Make Do and Mend

I've had an old picture for about 3 years or more.  I found it in the local 'antique' market (a real junk shop).  There was no frame, only the old fashioned paper mat (you can't see that in this photo) which had stuck to the glass, and the picture, also stuck firmly to the glass.  It sat around just like that for three years.  I'd take it up and look at it now and then and tried once or twice to find a frame that fit, but didn't and so I forgot it.

This past year, I found a picture at the Goodwill store that I didn't like at all, but the frame and the mat around it suited me.  I have this belief that one can never have enough frames and a mat or two is always handy.  I brought it home and the picture I'd meant to put in the frame didn't fit, so I shoved it in the corner behind my bedroom curtain and forgot all about it.

This past week, I was cleaning my room and found the frame.  I meant to put another picture I'd recently bought into the frame but it was too long and narrow...So I lay the frame aside, then I found the stuck on glass picture behind a folder on my desk and laid it on the bed on top of the frame...and realized it was a perfect fit.

My intention was to paint the frame a cream color to match others on my bedroom wall, but I was so wowed by the picture in the gold frame that I decided not to paint.  And I decided to hang it in the living room near my favorite chair so I can gaze at it.  It's really quite nice, don't you think?  And that is Make Do for this week.  A picture without a frame, a frame meant for another picture, meant to be painted and wasn't...I made do and it's beautiful.

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Kathy in Illinois said...

It is a very peaceful and calming picture. It will suit your living room nicely. Lovely!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

BelleDiabolique said...

Isn't it funny how that stuff sometimes works out?

Heidi said...

I think sometimes things are meant to be and this is one of those times. It looks wonderful.

Hugs from Holland ~

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