Menu Monday

Menu Monday:

Did you ever have one of those days where you have a plan, you step into the kitchen and for no reason you can name, everything changes?  It wasn't an unexpected outage of an item.  It wasn't that I thought "Oh I really don't want that..."  I had my menus all planned out and now they are all different.  Go figure.

30 Minute Chili, Yellow Rice, Crackers, Applesauce
Chili was not on the meal plan anywhere.  I meant to make something else entirely, then looked at that good ground beef we'd bought Saturday afternoon and thought of hamburgers...with baked beans and potato salad.  Here's where I was thrown by an ingredient.  The beans under the counter were pinto beans seasoned with chili powder and jalapenos.  And they were a bit spicy.  It was cool, misty rain outdoors, we'd been chilled to the bone while feeding the dogs and John was outdoors working on the truck.  Chili seemed a good remedy to an unexpected seasoning and I knew I could use 1/3 pound of burger meat and still squeeze out two burgers for supper tonight.  Leftover yellow rice and crackers rounded out the easy menu.
Made applesauce from some apples that seemed tasteless (made a nice flavored sauce though).

Take-along Lunch
Mama's having surgery on her hip this day and we'll definitely be there through lunch and right up till dark for sure.  I'm carrying along some of the applesauce from today, a couple of sandwiches, a bit of chocolate, crackers with peanut butter.  Easy things to carry along that won't spoil.

Grilled Pimento and Cheese Sandwiches, Vegetable Soup
That should actually be a toasted pimento and cheese sandwich.  Shades of childhood here with this meal and easy to make after I come in from the hospital.

Pot Roast with Vegetables, Salad, Rolls
Crock pot meal, another easy after hospital meal to have on hand.  I just have to be doubly certain to cook on LOW heat.

Fish Fillets, Slaw, Fries
Frozen fries and breaded fillets.  Heat and eat meal.

Shepherd's Pie, Peach Salad, Rolls
Leftover roast beef and vegetables will be used in this dish.

Leftovers Day

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