Weekly Meal Plan - Change of Plan

Here I am, late to be sure. And why?  Because after sitting down this morning and working out my menu for this week, I realized that I don't want a single thing on it.   It's boring.  It's just a repeat of what I've been making and I'm tired of it.  So I start again, from scratch.  I do have a few leftovers from today's meal to plan into the rest of the week's menu.

I've been working doubly hard on food waste over the last few months.  Here of late, I've slipped up a little more each week.  I can't afford to throw away food.  That's why I try to work so especially hard to remake leftovers into new meals.  Food tossed is money lost.  Here lately, my fridge has been so full I can't find all the foodstuffs in it.  I will be cleaning out the fridge this week, wiping down surfaces and such.  Here's hoping the losses are minimal!

Every now and then John mentions a meal he'd like to have.  If we go a few weeks without him mentioning a meal, I'll ask.  This week I asked and his reply  was today's menu.  I purposely cooked more than we needed because I honestly was hopeful some of my kids might show up.  Well they didn't.  So I've got leftovers to deal with.

Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Milk Gravy, Black Eyed Peas
I have leftover chicken, potatoes and gravy.  I meant to make a salad to go with this meal but while it was cooking I was cleaning the kitchen counters and cabinets.  I was too tired to manage the salad.

Brunswick Stew, Saltines, Peach Salad
This meal will use up some of the leftover chicken.

Broiled Steak, Mashed Potatoes au Gratin, Green Salad
I haven't made steak since our visit to the meat market last month.  I try to have it once a month since I know that John looks forward to a steak dinner.  I will use the leftover potatoes to make the side dish, making a 2-serving portion for us.

Creamed Chicken Over Biscuits, Steamed Broccoli, Fresh Spinach and Pear Salad
I'll use the last of the chicken and the gravy to make this entree.

Red Beans and Rice, Coleslaw, Pumpkin Corn Muffins, Baked Apples
This is one low meat meal I enjoy making.  I use a little smoked beef or summer sausage to season the beans but no more than is needed for seasoning.  I cook a little celery, green bell pepper and onion together, add in the meat (about 1-2 ounces) and then beans.  A pinch of hot pepper flakes adds a little spicy bite that is just right.  This is such a flavorful meal that we don't even miss the meat at all.

Fish and Chips, Homemade Tartar Sauce, Hush Puppies, Orange Wedges
I'll set aside a little of the corn muffin batter before adding the pumpkin for today's hush puppies.  John wants fish sandwiches, but I want fish and chips.  He'll have his sandwich  no doubt, I even bought sliced cheese for him to build his sandwich.

Meat Loaf, Green Beans with potatoes, Squash Casserole, Rolls
I will make a small meatloaf from 1 pound of beef.   John likes meat loaf sandwiches from the leftovers.  I found squash while digging in the freezer today so I want to use it.

Now then... I like the sounds of those meals a lot better!  And you know, in the end, I only changed two of the meals I'd planned this morning.  All the rest were from my original plan.


Karla Neese said...

I have been following your lead and taking inspiration from your goal of reducing food waste. We are so busy that I have tended to waste so much food this past year. I am working hard to reverse that trend!

It means less buying at the grocery store and less cooking in the kitchen. The other thing I'm getting better at is if I know the ground beef and chicken don't need special treatment for whatever recipe they will be used in, I go ahead and cook it within 24 hours of bringing it home so that I don't forget about it in the crowded fridge and lose that precious meat. That seems to be helping me lately.

Thanks for the continued inspiration and ideas!

a8383 said...

Terri, Have you shared your peach salad recipe? Would love to have it! I empty/ wipe out and write down what is in my frig every Mon and Thurs. This helps so much for me to not waste anything if it is written down. Oh and I have been meaning to let you know how glad I am that things are better with Katie. Also have you read The Rim of the Prairie by Bess Streeter Aldrich? I think you would enjoy it. Thanks, Angela

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