Menu Monday

Monday: Deli roasted Buttered Garlic Chicken, Amish Macaroni Salad, Bread and Butter Pickles and Challah

Tuesday:  ??????????

Wednesday:  ????????????????

Thursday:  ??????

Friday:  ???????

Saturday:  ????????

Sunday:  ????????

Yep!  That's as far as I've gotten today...I'm so uninspired by everything at the moment!  It's not cool enough for real autumn foods, so my four pages of 60 possible menus are absolutely useless...And salad is something I am so nearly over, sigh...though I do have lettuce to harvest from one of my pots, which is pretty awesome.  That's it over to the far left there...

On the other hand, when I might ought to have been making out menus for the week ahead today or at the least looked over the online ad for the grocery we'll be visiting in a day or two, I went out to breakfast with my husband, who spoiled me and bought me this:
I've only wanted a sock monkey for the past 45 years.  I am so proud to have him!
He also got me this:
and this:
Spoiled?  Why yes, yes I am! lol

We came home this afternoon and had our dinner then while he was practicing guitar, I made a facebook post and found myself in a hilarious conversation with my girls...We chatted over an hour on FB which was fun...Just so you know I haven't totally wasted the day or anything.  I've been busy, just not making menus.

I've been restless as a cat this weekend...and that has made my husband a bit anxious though I keep assuring him it is NOT him or a lack of anything he might be doing in so far as planning fun things to do.  This restlessness is due in part to the REST I've had, which makes me feel full of energy.  It's also due to the lack of projects, a good read, a current obsession, etc. etc.  I want to try a new hobby like quilting or fashioning beads into jewelry, or painting in acrylics on canvas...note here that those are things I have absolutely nothing to work with in any of these areas and just loads of other materials I might use otherwise which do NOT inspire me in the least...My fault.  I just haven't tried hard enough to be inspired, I am sure.

So what shall I do this week?  About meals and such?  Well, I don't just know.  Obviously I need to spend some time with my file folders full of inspiration for house and home and self,  look through the pile of magazines I've got both new and vintage, change out the book I'm trying to read for another entirely, sit down at the craft table and put a sheet of paper in front of me and try to force inspiration, go through my recipe files, perhaps sit down with paper and pen and dream up lists of lists of things I'd like to do...   

I don't want to lose sight of this time as being a time of rest either.  There will be plenty of time to be busy in another week or so...I have to remind myself that R&R is meant to be Rest and Restoration in our home.  If I get too busy doing the day to day stuff, my husband will also get busy doing day to day stuff and what he needs most of all, more than nourishment is to break away from as much of the day to day as he can.

Well it's been a lovely day, even if I didn't my plans accomplished.  And glad I didn't! 

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