Weekly Meal Plan - Slow Cooking Days

It's cooler once more after a few days of humid too warm weather.  Here's hoping the cooler weather lasts because my cooking this coming week is meant to slow the cooking pace and take a bit of time to simmer, bake.  I like these cool days of cooking, I do truly.  We've planned to finally get the yard work tended to, last of the season for sure, as grass has not grown at all in the last two weeks.

My little garden is looking lovely.  The washtub of lettuce needs to be picked over, the spinach leaves are vibrant greed, the beets are tall and lovely with their red stems, the peas clambering, the cilantro is growing too.  Cilantro does not like the heated days.  It prefers the cool nights and shifting sun of autumn.

We've planned a day out one day this week. Not sure yet which day that will be, but I've got a picnic plan in mind, a couple of new recipes to try, projects galore to attend to, a new section of genealogy research that is puzzling, a good book started...I don't know if I can fit it all in but I'm going to try!

Roast Cornish Game Hens, Rice Pilaf with Cherries and Pecans, Steamed Broccoli, Fresh Pear Salad with Gorgonzola Cheese
This sounds a more complicated meal than it actually is.  It's more prep work than anything.  I found Gorgonzola this week at Aldi.  I know to grab these more 'unusual' items when I see them and not wait.  The pears are lovely, at that perfect stage of ripeness, firm but juicy, tender but not mealy.  We had one last night as a late night snack and oh gracious the natural sweetness was lovely.  Fair warning to use them while they are at this perfect stage!

Stuffed Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, Beets, Waldorf Salad
Found this recipe last night on a blog.  It sounded so good, with unusual seasonings like cinnamon in the seasoning.  I won't be doing the whole cabbage head, that's far too much for John and I.  I've a cup of plain cooked rice to use in my beef stuffing and will do just a few leaves worth.  If I have remaining meat stuffing I'll pop it into the bell pepper halves I froze a couple of weeks ago.
*note: I didn't do the whole head of cabbage but did make a half recipe.  This was quite good and I will definitely use this recipe in the future!

Slaw Dogs, Baked Beans, Apples with Caramel Sauce
I'll make my own buns for the hot dogs.  I've learned that a homemade bun makes 1 hot dog seem more than enough to eat.  And homemade bread is so good!  I'm making my own caramel sauce as well.  I've not done that in years but I'm going to attempt it once more.

Chicken Tamale Pie, Green Salad, Chocolate Mocha Pudding
Found this recipe in my old favorite cookbook.  It's one of those I've never 'seen' before.  It sounds good, unusual, almost a picadillo made with chicken.  I'm 'cheating' a little and using some leftover Mexican cornbread as my topping.  I think if the chicken filling is cooked and reduced slightly, then put into a hot oven and covered well the cornbread will reheat well.  The moisture of the filling should keep it from drying out.

Beef Stew with Vegetables, Corn Muffins, Pears with Chocolate Sauce
I've been longing for a good slow cooked pot roast or stew.  I'll do one or the other, not sure which yet.

Vegetable Beef Soup, Corn Bread, Spice Cake
If I do the pot roast, we'll have vegetable beef soup, if stew, then I'll likely just do vegetable soup.  I love Spice Cake.  I've got several I enjoy and I'm not sure which I'll make just yet.  Marble Spice, Meringue Topped, Butter Cream Iced? Hmmm?

Roast Chicken Sandwiches, Apples with Caramel Sauce, Toasted Nuts, Cake Slices
This is meant to be a picnic meal if we do get a chance to slip away for a day...and if not, it will make a good dinner at home.


Anonymous said...

Do you add these new recipes at times to your old recipe blog? You come up with so many new ones or changes to old ideas and I wonder what they consist of. I imagine many of us do!! :-) I can't tell you how you have helped me reimagine some of the ingredients I have leftover or to create new meals for us. I thank you. Your blog is certainly a go to of me. Sarah

Louise said...

there is nothing better than having extra stuffed cabbage rolls in the freezer just waiting to be heated up... Just have to tell you that I check daily to see if you have updated your blog and was so happy to see you here today.. Love you!!

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