Oh dear!  Remember my plan to "not plan"?  Well my week took off and didn't slow a bit, not even a little.  I felt as harried as the woman in the photo looks to be!  She's just gotten a call from her husband telling her that guests are coming to dinner...I know because I read the ad :-P

Where on earth should I start?  Wednesday was John's first day home and was, as I recall, fairly restful.  In fact, I had not been feeling terribly well over the weekend (I'd hurt my back the before and then 'forgot' it was hurt and cleaned the shed) and hadn't slept well and had struggled through the weekend and the first two days of the week.  Wednesday I made a big breakfast for John, his Welcome Home breakfast.  We lingered long over the table and chatted a long time and then made a nice dinner of Chicken Fried Rice and Gingerbread.  By the time the afternoon had rolled around, I'd cleaned house, washed a load of dishes, and spent half the day in the kitchen and clearing behind myself.  I suddenly felt all gone and walked into the living room to find John had gone to sleep in his chair.  I just walked right on through to the bedroom, lay down, covered myself with a quilt and that was that.  I slept for two full hours!

It was almost 5pm when I woke. I felt refreshed and in less pain than I'd been in a week but I was concerned I'd not sleep that night.  I needn't have worried for I was out like a light at 10:30 and didn't wake all night long.  I do believe there are times we've missed just enough sleep that a longer nap sort of sets us back on the proper route for sleep once more.

Thursday I told John we simply had to go buy groceries.  I went shopping Thursday a week ago at Publix for good sales items and then stopped at the dollar store on Tuesday after doing my banking.  My shopping on Tuesday was for pet food and a few snack foods that are better priced, and took a whole 20 minutes tops and then I headed back home once more.    By Thursday we were low on milk, out of bread and cheese and produce.  So housework that morning then grocery.  While we were in the grocery we ran into a friend of ours.  While we were talking with her we received a call from another friend inviting us to Friday night Shabat supper.

I asked if I might bring anything and was told a dessert and a salad would be appreciated.  I bought extra salad greens and then decided to wait until I was home to determine what dessert I might take.

Thursday evening John had practice and since I go along anyway, I'd volunteered to clean the church, which proved a great deal bigger task than I'd realized. I worked hard for 2 1/2 hours and barely scratched the surface of all that needed doing but it was all I could manage.  We headed home into the most beautiful sunset imaginable but supper was on John's shoulders.  I was bushed.  He made sandwiches and coffee for us while I went out to feed the dogs and cat.

We had briefly discussed going to the fair on Friday but that was pushed aside.  Doing the fair and anything else would be very hard for me and we'd have had to do a lot of extra driving to return home to get our portion of the meal prepared then go back to our friends home.  So Friday I made brief work of housework again and then spent the rest of my day in the kitchen. I made the most beautiful apple pie, from the pastry up!  I've made the filling by this recipe before but this was my first attempt at the pastry, too.  I was well pleased with my effort.

  While I was in the kitchen, I determined what we might have for lunch (since we'd eat a heavier meal for supper)so started frozen soup heating and then  planned ahead for Saturday.  I made a mac and cheese to bake in the oven when we returned home Saturday afternoon.  I made a small casserole from the leftover macaroni to put in the freezer.  I think I had about an hour after cleaning the kitchen to put my feet up and then it was time to get dressed to go out.

Saturday morning we had to leave earlier than usual.  We had an absolutely wonderful service for our Yom Kippur.  Oh the Holy Spirit moved us!  Everyone hung about afterwards talking about how wonderful it had been and then Rabbi announced we'd all meet back at the church to close out the day and share a meal.  I hadn't planned on this...Nor had several others.  Women all looked at one another with a brief panicked look and then we scattered! lol  I came home and baked the mac and cheese, made up a pan of homemade brownies to put in to bake alongside, then stopped at the grocery on my way back to get more salad greens.  I made it back just a little before 5:30pm.  We lingered long over our meal and headed home again into the sunset. It was a lovely lovely day, but I felt completely done in last night when we came in the door.

I didn't sleep well last night and then woke at 4am with a migraine.  I should have gotten up then to take something but I thought surely if I could sleep I'd kick it off.  I slept until 9am and no the headache didn't go away.  I just hurt more when I woke than I had earlier.  Ugh.  I knew my kitchen was a mess, the house in need of at least a pick up (sounds like my theme for housekeeping of late, pick up and go).  I made a quick breakfast, fed the dogs, did the housework and then we were out the door to go tend to Samuel's cats.

The cats greeted me at the door once more, more than a little lonely for their owner and while there are others coming in during the week, none of us stay with them for hours on end as Samuel will do.  I did take my allergy tablet before going in today and good thing, too.  I don't think I could have handled allergy and remnants a headache at the same time...

When we left there we drove to a little grocery that caters to the weekend lake traffic and bought steaks for our dinner today.  This store has especially nice meats and John has always mentioned wanting to go by there sometime just for steaks...Well why not while we were close by anyway?  It was a treat I was happy to offer him the chance of having.

We didn't rush home.  Though just a half hour north of us this area was showing the beginnings of fall color last weekend.  This weekend it was even more colorful.  There were two or three wildflowers blooming I wasn't familiar that I'd love to get a closer look at sometime.  I notice that this time of year we have the royal colors of gold and purple until the leaves begin to change in earnest.  Several trees were covered with falme colored vines.  John and I really savored that ride home.

We'd only just finished eating ( I stacked dishes after rinsing, didn't even bother to load) when Mama came by to visit for a bit.  When she left, I walked her out the door and then watered my little potted garden.  I have peas up! The radishes and beets and lettuces are looking quite nice, though nothing is ready to harvest yet.  I get excited every time I see the growth.

And that has been my 'unplanned' week with John at home...I'm not so sure but what a planned week doesn't give me a bit more rest, lol, but I wouldn't trade a moment of the week.  John and I have had several long conversations and we've shared time with friends and family. 
Oh and those of you subscribed to the feed of this blog, I apologize for the slip the other day in sending a two paragraph article.  It's something I've been working on the past week in what spare moments I've had and somehow I hit the space bar and zip! it published instead.  I promise that eventually the article will be posted.

I can't wait to see what the week ahead holds...I'm going to be daring and let it happen unplanned all over again!

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