Gathered Fragments


In my fridge at the start of this week:

Green Beans

Cooked Broccoli

1 serving of slaw

1/2 a tomato

 a rather squishy whole tomato 



a full bag of cherries

1/2 can of Spam

1 and 1/4 of a pan of mac and cheese

a bit of rice with Stroganoff on top   

2 1 cooked chicken  breast halves

Chicken and Dumplings


2 Burger Patties

1 container of Cottage Cheese we need to use NOW

Fried Chicken leftovers

Collard Greens

Green Peas

Flour and Corn Tortillas


Rhonda said...

My fridge is full with summer produce and odds and ends left from takeout meals etc
The last few weeks have included lots of takeout and I’m ready to cut back on my food spending. Takeout is just expensive and not nearly as good as home cooked - but I can’t cook when I’m not home, right?

Donna said...

Lots of goodies to make new dishes! I have a small dish of steak tips which will be chopped up to make a filling for zucchini boats. We have peppers from the garden and lots of small tomatoes to be cut up. The Urban Farmer brought a in largish zuke that was hiding in the leaves. It will be perfect for this dish. I agree with Miss Rhonda: takeout is expensive and not as good as home cooked. I always tell the Farmer that we pay to get a sick tummy. ha!

Give Caleb a kiss for me and tell him to be good for Grandma!

Liz from New York said...

I think once the summer is over I’ll get back into the groove. I tend to be flying by the seat of my pants with no schedule. It won’t be like this much longer, things are about to get somewhat back to normal ( keeps fingers crossed). Starting work again this week (woohoo), so schedules are going to be priority. Foods this week are London broil, with frozen tater tots, cold sandwiches, fried chicken cutlets, lasagne and hotdogs and beans. I’m totally out of dinner ideas. Oh yes, tacos one night, which is always a hit. I do like to cook, but always running out of ideas.

terricheney said...

Rhonda, I don't know about you but if I'm not home once I get home I'm usually too tired to consider cooking anyway, but I too get tired of take out pretty quickly.
I did a Ravioli Lasagna last night in the crockpot for supper. I'd prefer a traditional lasagna but it wasn't a bad meal. Lots of leftovers went into the freezer.
Like you I run out of ideas. I want to cook new things but realize I'm not going to buy half the ingredients most recipes call for. And then I go back to just the usual which is quick and easy if boring.
I've been thinking along the lines of assigning meals days, like Meatless Monday and Tex Mex Tuesday, which opens it beyond just tacos, and Italian Wednesday and Comfort Food Thursday. I just need to determine exactly what Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday will be. Two Sundays a month will be Gramma's Fried Chicken, for Taylor's benefit, lol.

Donna I have Acorn squash and will stuff that next week for a meal. John doesn't like acorn squash but he does if I stuff them.

Liz, I keep telling myself that things will go back to normal but I'm afraid that where I am not IS the normal...It doesn't appear to be going back to anything like what it was before!
Lasagna from you, too! How about that?

Belinda said...

I liked to be stocked up, but I also like it when I have just enough as it is easier to make meals.