Menu Monday? Yes, but....

So I really ought to be planning menus but I haven't done so just yet.  I haven't even taken stock of the freezer and pantry shelves all that well, just sort of have muddled my way about this morning.    Truth is, I took a melatonin pill last night in an effort to sleep better.  Result: I woke up as much as ever, drifted back to sleep more easily, but can't shake the groggy, tired feeling I woke with.  Even coffee didn't dint that feeling.

I'll try to pull from memory here what we have on hand and what might make up a meal.  And while I'm at it, I'll do that lovely thing we women do so well, two things at once, because as I think of our foods, I realize that there are two or three things that need to go on my shopping list.  I just used the last of the corn, there are no frozen peas, nor beans either...

I haven't been in the grocery store at all in the past two weeks.  I know, I'm in a state of shock over that fact myself! It's a great start to the first Pantry Freezer Challenge of 2012.

Monday:  Tostadas, Yellow Rice, whole kernel corn
I made an easy spoonburger (catsup, onion, hamburger cooked together) for supper Saturday evening.  Looking at all that meat in the pan, I realized we didn't need nearly so much of the meat as I'd browned, so I set half of it aside.  This morning I seasoned that ground beef with cumin,tomato paste and oregano for taco meat.  I fried corn tortillas, stacked them with taco meant, lettuce, tomato, grated cheese.  Chance thought it a great meal.  I was just happy I came up with something filling and suitable!

Tuesday:  Stuffed Peppers, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans(canned), Applesauce and Grahams
I made extra peppers a month or so ago and froze them.  Today I'll thaw and reheat.  I'm a bit more anxious to use cooked foods I have in the freezer just now, trying to free up space so I can make new entrees to put in their place.

Wednesday:  lunch out with Mama

Thursday:  Whole Roasted Chicken and dressing, Carrot Raisin Salad,  Green peas(canned)
I bought a whole chicken the last time I shopped (before Christmas) because they were such a great buy at the time.  I have leftover muffins and cornbread that I've stashed in the freezer.  I will use the crockpot to make the dressing and chicken.  There will be leftovers which will allow me to put an entree in the freezer for a future meal, and enough chicken left on the carcass to make chicken salad for sandwiches.  And of course, the carcass itself will go into the freezer, to be saved to used for broth later.

Friday:  Macaroni and Cheese, Steamed Broccoli (frozen), Fruit Salad 
Meatless meal for today.  Another one of those meals where the main dish will be divided and a portion frozen for a future meal.  The fruit salad will be a mix of canned and fresh. I  have an apple and some tangelos there's canned pineapple and peaches, too.  The dressing for this salad is usually a sour cream base with a little orange juice and brown sugar for added richness.  Mini marshmallows can be added, too, and I usually will serve that dish as dessert.

Saturday:  Cream of Asparagus soup, Chicken Salad Sandwich
Over the summer I saved the ends of the asparagus we ate and tossed them into a bag in the freezer.  I hate throwing away ends of things I've paid for, lol. I intend to cook with homemade chicken broth and then strain and cream.  We'll see how this experiment of mine works out.

Sunday:  Black Beans and Rice, Red Cabbage Salad, Cream Cheese Brownies
I've been thinking about how good the red beans and rice was a few weeks ago, and you know I like the black beans and yellow rice almost as well.  If I go to the store, I'll buy fresh tomatoes and make pico de gallo to go on top or maybe a lime (they are on sale at the local store) and squeeze that piquant flavor over the beans.  With a meal like this one, a cheesecake will not be too heavy if you'd rather make that instead of the brownies.  I'll keep that in mind.  I haven't made a cheesecake in forever...

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