Treasure Hunt

I had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was lovely and cool and sunny.  I took a drive and found some beautiful things along the way...But I'll share those another day.  Today I promised to share my treasures from Goodwill this past week.

 These four fruit plates I thought were pretty.  They have a very subtle border design but each plate features the fruit, the leaf, the cut fruit and the blossom, just like old botanical prints used to display.  There's Peach, Apricot, Apple, and Pear. 
 I know what this plate is but I thought I'd use it for something different.  you see the moment I saw it I realized it had seven separate areas on it and I thought it would be perfect to use as a Seder plate at Passover.

The ramekins were just so sweet.  Someone collects strawberry patterned pieces, but I can't for the life of me think who.  I used to have the dinnerware that matched these ramekins.  They were a special purchase at Piggly Wiggly stores back when Amie was a baby and I collected a full place setting of them.  I think I bought them for the memories as much as that ramekins come in handy when you want just enough cobbler for two and not ten.

The frame is carved wood.  I will most likely end up painting it, but thought it too pretty to pass up.  I always find a use for a frame!

The blue and white striped material in the background of these photos are the curtains I bought.  They were listed as tiers.  Not what they are at all.  They are 60X84 fully line drapes complete with finished edges and weights in the bottom corners.  For $7!  Gracious, but someone must have gotten confused on those.  Remember that used vintage sheet set for $14?

These will do nicely as curtains in the guest room.  The panels are wide enough that I can even consider putting up one at each window in my bedroom and have enough fullness to look nice, too.

I also bought two books, which I forgot to photograph.  Bed & Breakfast  by Lois Battle and The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble.

And of course, I got the khaki table runner that I photographed Friday on my Shabat table.

Now, I'm heading over to Rebecca's blog to see her treasures...


Rhonda said...

I like everything.
Are you going to hang the pretty fruit plates on a wall or eat off of them?

Rebecca said...

My "finds" pale in comparison with yours! Your fruit plates and ramekins are so beautiful. And the book titles sound welcoming. (Which reminds me that I have "Friendship Cake" by Lynne Hinton to read--library book. It looks like it will be a light and pleasant read.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Good deal on those curtains and love the fruit plates!

I hadn't been to my local Goodwill in a while so I stopped by after grocery shopping the other day and as I was walking through the parking lot, a guy was putting an old-fashioned hand rotary cultivator, old bowling pin and what looked like a chicken feeder in his truck. As I got to the door someone came out with several packages of those peat pots you start your seeds in. So I thought, great day at Goodwill!

Didn't find a thing! I think those two people got everything I would have wanted. Isn't that the way it goes :)

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