The Modern Home Economist: Cooking Lessons: Steak

 This past week after our visit to the meat market I cooked a steak.  Until I met John I'd never heard of the method of pan-frying a steak.  We'd only ever had it broiled or grilled in my childhood and that's what I did after I married as well.  John showed me how to pan fry a steak and I was pleased as could be because I loathe cleaning up the broiler pan.

I bought a Rib Eye as a special treat for us.  We've eaten mostly sirloins over the past year or so.  The Rib Eye was large enough for three servings.  If you're accustomed to purchasing the thin grocery store steaks you might not realize what a good buy a good large steak is.

I came across these illustrations in one of the vintage magazines.  You'll note that ONE steak is used  (the thickness given in the description below each photograph) in several instances and that the steak is meant to serve more than one person.

Following the photographs there is a basic instructional chart for cooking temperatures, types of steaks and thicknesses.

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