Weekly Meal Plan

I've been mulling over meal possibilities for tomorrow for the past twenty-four hours, ever since Sam texted to say he and Bess would be down to visit.  John kept asking me this afternoon if I meant to make 'a big meal' and the answer I kept giving him was "I mean to make dinner."  Not Thanksgiving or Occasion sized dinner, but a routine every day dinner.  I just want something tasty, good and that makes plenty.  I have three choices at present but I think I've made up my mind.

I usually try to do these meal plans on Saturday evenings so that I can get out whatever might need to thaw for Sunday and let it thaw overnight...and so I can plan baking as well because Sunday is my baking day per the new schedule.  Well again, the new schedule slides a bit, lol.  I won't be baking tomorrow, I'll be visiting.  I think I can give the kitchen a decent cleaning prior to company's arrival and dinner can simmer on the stove while I clean.   Everything else can wait.  Gracious, I've never yet had any housework get up and leave simply because I hadn't tackled it!

We're supposed to get some COLD weather next week with an Arctic front pushing in lots of cold damp air.  The hot flashing side of me is looking forward to it, the non-hot-flash moments of me aren't.  Fortunately we've plenty of gas and electricity to keep us warm and I can always step outdoors if I need to cool off a lot.
I'm thinking that this week will be good for those slow simmering dishes I enjoy so much because they build anticipation as they bubble away and scent the air of the home.

We have to run a number of errands this week when John is off work, so I plan to spend Monday and Tuesday going over my food inventory.  I'm not sure how much chicken I have and I know there are things on my shelves that expire this month but I can't remember what...Got to take care of my food stores so they can take care of us!  Besides, who wants to go into the holidays and the New Year with gaps in the pantry?  Not me!

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Cheesy Garlic Rolls, Green Salad, Apples with Caramel Sauce
The meatballs are in the fridge right now.  I don't think they'll take long to thaw, so won't leave them out overnight.  I asked Samuel to stop at a farm stand and buy some Winesap Apples.  I hope he can get some...If he does I'll make this easy Buttermilk Caramel Sauce.

Fish and Chips, Slaw, Hush Puppies
Guess which meal got bumped from last week's menu?  I forgot I had a day out with Mama slated last week.  John had leftovers for his meal.  Moving this menu over to this week means an easy to prepare dish on what typically is a busy day and with yesterday's chores and beginning food inventory attached shall be busier.

Chicken Pot Pie, Cranberry Sauce, Fried Okra, Pear Salad
I did note the big bag of fried okra in the bottom of the big freezer.  High time I made a concentrated effort to use up that item. It will serve us several times over the next few weeks.

Chili, Rice, Green Salad, Baked Apples
I made chili on the first 'cool' day in August.  I always do, every single year.  However, it only stays cool about one day, so I end with chili in the freezer.  I'll reheat in the crockpot.  We always eat rice to cut down on the spiciness and to stretch the chili.

Sloppy Joes, Sweet Potato Fries, Apple Slices
Remember my sloppy joe mix is full of vegetables so this is a lower meat meal.  I'll make this ahead and all we'll need do is reheat when we come in.
Smoked Turkey, Creamed Corn, Green Beans, Green Salad
Another 'freezer find' is a smoked turkey we purchased in Spring.  I'm hauling it out to make room for two or three turkeys as they go on sale for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The smoked turkey is smaller than the usual whole turkey, but we'll get several meals off it all the same.  Some of that good corn I put up this summer will be welcome as a side dish.

Smoked Turkey Sliders, Chips, Pickles
My version of a simple and easy slider: Thick sweet Bbq sauce (perhaps with some leftover cranberry sauce added in), sharp cheddar, a tiny bit of red onion and sliced smoked turkey on slider buns.  I heat in the oven to melt cheese, so it's a nice hot sandwich. I can prepare this meal ahead and just heat and eat when we're ready.  If it's really cold or we're super hungry I might add Potato soup to the meal and skip the chips. 


Lena said...

So is the turkey already precooked? These sliders sound really good!

Karla Neese said...

What a hearty delicious menu you have this week! We are gone from home 3 nights in a row (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Tuesday being a potluck home group night) so my menus have been much more fluid and easy lately. This week it goes as such:

Monday - Mexican Salad (taco salad with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, kidney beans, Doritos and a french/1000 island dressing).

Tuesday - potluck and I'll put on a crockpot of thick chili to simmer all day while I'm at work. I'll grab a bag of fritos and some shredded cheese to take along for make-your-own Frito Chili Pie.

Wednesday - this is leftover/get your own night always at our house.

Thursday - Chicken Spaghetti. I will probably let the chicken cook in the crockpot all day so that part will be easy and just have to pull off the bone. This will make nice leftovers to take for lunches.

Friday - we usually have leftovers or pizza.

For work lunches we have tuna for sandwiches, some baked beans that I'll add hot dogs too and always leftovers. We have plenty of fruit in the form of peaches, pineapples and applesauce to add.

I'm off to make some blueberry muffins for breakfast to go along with scrambled eggs and bacon. Yum!

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