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Being a Helpmeet

I don't believe when I was first married I thought too much about what being a wife really means.  By the time I'd been through the hurt of a divorce, I found that attending a wedding was a sweet agony.  The marriage vows, as they were read off by the pastors, were especially meaningful and I was aware of my own failings as a wife. After I became a Christian I read the New Testament and the words Paul wrote to wives about being submissive to their husbands.  I took these things to heart. Even so, when I took my vows with John, I still had little idea of the full meaning of what it is to be a wife.

The world view of a wife tends to be that the woman is stepping into a protective covenant, that she is weaker and needs that additional protection.  I was ready to embrace the idea of myself as a 'weaker' sex after being placed in a lead role in my first marriage.  I had no problem with the idea of being submissive to my husband. And yet...I struggled. I'd been an indep…

Randomness - The Thoughts that Wander Through My Mind...

I have allowed my thoughts to have free reign now and then and go where they might.  I'm rather surprised where they wind up at times, lol.  Much like Hansel and Gretel, who wandered away into the forest, I think sometimes I should leave behind me bread crumbs so I can find my way back out once again.

First I was looking over at BH&G site this evening and one whole section is devoted to gray.  I don't like gray...or so I thought.  I do like gray as it turns out...Just certain shades of gray.  For instance, I think doves are the perfect color of gray.  And I do dearly love the idea of a meek Gray and white dress with tiny black buttons a la Jane Eyre. And of course, I love gray and white so much that I painted our sheds gray with white trim (which goes nicely with their red roofs). I happen to love my gray cat (who is referred to as a 'blue' due to the deep hue of gray she is). And  I bought a new shower curtain a few weeks ago which is, of course, gray.  …

Not The Day I Planned

Today is not the day I planned. 

I planned to do the grocery shopping today.

I planned to send my husband off to work well armored for the new day, the last day of a tough week.

I planned to leave early and beat the heat.

I planned to bring home something delicious for dinner.

I planned.  But my plans failed.

All Grown Up

I was reading a blog yesterday about a young woman who had a troublesome day with her two year old.  She linked to another blog with another woman who'd had a troublesome day with her little boy as well.  I was amused and went to the comments section to leave an encouraging word, but many others had been there before me.  Most all of them had small children and they told of their bad days.  I read, and I laughed, and I commiserated.  I am a mom.  I know.

Amie was a good baby, except for her desire to stay up ALL NIGHT LONG.  She did not sleep a full night through until she was  eight years old.  For all that, she truly was a good child, with only two 'bad day' memories for me. There was the first day. She was two at the time.  On that day, she locked me out of the car.  Thankfully on a cool autumn day.  When I finally convinced her to unlock the door it was because she had to go potty.  And so did I.  While I was in the bathroom she snitched my house key and lost it.  For…

Thrifty Thursdays

Deep breath...Can I just say I am TIRED and it is only just after 10am?  I have made breakfast, made the bed, fed the animals, watered the plants, spread 8 bags of mulch, started a pot of strawberry jam cooking, have yogurt incubating and bread rising and have diced nectarines to make muffins and blueberry/nectarine pancakes (the last two for the freezer) and I am weary already.  How I shall manage to do more today I do not know, but I am waiting for energy to pick up so I can continue my plan of attack.  Needless to say, however, mopping floors will most assuredly WAIT.  We've looked at the drips and drops for the past week.  One more day won't hurt.

Now seriously, a lot of what got done today was thrifty thrifty thrifty.  How so?

We don't eat breakfast out except on dates.  I haul myself out of bed at 5:45am on work mornings and make my husband a meal.  It may not be elaborate, but it's good solid food and a nice balance of protein/carb to give him energy. He very k…

Hurrying July and In The Kitchen

I've been struggling with July all month long.  It seems to me that it's past time for this month to end!  And no, it's not been a particularly bad month, but it does seem to be just dragging by us for some reason.  In my mind, you see, we are already in the last week and just days away from August.  August is not a month of which I am particularly fond but somehow it does seem it ought to be here by now.  Maybe, subconsciously, I am wishing for autumn and August is the 'almost there' month...Sounds good as any other theory I might have, lol.

No matter how I might wish to hurry it along the truth it is here for as long as it is here, right?  So I am gathering my thoughts and realizing that it is not Zone 4 work week but Zone 3 work week, which means I shouldn't be planning to spend all day tomorrow in the kitchen, but I want to and so I shall.  Oh I'm just a real rebel, I am!  I expect I'll get plenty done in the bed and bathrooms on Friday to make up …

A Good Day's Work

John warned me last week that the overtime we've enjoyed this year may soon be coming to an end.  With that warning, I knew it was time to look over our budget sheet and adjust my figures to our usual take home pay.  It's been nice having the overtime, no kidding, but I'm happy to say that if we are careful we should be able to manage just fine and be able to continue our current rate of savings.  Of course the variable areas of the budget are the ones we'll have to keep an eye upon: Electricity, gasoline and groceries.  Everything else is 'fixed'. 

One item I didn't remove from the budget is the amount we normally set aside for our car insurance.  We've been paying our car insurance in monthly installments for quite a few years now, but this renewal we were offered a substantial 20% incentive to pay in full.  Savings of $150 a year plus the $36 we've been paying as a surcharge to divide the amount into monthly payments pretty much means we've…

Make Do and Mend Monday

A couple of years ago a friend gave me this plaque.  I'm showing the back here because Terri-like I started the project before I took the before photo...The plaque has a raised heart on the opposite side and the base heart was this shade of red, while the raised heart had a bright green background upon which a rooster pranced, with the word WELCOME above his head.  I liked the piece a lot and hung it on the backdoor.  One day I noticed that the bright green and the rooster, too had turned a sickish sort of blue color.  I removed the plaque from the backdoor at that time.

I kept the piece because it was sturdy and I figured I could do something with it.  Well today was my day to do something.  I used scrapbook paper and a picture cut from an old calendar.  I used paint I had on hand to cover the red paint.  This is what I ended up with:

Currently Reading

I made time to go to the library this month and managed to read three of the books I checked out. D.E. Stevenson's Amberwell and Fletcher's End and Agnes Sligh Turnbull's Whistle and I Will Come.
I haven't read a great deal of Mrs. Turnbull's works but I thoroughly enjoyed The Bishop's Mantle several years ago and I thought I'd read more of her work. I was disappointed in Whistle and I Will Come. It is a mystery of sorts and I was pretty sure I knew whodunit and I was right but I found it disappointing how the conclusion of the mystery was settled. I failed to find the depth of character development I'd found in my previous reading of her work. I also felt the book was wrapped up a little too quickly. It almost seemed as though there were a page limit and the book had to be finished within that limit. Most unsatisfactory. I will have a few more selections by this author to try and I am hopeful they will be less disappointing,

Drawing Nearer

Last night we had our usual Shabat candle lighting and prayer time followed by communion. This is such a sweet time to me and a moment of the week for which I find myself yearning more and more. Typically on Friday evening we watch a ministry program televised on World Harvest Television from World Revival Church. I suppose coming fresh out of the Shabat evening ritual, which I find so very intimate, I was especially open to the music last night and I felt myself near to tears. The sermon was quite good as well and all in all it was a very moving evening.

After we'd said our nightly prayers, I didn't feel quite ready for sleep so I read for a bit. As I got up to tend to my nightly routine prior to shutting out the light, I happened to glance at the photo I keep on my bedside table. It is one of the few photos I have of my husband and myself together. This photo was taken last autumn when we went to the beach.

Ten Things I Learned from the All You Grocery Challenge

Forgive the lack of pictures with these first few posts. I wanted to find something new instead of the same images I've used over and over again.  Give me time and I'll have some newer images.
Thank you to those of you who are coming along for this new journey.  I admit earlier today, just after I'd hit 'publish' and submitted the final PennyAnn post, I was talking to Samuel (aka Alan) and told him I'd just 'killed' Penny Ann.  His initial shocked reaction of "WHY?" made my stomach sink.  Had I made a huge mistake?  Had I really spent enough time making this decision over the past two years?  Yeah.  That's the way my mind works.  Then he said, "Well, I can see why you might feel you need a change after ten years..."  Whew!  Katie was more to the point with her remark.  "It's about time!"  My girl never wastes words or fears sharing her opinion.
In honesty, it was a hard decision to make to walk away from a fairly p…

Goodbye and Hello

Say goodbye to Penny Ann. Say hello to me.
Still a bona fide homemaker, writer, country girl, wife, mother, grandmother, member of the Bon Bon Club... but not Penny Ann.

Lest you think this change is sudden, believe me it's not.  I've been struggling against the constraints of being a one dimensional character for about two years now but I just couldn't bring myself to 'kill' Penny Ann.  She has been a fun sort of character to be and a safe place to hide from the realities of a not so perfect life.  Penny Ann was good at coping and covering.  Me....I stumble and fumble through and seem to come out on top at the end.  I find more than ever I need to be authentic.  So, hello.

I'll start by introducing my real life counterparts.  There's my husband, John.  Myself (Terri).  Maddie, Misu and Trudy.  That's who lives here at the blue house on the hill.  We do have children, but they are indeed grown and flown to various parts of the country, with grandchil…