Thrifty Thursday

 Rosemary planted at the back door step.  I bought this herb several years ago, planted it and have had all I could want and plenty to share ever since.  The bush was six inches when I bought it.  It now stands about 2 1/2 feet tall.

Friday: Anticipating the kids coming in at any time Friday I prepared a roasted chicken, perfect for eating hot or cold.  As it turned out it was served both ways.  Hot for us and cold for them.

We ate leftover soup for one meal.

While I was preparing food, it seemed a good time to start dinner for Oneg as well.

Watered plants with water I saved.

Washed baggies and turned dry baggies right side out.  I put these back in the box with the new ones so I'll be sure to grab them to use first.

Hung a load of clothes to dry on the line, since the day was sunny and warm.  Not sure what happened to all that rain in the forecast.

No need for lights on in house with all the sunshine either. 

When Katie first spoke of moving and having to store her furniture we thought we'd pay for the storage for her.  That runs about $50/month these days...More thought and we realized we could buy a building for her for about the same price...And then reason set in.  My shed is hardly full.  Giving half of it to Katie saved LOTS of money.  It took me about an hour and half to move all my things to one side, allowing her 2/3 of the building for her storage.

Katie had a dresser she no longer wanted.  She offered it to me.  I've been wanting a sideboard/storage piece to use in the dining area.  The dresser is big enough to give me the bulkiness needed in that end of the room, has six drawers for storage.  Is it exactly what I wanted?  Nope, but it cost me nothing and looks nice, so I'll take it until I do find what I want at the price I wish to pay.

Saturday:  I had one serving of foods left after Oneg service.  Put away in a container for my lunch when John is working.

More leftovers for supper

Washed a full load of dishes.

Sunday:  Washed a full load of clothes.

Housework done, I'd meant to go off and have fun today but what did I want to do?  What I really wanted was fresh flowers for the house and a Sunday paper.  I went out and took off trash, picked up a prescription, went by the bank for cash, got gasoline, my paper and then stopped at grocery....No flowers....pooh.  Still I combined a lot of errands to save a bit more gasoline.

Did NOT go into drugstore at all, which is always a temptation to impulse buy (especially cosmetics).  I used the drive thru window.

Didn't buy anything in the grocery.  No flowers no need to be there, so I left empty handed.

John worked extras shift.

I ate the single serving of leftovers from yesterday's meal.

Today's harvest: five mature pods of peas.  Not enough for a serving but oh so sweet and crisp to eat from the pod!

Monday:  John wanted to go out to eat today.  We also ran by Lowe's to pick up a few household needs.  Minor repairs needed at home.  We had a mental list and did very well sticking to it.

New lunchbox not on the list, but was on the 'needed' list at home.  We found one with a good price, size that John likes, multiple pockets unlike his old broken lunchbox. 

When John stopped at electronics store for the second list of items, I stayed in the car.  I had brought along my book and found it pleasant to sit with the car windows down, reading.

John forgot I mentioned wanting flowers and bread...I didn't mention it at all when he turned to head home.  I loathe turning back to do something forgotten and knew I'd be out with Mama tomorrow anyway.

John remembered flowers half way home and suggested we go over to the florist shop.  I declined.  I can get more flowers less expensively at the grocery.

As we drove by the monthly yard sale we slowed down.  So glad we did.  I noticed two antique hope chests in the driveway and begged John to go back.  He said he'd go back but preferred to come home first and get the truck.  The truck hasn't been driven in about two weeks and he wanted to keep the battery charged, which the trip into town would help with.  As well, should I actually purchase a piece we'd have the truck and save a delivery charge. 

Yes, I bought a chest.  It's solid wood, cedar lined and sturdy as can be.   

It's my habit when I grocery shop to buy two each of salty and sweet snack items (usually candy or ice cream).  I put one where it can be seen and used right away and put one away out of sight for later in the pay period.  Happily pulled out a carton of ice cream and a bag of pretzels from hiding tonight, just as we ran out of candy and chips.

One of our home projects involved putting a hole in the wall between the craft room and closet so that we could run the small freezer plug through to the outlet on the craft room side.  John did a very neat job of it.  The outlet plates used cost us a whole $1.27 for the two and makes the job look very neat and nice.  Double bonus on that task!

Sorted coupons and tossed expired ones while John worked in the craft room.

Tuesday:   Have book will travel.  Took along my book, magazine and a puzzle book to occupy me while waiting for Mama to complete her pre-op work up.  Glad I did as it took nearly 3 hours.

Told Mama since we were together anyway, we'd call it out usual day out.  I took her to lunch, then by the grocery for dairy products for the week. 

Bought my flowers, three big bunches for $12.  They are lovely and fresh and well worth the three day wait to get them.

Meant to buy a special entree for our dinner of deli chicken but gracious!  All chicken was priced very high.  Decided we had enough of our own roasted chicken left over to use as a meal (I'd meant to make chicken salad of it) and opted instead for a treat of macaroni salad for John.

Came home to find John had washed a full load of towels and hung on line to dry.

Wednesday:  Cooked extra rice today while making dinner.  Planning to make rice pudding with the leftovers.

Opened windows in afternoon to air out house.  Turned off all the lights in the morning while the sun has been shining.

Clipped coupons.

Washed a full load of dishes.

Colored my hair using just half a box of coloring.

Thawed leftover meatballs from last month and made a homemade BBq sauce to go over them.

I've cut back drastically on sodas since the first of the year.  I drank two last month.  I've been making iced tea most days instead.  Finally realized I could make it a glass or two at a time since I only like it when it's fresh.

Moved all the candle holders, candles, napkins, place mats and tablecloths into the dining room 'sideboard' aka dresser.  Now I've several drawers free in the old armoire to store that fragile china and glassware I'm wary of dumping when we open the doors.

Divided flowers bought yesterday into three bouquets. 

Thursday:  Lovely day, opened windows and shut off lights.

Washed a sinkful of baggies.

No fancy cereal in our house, just plain cereal.  I used chopped dates and walnuts to make it 'fancy' at a mere smidgen of the cost of the pricey fancy stuff.

Another day spent at home means another day avoiding the temptations of impulse shopping, using unnecessary gasoline.

Mixed 1/2 pound ground beef with 1/2 cup of bread crumbs (homemade) and 1 egg to 'stretch' to three generous sized burgers.  One for me for dinner, two for John's lunch tomorrow.

Found in a vintage magazine an article that makes care of African violets super easy.  I shall be following suggestions from here on with my violets.  Sunlight from a window this time of year, water twice a week from bottom (set in a pan of water) for just a few minutes.  That's it.  In summer move to windows with lower light.  Clip  stemmed leaves in spring and bury in rich soil almost right up to leaf itself.  No special feeding or pots necessary.  Love that.

Used two bananas and sour cream and leftover flavoring to make a delicious muffin.  Shall share recipe soon here and on recipe blog.

Saved two big cardboard boxes for my garden areas lasagna garden beds.

Refilled the freshly washed water bottles.  John will buy a bottle each day at work.  Packing one that is filled with our own good well water is much better.

Filed and organized the coupons clipped yesterday.

Started my February inspiration notes with good ideas culled from a vintage magazine or two.

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