Make Do and Mend Monday

A couple of years ago a friend gave me this plaque.  I'm showing the back here because Terri-like I started the project before I took the before photo...The plaque has a raised heart on the opposite side and the base heart was this shade of red, while the raised heart had a bright green background upon which a rooster pranced, with the word WELCOME above his head.  I liked the piece a lot and hung it on the backdoor.  One day I noticed that the bright green and the rooster, too had turned a sickish sort of blue color.  I removed the plaque from the backdoor at that time.

I kept the piece because it was sturdy and I figured I could do something with it.  Well today was my day to do something.  I used scrapbook paper and a picture cut from an old calendar.  I used paint I had on hand to cover the red paint.  This is what I ended up with:

I used some of the flowers and vines from the calendar to embellish the piece. I decoupaged the paper and the cut outs onto the raised heart.  Now I think it looks nice enough to hang on the door once more...What do you think?

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Susan in SC said...

This is really pretty! You did a fabulous job at bringing it back to life!

Tammy in NE said...

This is so sweet! What a pretty way to be greeted at your door.
I'm just now figuring out that your new blog was not on my reader, so all this time I was missing your posts. I'm glad I noticed and it's all fixed now. :o)

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