Thrifty Thursday

Looking over the local grocery sheet while preparing the grocery list....

Friday:  Still under the weather and having a hard time fighting the cold with natural methods, I went to the store and bought an over the counter remedy.  I recalled a product that my former doctor once prescribed, now an OTC ingredient in cold/cough medications.  Two doses later and I was finally getting some relief. 

Took advantage of a light rain shower to water some of the houseplants.  The temperatures were so mild outdoors that there was no danger of them being harmed by cool air.

I just plain felt worn out with this cold and even though I have plenty of food here, I wasn't up to preparation ad clean-up.  Subway was the answer today.  $10 bought a pizza and a foot long Submarine sandwich.  Two meals for me, and two meals for John's lunch from that, averaging $2.50 per serving.  Not a bad price for take-out and well worth the added rest it allowed me today.

I picked up more pet food at the dollar store today.  I noticed the bags keep shrinking.  From 16 pounds to 14 and now 12 pounds of food.  They did lower the price by $.75 as well.  So I decided it was time to recalculate and see if I was truly getting the best price.  The grocery sells a larger bag (16 pounds last time I looked) for about $3 more.  I'll double check my figures next week while shopping but it appears the dollar store bag is still the very best buy.

After my second dose of medicine, I found my appetite had come back full force.  I wanted something sweet.  Thank goodness for that pound cake Mama gave us at Christmas. We had such a lot of sweets about the house that I froze the cake.  I sliced it, drizzled a spoonful of lime curd over it, heated in the microwave for 15 seconds...YUM!  

The last of my new vintage magazines arrived today.  I ordered 3 new magazines and spent about $15 for all three (including shipping costs).  Monthly magazines get tossed in the trash but these vintage magazines stick around for years.  I'll get my money's worth and then some from these.

The dogs are just not eating as they had been.  I think it's the warmer winter we've had and the thick winter coats they are wearing that has put them calorie needs lower.  I have begun feeding them 1/2 cup less food at each meal.  Now they eat every bite.

I cannot say this downtime with the cold has been wasted.  I've found more sources of inspiration on TV, in magazines, in blogs and they in turn feed my own creative side and so random thoughts have popped up about new projects I'd like to attempt, new recipes to try, etc.  I'm keeping track of these ideas on an Inspiration sheet I keep near my chair, jotting down these ideas, sketching out, and noting blog entry dates and projects to refer back to.

Saturday:  More rain in forecast...And so why not gather all the plants and put them in the rain for a good healthy dose of fresh water?  You might think water is water is water, but I've noticed that even though we have wonderful fresh water in our well (has to do with a huge natural aquifer underlying the land here)  plants respond best to natural rain water, even that caught in buckets and allowed to sit for days.  I don't know why this is so.  Perhaps as the rainwater filters through the ground into the water tables below certain minerals are increased or decreased?  I'm not that scientific, but I've seen that rain water truly is most beneficial.  And since our porch and deck get soaking wet in any rain storm, why not use it to my advantage?

Dinner today: frozen leftovers that I thawed and reheated. 

Sunday:   Today I am 'at home' yet again.  I haven't been anywhere really in almost a week's time, except for the drugstore and dollar store.  That means that I've saved money and gasoline.  Didn't even go out to buy a paper today.

I've had an idea rolling around in my head for weeks now.  Today, I pulled several sheets of scrap paper and tried out a design for a quilt block in paper first.  I think I have a far better idea how this might work now and so I know what fabrics to look for.  So much less expensive than trying to work out an idea in fabric and then scrapping plans altogether.

Nothing on TV to watch so I just cut it off.  In fact, I went about the house turning off all sorts of things. Then I threw open the windows and opened the shades wide.  Natural light and air cost nothing and are so beneficial for home and health.

Stretched 1/2 pound ground beef with a bit of shredded carrots and onions, added in the last of the bottle of steak  sauce, some saltines.  I ended up with four tasty burgers, enough for two meals (two lunches for John, two main entree servings for me). 

Washed a full load of clothes and carefully timed drying time.

Monday:  Another rainy day here...Took advantage of the slightly cooler air to go work in my shed.  Glad I did, too. I'd vowed to start eating at the dining table for my meals alone and wished I had a pretty coffee pot to bring coffee to table.  Well I did have one, right out there in the shed!  Brought it indoors.  Also found a lamp we've had for a number of years.  I will buy paint (shiny chrome?  Antiqued bronze?) and change the color of the lamp.  I'll keep my eye out for a new shade as well (Goodwill/Thrift).  It will be a wonderful bonus to the craft room which needs more light.  Shopped at home, didn't I?

Sat down to determine what grocery needs were, what items we needed to put into pantry and freezer.  Pulled coupons.

Wanted to wash bath towels.  Went about house to see what other items I could throw in with the towels so there would be a full load.

I was planning to buy a calendar but found two we'd received earlier in the autumn that I'd put aside.  I was so happy to find them.

Tuesday:  Shopped with Mama today, since she's been unable to get out on her own.  Just a one stop shopping and that suited my budget and needs just fine.  I figured my spending when I got home and I am pretty close to the amount I'd budgeted for the month, all foods except produce and dairy were slated to fill in pantry or freezer items that were low when I began this month.  At present all meals have been prepared from foods on hand as of December 26.  Looks like I'll go another two weeks on the Pantry Freezer Challenge. 

Noted that John has asked for donuts every two weeks as a treat.  I think I'll be dusting off my donut recipe and start making them at home. I know I can do so at less cost to us.

Weather so nice, I opened all the windows when I got home. 

There's a magazine I especially like that is published only a few times a year.  Typically these run about $10 each.  When I received a special offer to get the magazines for $20, I jumped on it and ordered it right away.  I will save about $50 this year over what I was paying out of pocket.

Wednesday:  Washed a full load of clothes.

Hung to dry on the line in that fresh breeze and sunshine.

Opened windows in the early morning hours.

Made a Hamburger Helper type dish from scratch using what we had on hand.  Yummy!

Thursday:    Combined errands while we were out.

Bought new tags for the cars.  Used money we'd already set aside. 

Declined the offer of a 'home equity line' from the bank.  Declined another service (with annual fees) that was offered as well.

Went out to eat, and brought home leftovers.  Got a second meal from that for the two of us for our supper.

Ran a full load of dishes in the dishwasher.

Being home has paid off well.  I have 3/4 tank of gasoline, last fill up was over two weeks ago.


Grandma D said...

Have you heard of Pintrest? It's a neat way to keep all those ideas that you find all in one place. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and it is also good to not hear you talking about tornadoes. We have heard on our news about so many of them hitting the South. Crazy weather here in Western NY with a lot of rain, instead of snow. Grandma D.

Grandma D said...

That should be pinterest.

Deanna said...

I'll second the Pinterest suggestion. I've begun "pinning" recipes, decorating and craft ideas I run across online. I have one board which I've titled "Try This" especially for recipes.

Would you share your donut recipe after you "dust it off", please? I'm sure my guys would love a treat like that now and then.

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