Weekly Meal Plan - Thankful!

Well here it is Thanksgiving Week!  Have you been as busy as I've been?  I didn't get nearly as much accomplished last week as I'd have liked, since I missed my Monday Kitchen day.  I mean to remedy that this week and do a little extra in the kitchen on Sunday and Monday both.  Then come Thursday all I shall do is routine meal prep.  We've already got our traditional canned danish and cinnamon rolls in the fridge.  I just need to make sausage balls (note to self: thaw the turkey sausage).

We'll have a very small gathering of two at our table, but no regrets on my part.  As I shared in the thrift store on Friday with the chatty owner, holidays only come around a few times each year.  I'm not going to spoil anyone's by demanding they show up at my home EVER.  I'd LOVE to have them here, but when there are two of you and multiple family gatherings to go to it gets to be a struggle.  I daresay I've only had about two Thanksgiving or Christmas that weren't a pain in the rear for all the grief given me to come here and go there and why can't you be where I want you!  Nope, I hope every one of my children enjoys there holiday meal wherever they are having it and know full well that I love them regardless of where they eat their turkey.

Mama told me plainly that she wasn't having dinner at her house this year...so I invited her here.  We bought turkey, bought fixin's for the meal and last Wednesday she said she'd just bought all she needed to make her Thanksgiving meal.  Seems she changed her mind and was having a big to do at her house.  I told her quietly I was going to go on with my plans.  John will still be tired from work, Mama refuses to have turkey because she doesn't care for it (mind you it never stopped her having seconds and asking for leftover to take home, lol) and John doesn't want to NOT eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.  For once, Mama didn't argue with me.

Gracious, I need to get busy planning meals, otherwise I'll never get all I want done and I'll have to stop and think out a meal...

Pigs in Blankets, Oven Fries, Broccoli Apple Salad
Pulled from last week's menu.  I'd meant to have this meal today but John worked an extra shift. It seemed silly to open a packet of hot dogs for one. * I wrote this out Friday night...and today we skipped the fries.  It just seemed too heavy a meal.  As it was, we had just enough and room left for a scoop of ice cream.

Chicken and Rice Soup, Mixed Greens Salad, Mini Apple Pie
I have a bunch of chicken carcasses in the freezer and I thought I'd just free up the space and boil them.  I' can use some of the broth in my stuffing on Thanksgiving.  I plan to make apple pie for the freezer but thought I'd set aside a little of the dough and filling and make a small pie for today, just big enough for two servings.

Leftovers Day
I'll be out doing the grocery shopping.  We'll no doubt have leftovers enough John and I can choose what we want for dinner.  And with leftovers, he can go ahead and eat while I'm out and I can eat whenever I get in.

Deep Dish Sausage Pizza, Green Salad, Oranges
I found a recipe on the Kraft foods website I thought I'd make up my own way.  I'll make my own pizza dough from scratch and use up some Italian turkey sausage that is in the freezer.

Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Gravy, Brussels Sprouts, Maple Glazed Acorn Squash, Cranberry Relish, Pumpkin Pie
I feel full just looking at that menu. I'll have leftovers to deal with no doubt but most are useable in some way...and I'll be able to make up a couple of freezer entrees for future.

Hamburger Steaks, Cheesy Potato Pancakes, Green Salad
I don't want to strain the week by having another poultry meal...This will use up any leftover potatoes.

Turkey Sandwiches, Chips, leftover Pie
Perfect meal for Shabat.  We'll skip eating out.  I think we might add hot cocoa if it's still cold.


Anonymous said...

Love your "visiting". I have my cup of coffee in front of me to enjoy while we "chat". Pam

Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am thankful for you and your blog.

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