Goodbye and Hello

Say goodbye to Penny Ann. Say hello to me.
Still a bona fide homemaker, writer, country girl, wife, mother, grandmother, member of the Bon Bon Club... but not Penny Ann.

Lest you think this change is sudden, believe me it's not.  I've been struggling against the constraints of being a one dimensional character for about two years now but I just couldn't bring myself to 'kill' Penny Ann.  She has been a fun sort of character to be and a safe place to hide from the realities of a not so perfect life.  Penny Ann was good at coping and covering.  Me....I stumble and fumble through and seem to come out on top at the end.  I find more than ever I need to be authentic.  So, hello.

I'll start by introducing my real life counterparts.  There's my husband, John.  Myself (Terri).  Maddie, Misu and Trudy.  That's who lives here at the blue house on the hill.  We do have children, but they are indeed grown and flown to various parts of the country, with grandchildren.  Katie (Kay) left home last August to move to Tennessee after she married.  John and I spent these months on our own trying to figure out how to relate to one another.  Thank goodness, we like one another very well and have plenty in common besides our children.  We are now settling in nicely but here we are nearly a year later and only just beginning to feel fully comfortable with our new stage in life.

So what should you expect from me, myself and I?  As said I'm still a country girl, so certainly observations about the natural world around me.  I continue to be a homemaker so plenty of homey things including how to save.  Revelations as I pursue my Bible studies.  Personal opinions about current events.  Reflections upon life.  Personal philosophies.  Questions to which I'm seeking answers.  Poetry that moves me.  Books I've been reading,  movies I've seen.    I'm planning to keep it real, not raw, but real. 



Grandma D said...

I will enjoy either PennyAnn's or Terri's blog!! Grandma D.

sparky136 said...

I loved your blogs as Penny Ann, but I think of you as a friend whose letters I love to read. I'm glad to go along with you on this new journey, Terri,

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Good luck with this new blog! I totally understand the need to start over. I've had 3 other blogs besides the one I have now. I enjoyed PennyAnn and I'm sure I'll enjoy Terri.

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