In My Home This Week: The Last Week of July

I think this photo dates from the mid-1940's.  It is a very compact kitchen.  I don't believe it is an Armstrong kitchen although there is definitely a linoleum floor used in this room.  It's the absence of other linoleum elements that makes me think it's by a different company.  That floor pattern though has been around forever hasn't it?  I think they recently reintroduced this particular pattern in brick color waves.  I suppose some might say it's timeless.  

Quick analysis of the kitchen for you starting on the left.  Obviously there is a bumpout wall here at the far left, and we can just see the food scales on that counter.  It seems rather far from the food prep area to me and it's not near the refrigerator either.  I'm a little confused about what that cupboard is there at all except to serve as extra counter space in a kitchen that has at best, a very scarce amount.

I don't think I've said before how I feel about the dining 'nook' for breakfast but we've seen this design element in several kitchens.  I think it would be awkward and skimpy.  Perhaps it's meant mostly for children rather than adults?  Or it's deeper than I might realize from this perspective?   The vlogger Old World Home has a similar set up in her kitchen where a large work surface is set away from the wall and her children do eat at that counter which is separate from the other kitchen cupboards.   

Look at that end wall in the breakfast area.  It appears there is a desk at the end of the space.  There's a radio and what appears to be a typewriter.   There are cabinets above the shelves but you'll note that it's a very shallow cabinet.  I think that is a good use of that wall space but how frustrating to have to squeeze in behind the chairs or even to remove them in order to get to the area at all. 

I suppose these counters that back up to a sink or stove are convenient for morning and lunch service.  Note that the breakfast bar wraps the end of the sink cabinet and gives a nice bit of counterspace for the toaster.  I always wonder though...did they remember to put an outlet there?  Because without an outlet that toaster is useless isn't it?   I like the shelves where the two sets of canisters are but with small children around, those would be mighty tempting to little hands.

There's a nice work surface either side of the sink but it's still not a lot of space for say, stacking wet dishes to air dry.  You'd definitely be a wash and dry right away housewife if you wanted to keep the visual clutter down.

There's a nice set of drawers on the lower cabinet either side of the sink and the ventilated cabinet space under the sink.  Also two nice storage cupboards either side of the sink cabinet.  Then another narrow cabinet under the window.  I do have to say that I admire the way these narrow cabinets were tucked into these kitchens in what might well have been just flat wall space.   Again, I know from experience in an older house I lived in that the narrow cabinets will hold quite a bit of canned goods.  They might also store glasses.

There's our fridge right in that small work space...and next to it the stove.   I remember how thick and heavy those old fridge walls were.   No need to worry that they would warm too much with the stove next to it, unlike our modern day appliances.  Next to the stove is a built in butcher block and yes, that is a meat cleaver there on the side in a built in knife block...Again, not sure I'd want that accessible to small folks!

I know I've not been very complimentary of this kitchen and you might well ask why I shared it if I like it so little.   I love the soft green of the walls.  I love the windows.  I love the strawberry print fabrics and the strawberry canisters.  Or maybe they are radishes, but I LIKE them a lot whatever they are.   This kitchen feels fresh and airy and I like that about it.  Yes, it was color that drew my eye and made me like this kitchen despite the many drawbacks I see.  

In My Home This Week:

Hard to believe we're nearly done with July.  I know...The past three months I've been completely astounded at the fact that the months have flown past but it does seem they are determined to speed us through the rest of the year.  It will be August before we can turn around good this next week.  

As always, the idea of a fleeing season makes me just a little sad.  I noted golden rod and mallow flower were both up and while not yet ready to bloom were standing tall and that was two weeks ago, which is earlier than usual.  I fully expect we're going to have an early autumn this year only because the weather has been so very mild and per all the almanacs I've looked at it should remain so even through August and September which are some of our hottest months.  

But it made me very mindful yesterday as we were walking through the grocery store and I saw the peaches that for all intents and purposes, our state peach season generally winds up mid-August.  And that is just three short weeks away.  I'd determined I'd not pick up a bag of peaches but went right back and got them anyway, once I recalled that this too is a fleeting season.   Give me Georgia peaches while they last.  I will regret NOT buying them far more than I'll ever regret getting them!


Put out weed mat and mulch at the house in town.  Done!

Zone 4:  Kitchen, Back Entry and Laundry  I've gotten far more accomplished this month than I'd hoped I'd might at the start.   The changing up of Zones and when I work them has been refreshing and I've learned rather quickly this month to fit in what I can where I can and that's meant I get far more done than I have in a couple of months time.  

The kitchen cabinet doors are looking dingy.  Ideally I would like to paint them with chalk paint but I've got a new 'job' coming up next week and that won't allow for painting of any sort.  I'll settle for cleaning them well.   The laundry is looking a little cluttered and dusty so I'll try and tackle that as well.

My new 'job' I mentioned is keeping Caleb days for at least the next few weeks.  I hope in time we can get him placed at the Montessori nursery in town once again, but in the meantime, Katie starts a new job working from home, and she needs someone to watch Caleb.   The Montessori school runs on the same schedule as the public schools in the county and then close for all of July so, Gramma will be keeping little boy.  I'm looking forward to it and yet am smart enough to know that it shall be exhausting and quite a strain, too.  I'm going into this with my eyes wide open.

So you'll understand if my plans for this week are kept light.  I figure anything I get done in Zone or routine work and suppers made as well is going to be more than enough.


I finished off last week with a fresh lot of Gathered Fragments.  I'll be curious to see what we have left after the weekend meals.  I have tentatively planned meals, trying to keep them easy or easily prepped ahead early in the day.   I'm not planning any big baking days, just our usual loaf of bread.

Chicken and Dumplings no fear...I make my broth with loads of vegetables and then add still more when I make the 'stew' for the dumplings.

Slow Cooker Ravioli Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Salad

Gramma's Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Mac n Cheese, Green Beans, Sliced Tomatoes

Kid's Favorite Casserole, Fruit Salad, Muffins or Biscuits

Calico Chicken and Rice, Lime/Pineapple Gelatin Salad vintage recipes from my 1960s BH&G cookbook

Mongolian Chuck Roast, Broccoli, Rice,  Green Salad 

Leftovers Night?  


Reading and playing my computer game will likely be as far as I get with leisure this week.  


Rhonda said...

I thought the red things were cherries at first but after enlarging the photo, I think they are strawberries maybe. The fabric is my favorite part of the kitchen too, but white fabric covered chairs would never work with the messy people that eat here.
Hope your new “job” is fun- just one child seems both easy as it is just one child but with no playmates, that is hard.

My mom is supposed to move this week from the skilled nursing home back to a respite care apartment in her retirement home building. It will certainly be easier for all of us having both parents In the same building.

Donna said...

The strawberry print in the curtains and other accessories are the saving grace for this kitchen. I do like the wall color as well. Somehow I don't think this is one of Hazel Dell's designs. Too many hazards and awkward arrangements. Knives at toddler level...just no.

You will have your hands full for a while but it is necessary so that Katie can work. It's good that you are close to help out.

You mention three dishes I would like to try: Calico Chicken and Rice, Slow Cooker Ravioli Lasagna and Mongolian Chuck Roast. This is a good variety of main dishes. I'm trying to come up with make-ahead meals for the Sabbath. No extra freezer room so no freezer meals. It won't be long until a pot of soup or stew can be made on Friday and reheated on the Sabbath.

We bought Georgia peaches in our local Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market and they were were very pretty but a couple were a little mealy. They may have been picked too soon. We live a little far from the source. Costco has the very best peaches without fail. It will soon be apple season. The Urban Farmer went out to the garden to pick a big, ripe tomato and it seems that Mr Squirrel had knocked it down and gnawed on it. We put netting around the rest of them to keep the varmints out. BLTs will be on the menu this week. We buy turkey bacon at Costco and it is the best. We freeze it on parchment paper on baking sheets and then bag it. It cooks quickly and is delicious.

We have been without a washer since the 11th and it seems to take much longer to get an appliance delivered these days. A new Maytag should arrive tomorrow. Other brands had a much long delivery time.

Enjoy your week.

Lana said...

I like that fabric, too and can't decide what fruit it is but I am leaning toward cherries. That dining space would frustrate me because it is too crowded. As soon as you put three kids there the back one is going to need to go to the bathroom!

We had an inch of rain overnight! We are getting smoke from the wildfires out west so I hope it helps clean up the air. We had a breakfast picnic at the lake yesterday and it was hazy and uneasy feeling out there. But, we always enjoy it no matter the weather. The leftovers are gone and now we just have an uncut watermelon in the fridge that I hope is still good. The kids arrived safely home yesterday. They are now a two day drive away.

My husband's birthday is tomorrow and he wants to eat breakfast and lunch out and spend time in his woodworking shop. Today I will made chocolate cupcakes at his request. He is easy to please.

Kathy said...

My parents put this floor in the kitchen in our house when it was built in 1963.

lejmom said...

Terri, I just love your posts!

I am a little confused about your have 3 to maintain? Yours where you live, one across the field where a daughter lives, and another in town? That is a lot to take care of! Hopefully you are getting rent for 2 of them...

You haven't mentioned your mama for a while--hope she is doing well...

Thanks for all your writings...xo

terricheney said...

Rhonda, Agreed white material or even light cream material is the dickens to keep going with the folks in my house as well...I say this as I've just covered my dining chairs with a light cream and blue patterned fabric. Foolish me!
I'm glad your mom is well enough to be moved back to the main nursing home. I am sure it will indeed be much easier and far less stressful to have her return where she is nearer your father.

Donna, peaches are usually picked on the firm side. They will continue to ripen once picked and generally should last about a week, so those might have been picked longer ago than the others.
I buy Godshall Turkey bacon, which I won't even pretend isn't a splurge but it is SO good and we really enjoy it a lot. Since I haven't been able to find a turkey breakfast sausage that we like any longer, I rely more on the bacon, but this particular brand is such a nice bit that one slice is plenty for us to eat at a time.

Lana, We saw some of that smoky haze here in our area as well even with lots of rain. I'm so glad to hear that you all have had some rain.
Yes, it does sound as though your husband is easy to please. He certainly couldn't have made it any easier for you to share in his birthday could he? I hope you both enjoy yourselves! Tell him Happy Birthday!

Lej Mom, We have our house, the Blue House and there is about 3 acres mown to keep up with. John then goes over to Sam and Bess' place and mows about two acres there for them. THey do not have a mower and John tries to keep the hard cut for the children's sake. Sam bought a big tractor which he needs because he has about 50 acres of old fields that are severely overgrown. The tractor left no budget for a mower. The house in town was a recent acquirement, not one we wanted but something that was forced upon us. Katie does rent it and we're very grateful for the rent we receive but I have issues where the house is concerned and while I mention, I won't go into depth about why and what those issues are. John and I are trying to maintain that yard and property. There is a neighbor who cuts Katie's front yard each time he cuts his own and we are so appreciative to him for that kindness.
Mama and I are not seeing as much of each other of late but she is doing fine. We check in with one another each week. She is still living on her own and is independent.

terricheney said...

Kathy, I'm pretty sure that I lived in a house with that floor too...and certainly i saw a ton of ads through even the 70s using that same floor pattern.

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