but I never let that cause me grief.  I seldom find what I want so I'll see what I like and then consider where I'm going to head color-wise.
More minor shopping: fabric for pillow covers and maybe a slipcover and  possibly new sheers.

Organize the deep freeze.

...I plan meals:
Chicken Romesco with Pasta, Salad, Gelato

Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes on a bed of shredded lettuce, Tiny Biscuits

Leftover Chicken,   Squash Casserole, Fried Green Tomatoes, Green Salad

Sloppy Joes, Coleslaw, Pickles, Chips

Poached Chicken Breasts, Salad with peaches, walnuts and goat cheese, Crusty Bread

on my own x2

...I plan my leisure:

Frankly, I call it leisure to shop on my own...  

I'm wanting to get lost in a book.  This week seems like a good time to start one.  Really these dog days take the steam out of my engine.                                                                                                      


Lana said...

I must be either apathetic or content! I am going to go for content. :) No thoughts of switching up anything inside at all but we do still have two shelves to sort out and clean in the garage. That will leave hubby's workbench cabinet but that has to be his job. We are still looking for the second vehicle but may have found one so that would be a good thing to have that done. I'm with you an not knowing when school starts but it has to be soon. We will know that it has when we see the kids walking up the street to the bus in the mornings or our neighbor boy coming home in the afternoons with his cello. I have deviated so much from last week's menu that I think I will just pick and choose from last week and this weeks plans according to what sounds good. We have plenty on hand to choose from and need to eat the produce.

Tammy said...

I am way tuned in to when school starts here - the grandboys go back a week from Wednesday!
I saw somewhere recently that the start of a new school year is sometimes called "The Mom's New Year" where mothers make resolutions about how organized they're going to be and lunches will be packed and outfits picked out ahead of time, etc. I kind of feel that way around my house right now. I want to clean it from top to bottom and finish so many projects that are simmering in my mind. Greg and I had a good talk about said projects this morning, so I'm pretty positive at least some of them will get done.

Susan in SC said...

The new school year always affects me!! Hahaha!! I am always anxious to get back to see the kids and meet new ones. Most of all, it means that fall is coming! I live for fall and winter!! I also find I feel better when I am really busy (although I complain and whine about being so!).

Margie from Toronto said...

I always feel that the start of the new school year is the true "New Year". But I think it helps that in Canada our kids finish school at the end of June and don't go back until after Labour Day (the first Monday in Sept.) so this year they won't go back until Sept. 5th - and it's usually a staggered start. Given that it's a new month - Fall is definitely in the air - and it's time to put away the Summer clothes - it's definitely a "New Year".
I have settled on the final colour scheme for my small apt. and I have sold or donated all extra decorative items - so of course today I had to come across umpteen beautiful pink items - including some amazing Pyrex Sets. I did not weaken! A friend and I had gone to an "Antique Fair" out of town and there were some lovely pieces - but - the only thing I bought was a small white end table for my bedroom. It's exactly what I wanted and needed, plus my friend is very good at bargaining so I got it for a third less than the listed price.
Meals this week will incorporate a lot of salads - proteins will be eggs, ham or hamburger and there are a couple of HM ready meals in the freezer if I want something different.
Good luck with all the gardening this week.

Karla Neese said...

I have often wondered about your use of the words dinner and supper and which one was which to you - and to anyone else really. It's one of those cultural phenomenon that fascinate me. And then I came across this article today that explained it and I thought it might interest you too.

Debby in KS said...

Oh, I'm absolutely tuned in to when school starts. And I don't even have kids! For me, like Margie in Toronto, that is the official New Year of my life. No idea how that happened, but it is. Since I worked PT with university sports, it could be that the school year kicked off a couple of my jobs. And summer was sort of a vacation in that I only worked one job! In my life today, I find that many of our church activities begin in September and so it's a new year that way. I always joke that August is like the long, tall climb of a roller seems to last forever. Then, it peaks on Labor Day and away it goes........and then it's suddenly January and I wonder what happened!!

I found some wonderful palettes at Sherwin Williams. They have several different color groups to choose from for a whole house color scheme. I got one of those and then the individual color swatches. I keep those on a keychain in my purse. As I'm changing my house, I constantly look to those as a guide. I love most of the colors, my house was already there in many ways, but it's helped me make some hard decisions. Your hated green frames reminded me. I'm currently stink eyeing some barn red frames I feel the same way about!!! I'm looking to this palette for ideas. I heard that Lowe's has them, as well.

Terri Cheney said...

Margie, I'm finding it easier to say to myself "Oh I REALLY like that...too much to even consider taking it home to shove in a cupboard!" So if I can't think of any place to put it then I definitely won't buy it.

Debbie, I shall have to look for those Sherwin Williams color things. It would be a help to have on hand.

Karla I have the article pulled up to read. I call it "Dinner" because we eat our big meal midday. Supper is a much lighter meal. In my childhood, we had supper every day and dinner only on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

What a good idea to keep paint colors on a key chain..could work for clothes colors too. A tiny swatch of decorative fabric you are hoping to find matching solid for even? I have passed up used things lately I love but like you don't really need or have room for. I know someone else will see them and be so happy.
One thing I have a hard time finding is clip or screw on earrings. I do not have pierced ears. When I was growing up till my kids were small pierced ears were not popular. Then it switched back and stores stopped selling ones for me. Then very very seldom did used stores. I look every time. Most of my earrings I have had since the 60s! :) Classic styles thankfully. :) It is fun hunting though. :-) I could go for pierced ears but don't want to start all over gathering earrings!!
Our school year used to be like Canada's Out the end of June and start again the first Week of September.I believe it started at 8a.m. and ended at 3:00. Now school here started Aug 4. I don't know when it starts but it is out before 3:30. The children who have to take buses are on them for a long time each day + the school hour. We walked to school and in elementary walked home for lunch then back. I never thought of how I feel this time of the year but there is definitely a shift but I think I feel it cause the weather starts to turn..least in September!... and feels more like fall. Fall is my favorite. Sarah

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