Outfits for July II

I surprised myself when I went to my closet to make up more outfits this week. I concentrated on my own print blouses and necklaces and how I might pair them to make outfits.   I had more prints than I'd realized.

First I want to share an outfit swap I made last week.   In the original post, I had paired the blue and white striped blouse with the khaki pants and the navy lace top with the white pants.  I switched tops.  I really loved the crisp summery look of the striped blouse with the white pants and felt the brown calf shoes and purse worked exceptionally well with the outfit.  I felt up to date and chic.

Here's a Pinterest photo to show my inspiration:

I liked the warmth of the gold with the calf colored accessories myself so went with the pearl and gold necklace.

The navy lace tee and khaki pants worked well enough as an outfit,  but I realized that the top has problems that do not make it comfortable.  It snags easily on every little thing that has the least bit of roughness.  It also causes me to itch about the neck and shoulders.  That lace scratches!  Now I remember why I've only worn it about twice a season.

I did like the old gold necklace with the navy and that at least did not snag though why I do not know.

The one outfit I did not wear over the last two weeks was this one I made up using the green khaki pants.  It is still in the line-up.

Now on to this next two weeks  of outfits.

#1.  I have a second maxi skirt.  I got it online order from Cato.  This one is a lovely skirt,  with deep gores and a really nice weight to the fabric that gives the bottom plenty of swing.  It is a textured print that feels like puff paint...does anyone remember puff paint?  The design is subtle, a deep grey blue and white pattern.  So far I've only paired it with grey or white tees.

I've paired it here with a deep blue and gray stone necklace as well as my silver sandals.

I think I can pair more color tops with this skirt since the black, grey and white are all neutrals.   The tricky part with a maxi skirt is that if the top isn't more fitted it can look sloppy overall.  That is NOT the look I am going for!  That's why you will often find the maxi skirt paired with a ribbed tank top or a really snug t-shirt.  Mine is not that snug but it has a closer fitting shape and a ruching  at one side that makes it appear it is fitted more closely than it is at the hip.

#2.  I love this floral print top.  The three quarter ruffled sleeves hit my hip area in just the wrong place, but I love the print, love the self belt cinched waist.  I bought the shirt specifically  to go with the khaki green pants but it's also a good match for the khaki pants. I also love pairing it with the straight legged lighter wash jeans.  I keep meaning to see how well it pairs with my white jeans but never remember to try that combination out.

The necklace I've used here is from Kohl's.  It has blue, amber, green and garnet tones with an old metal finish chain between.   I bought this necklace at the grand opening of the Warner Robins store and I get so many compliments on it all these years later.  I've also used the solid green glass necklace with this blouse.

#3. This time around I'm pairing the khaki pants with this black and khaki sort of stripe shirt.

I had several necklace options I might have chosen.  The quartz and metallic stone necklace shown here looked really well with it but  I opted to go with the green pendant necklace.  That old gold necklace I used with the lace tee top last week would also work here but I wanted the pop of color from the green stone.  I might also have used the necklace in the next photo, which I did use last time I wore this outfit.

Here's the Pinterest photo I used as inspiration:

One day I WILL find leopard flats in my size in a color wave I like.  These would be perfect with my striped shirt and khaki pants!

#4.  I opted for the animal print blouse to pair with the white pants this time.  It's a combination I've never used before and I'm not sure how I'll actually like it.  I've worn the blouse with the khaki pants before and I like the fit of it a lot.

Here's the Pinterest photo that inspired me:

Hmmm...I will use my beige purse and shoes with my outfit I think, because it looks so well with the print in the inspiration photo.

This animal print blouse is a versatile one.  It will do well with several colors including brown, cream and black, as well as the khaki I paired it with previously.  I have a feeling it would also go with the green khaki pants.

I'm still wavering on this.  It's definitely out of my comfort zone.  It certainly appears it would go well in the photo doesn't it?  I could have used a tiger eye stone necklace but I chose this green and brown toned necklace.  

#5.  This is my only cold shoulder top and I was surprised I could like it as much as I do.  It helps a lot that it has one of my favorite colors in it.  

I paired this top with two necklace options.  One is a little more dressy.  The other was so subtle that it doesn't even show up in photos though it's right beside the dressy necklace.  I settled on a third option which is a statement necklace Katie gifted me a few years ago, see the second photo for that option.

It brings out the turquoise in the print.

Those are my outfits for the next week or so.  I think I will be able to finish out July with the outfits shown this time around.  I hope that you find inspiration to do something fresh with your own wardrobe.


Rhonda said...

I have the exact same brown Clark sandals

Hoping this goes through, I’m a new device that so far seem to be Blogger friendly

Lana said...

I have a lace tee with the same problem. I have worn it once and felt like I was hooked to something all day.

Karen in WI said...

I love that floral shirt outfit and the navy pinstripe top! I need to be open to more prints as the majority of my clothing is solid. I did buy a pretty cobalt blue floral top this spring though and I just love it. It has a few ruffles down the front. I also love, love maxi skirts! I have been gradually trying to get cooler fabrics (gauzey type) for summer. I have some gauze crepe boho skirts that I bought and just love them as they cover your legs but feel oh so cool. Next summer I will try to add a top or two of gauze crepe material to my wardrobe as summers here can be steamy (thought not like yours I’m sure!). Our air conditioning just went out and it’s supposed to be 97 and very humid this Friday. Ugh! Our central air unit is 23 years old so it’s time to replace it, but it’s not something you want to rush into as it’s expensive. So I told the boys it will be like in the old days. Thanks goodness we have basements here and they stay pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

When you started the wardrobe idea posts your were wearing a lot of the pretty draped scarves at your neck. prints. The print tops I had did not look good even with the solid color scarfs. Hence a quandary for me at first. I bought a few tops later that did though. You gave me ideas to perk up my same ol wardrobe. :) I have always loved jewelry and alway wear a bracelet and earrings. Clip earrings though so have to look hard to find them now that pierced are all that are in stores. I stopped wearing necklaces when the kids were little and pulled on them and I would catch them on things when I bent down etc. But have started again... so pretty!! I may not look as fashionable as some but it is what makes You feel good that counts. If you feel good you project that feeling and it is relaxing and comfortable to feel pretty. When we go out and dress haphazardly you feel like that too. :) Least I do. I always felt a bit like we should be an example for the little ones watching us. How we talk, act, care, do or dress etc. We all know that those that were before us were such an influence in how we later lived our lives. Now we are to the next ones growing up. ...I can't help always when I think of this to think of the great example of love and caring you and John are to all your little ones. They are soaking up all that love. :-) Bless their little sweet hearts. Sarah

Tammy said...

It is so fun to see how different an outfit looks just by switching out the jewelry you wear with it. I think you did a great job of pairing up the printed blouses with your necklaces.
I have a new print tank top that almost matches your blog background. It gets a lot of compliments, but I feel like I'm wearing wallpaper. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed that you wear white pants, I would have coffee stains and dog hair all over them before I even left the house. I don't think I will ever be neat enough to pull that off! Love the print top outfits. I'm looking for more prints, I have always worn simple solid colors but am discovering that I do enjoy some prints. I need to look for some khaki pants, you have shown me that they are a great neutral with prints. Thanks for the great fashion inspiration! Susanmarie in Pacific Northwest

terricheney said...

Rhonda I am a fan of Clark's sandals. I get mine at TJMaxx or Ross usually so they are about $30/pair. Good value for how long they last plus they are just wonderful comfortable walking shoes.

Lana, I really love the top but it's just not wearer friendly.

Karen, no basements much in our area so we'd just suffer hard in the heat. Doublewides are notoriously bad about being stuffy and hot and holding that heat in.

Sarah, I agree, if you feel good it shows all over! I like taking a few minutes to do that bit of extra.

Tammy, if you get a lot of compliments you must look nice in it...but I will say some prints are more wallpaper-y than others, lol.

Susanmarie, The first time I put those white pants on my son's dog jumped into our car and left muddy streaks down both legs. I love the khaki pants as a neutral and they might be a better choice if white won't work for you.

Kendall said...

Thanks for the idea about the khaki pants. I wear all shades of blue all the time and yes it is such a basic color even with blue. Even though you have showed khaki the idea hadn't sunk in I guess. Now something new to shop for Sarah

Anonymous said...

Love the turquoise top! That is so me if it was in my wardrobe. Everytime I wear turquoise I get compliments, yet I have very few turquoise things. Gramma D

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