Menu Monday

I've been busy all day long.  Not a bit of it shows.  The floors still need to be done and the bathroom could use a nice tidying and the seeds I meant to plant are still in the packets.  I haven't yet made out the grocery list nor moved the items from the fridge that must be 'harvested' today, and we won't even discuss that wonderful little post that just would. not. be. posted.  No matter how often I hit publish/save, copied and pasted to my email or to Microsoft word.  It was adamant that it should not be posted and I am deeply sorry over that as I thought it was lovely and well thought out, sigh.  But I digress.  I am not late on Menu Monday because I am so behind on absolutely everything despite working steadily all day long that I refuse to admit one more failure.  It's been such a Monday, sigh.

Monday:  Crockpot Lasagna, Salad, Pita bread
I got the crockpot started in plenty of time for lunch.   And then walked away from it and began doing other little tasks.  I thought I'd put the thing on LOW, but no it was on HIGH and that meant that not only did the lasagna cook quickly it stuck and burned a bit around the edges.  Yikes.  And I didn't eat until 2pm and by that time was so hungry I skipped the bread and the salad and just had lasagna in a bowl.  Period.  But you do better than me, please.

Tuesday:  Submarine Sandwich, Chips
Late lunch tomorrow too, and I'll call it early supper and just pick up takeout.

Wednesday:  Lasagna, Salad, Pita bread
Yes, really.  I made this meal today so it would be made ahead for Wednesday.  John always likes lasagna best when it's a couple of days old and all the flavors have had time to mellow and meld and marry and all that good stuff.  And I will truly serve it with salad and bread that day. I'm much better about good nutrition when I am feeding two.  And we won't eat at 2pm either...

Thursday:  Kielbasa, Cabbage, and Potatoes with Onions, Homemade Applesauce
There is nothing quite so homey as a pan of potatoes browned with onions and steamed until tender.  Daddy used to make these, I brought them into my first marriage and we ate them all week long one week when we camped out.  I can't tell you the number of people who 'got friendly' when those potatoes and onions began to cook...And then I brought them into this marriage and they are just as well liked.
I'll use some apples that just aren't thrilling us for eating out of hand to make the applesauce.  Fingers crossed that the flavor improves with cooking.

Friday:  Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole, Asparagus, Green Salad with Strawberries and Almonds
One of my favorite casseroles is easy to make ahead and economical enough, too.  Fresh asparagus and strawberries are available to us now courtesy Florida and I'm taking advantage of these seasonal items to round out my meal.

Saturday:  Chili Dogs, Slaw, Chips
I'll have this meal ready to heat and eat when we walk in the door Saturday after synagogue. I actually prefer canned chili on my hot dogs but if I've got the time during the week I'll prepare some homemade minus the beans to use.

Sunday:  Cream of Asparagus Soup, Chicken Salad, Croissants, Strawberries and Cream
I've saved the end pieces of asparagus the past two weeks and will simmer in chicken stock then puree and strain to make my own soup.  Steamed chicken breasts saved from the batch cooked to make the casserole earlier in the week for chicken salad.  If I have time I'll make up some of Dawn's lovely crescent rolls that freeze uncooked and then thaw and rise and bake later.  


Rhonda said...

my children like lasagna, Maybe I will try it in the slowcooker soon.

Deanna said...

I've always fed the end pieces of asparagus to the chickens or tossed them in the compost but when I cooked asparagus last Friday I put them in the freezer to make soup out of. I'm trying to make use of everything possible.

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