Mar 2-8 Meal Plan and Job List

Italian Pepper Steak, Rice, Tossed Salad
I bought bell peppers last time we grocery shopped and they really need to be processed.  While I'm prepping them for the freezer, I'll just go ahead and use one for today's dinner.  This is a recipe Mama made up using breakfast steaks when I was young.  She made sandwiches, attempting to replicate a sandwich Daddy bought from a food vendor on base.  I morphed it to a main dish entree and it's been a favorite since my first homemaking year.  Slice steak in thin strips, brown in pan.  Remove and set aside.  Cook onion and bell pepper strips until just tender.  Put all back into pan and pour over the meat and vegetable fat free Italian dressing (I use about 1/2 for us. You'll want it 'saucy' for the rice).  Cover and cook until the meat slices are heated through.  Serve over rice.

Mushroom Tortellini in Spinach Alfredo sauce, Italian Green Beans, Broiled Tomato Halves 
Passover is next month and I want to use up all the items in the house with yeast in them.  The shelf stable pastas are one of those must use items.  I don't know about Broiled Tomatoes.  In theory they sound delicious but I've been disappointed in every single one I've tried thus far.  Today's will be an experiement.  I'll use up some of the garlic cheese spread I used on bread last week spreading it on the cut tomatoes.  Then I'll top with dry Italian bread crumbs and pop in the oven.  We'll see...

Turkey Fricassee over Mashed potatoes, Broccoli and apple salad, Toast points
The last of the turkey over some leftover mashed potatoes. I'll make a cheater's gravy using dry bouillon cubes which makes a rather decent gravy if you season it just so (not too much added salt, plenty of pepper, a smidge of grated onion).

Tuna Roly Poly, Coleslaw, Oven Fries
The main dish is a biscuit dough base with a moist tuna mixture spread on it.  I'm combining a couple of recipes.  We'll see how it turns out.

Beef Stew, Corn Bread, Baked Apples
Last summer I put up a bag full of the prettiest little sweet onions that a co-worker of John's shared.  I put them up specifically to make beef stew.  Today the weather is to be cold and rainy.  It is a perfect day for an oven meal.

Almond Chicken, Rice, Clementines
I have carrots and celery ready to dice for this dish leftover from our Shabat meal.  I just need to add onions and almonds.  I expect to have leftover rice from the Italian Pepper Steak dinner to use for this meal.

Chicken Pot Pie, Green Salad, Ambrosia
I'll make ahead and then we can reheat and eat when we get home. 

last week:
Home:  Strip living room of accessories.  Refresh using what I have in other rooms or in shed.
Mop floors.
Find new bath rugs.  Must have.

Yard/Outdoors:  Clean off front porch and get ready for Spring/painting.  (not at all ready for spring painting, but I did sweep it off and move a couple of pots...there's a bit to do yet)

Booth:  Gather books/boxes, cover to use as lifts for items.(have paper to cover the things with)
Gather and tag enough items from stock here in home to completely refresh booth.(need to tag)
Start listing items in other sell venues.(I did try to list an item on  Got stopped during process and haven't returned.  I need to list some things on eBay as well).

March 2 - 8
Home:  Sewing to be done.  I have about three or four sewing projects to do.  I'd like to complete at least one this week: sleeping bag, a roman shade, two valances

Grocery shopping day this week.  We will have a 'short' check next pay period.  I need to buy things I will need in two weeks now in order to cut down on groceries next pay period.  As well I'm lowering my budget to help pay for this porch project.  Lots of thinking needs to go into this list, not just making out an auto list!

Yard:  Clean up the yard.  It won't be long before John's thinking of mowing.  This week we'll be free of frost for the first time in months.  Time to get Maddie's messes picked up.  At least she keeps them right up around the house and I don't have to traipse over the full three acres to gather it.

Booth:  Get items gathered and tagged and put in car in preparation for the big makeover.


Lena said...

Now Tuna roly poly sounds interesting :) I bet it will be delicious but I wonder if my kids would eat something with the name like this.

Anonymous said...

When you prepare bell pepper halves to put in the freezer do you half them lengthwise? So that both parts have a bit of the stem end? Also do you cook the hamburger mix or whatever you put in them first or put it in raw? How do you cook it in the oven when you bring it out to use it? If you put it in a casserole dish do you put some water in the bottom of it or top it with more tomato sauce or what? I have only made bell peppers halved round the middle and stuffed with basically hamburger and uncooked rice mix and covered with tomato sauce or some other tomato mix.. Then cooked in the pressure cooker. I would like to make some to use like you do later.Having some freezer meals is one sure way of staying home and eating on those busy nights even if you were out most of the day.
Thanks. We love peppers but I only do them one way I did use a recipe that called for using corn in it and we liked it but I lost the recipe for that one. Sarah

Karla Neese said...

Oh how good it feels to finally have some time again to come and catch up with my friend Terri! Your meal plan sounds cozy and yummy. I made a good new recipe lasagna yesterday. So tasty and plenty of lunch leftovers. Tonight it is cheese enchiladas and Mexican rice. I made the rice yesterday and doubled the recipe for another meal with it later this week. I need to make a dessert tonight as my sweet tooth as been calling out to me for awhile. :)

Have a great week Terri!

Melanie said...

I'm in one of my I-have-no-idea-what-we're-going-to-have-for-dinner moods. I don't even have the motivation to look through recipes or see what we have on-hand to figure things out. Ugh! Sometimes I'm really into the dinner groove and other times, it's just not there. Thinking of mowing, that blows my mind. Here I sit under two feet of snow. Well, not ME...but it almost feels like it, lol.

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