After going through a sort of dry spell for a few weeks, I suddenly felt a real longing to read Grace Livingston Hill's stories.  I started with A Daily Rate the story of a young boarder who finds her ministry in the boarding house where she resides.  There's a lovely aunt, a little romance and a lovely story of transformation for more than one of the household members.

I meant to pick another book but found myself drawn to a compilation of works called  Wedding Treasury.  This contains three novels from the 1930's which all begin with a planned wedding...and end with the bride planning another wedding.

Exit Betty is the story of a runaway bride who is sheltered by a wonderful little family, a bit wiser in the ways of the world than naive Betty.

Beloved Stranger is the story of Sherrill, who discovers her bridegroom has a secret, arranges a substitute bride, meets a stranger on the street outside the church and finds life is changed, just as she is by the things that take place on that night.

Maris is the story of another bride who is torn between her handsome, rich fiance and the responsibilities of family that fall upon her when her mother falls ill.  True colors of each are discovered and plans change as her mother recovers.


Kay said…
Love GLH. I need to put more of her books on my Amazon list. : )
Tracy said…
I love GLH's books! They always have such cozy. homey details. :)

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