Weekly Menu and Jobs Planning

Gracious we've had a weekend!  Lovely weekend filled with family once again.  I enjoyed every single bit of it.  Grandbabies have changed in just the two weeks since we last saw them and We've finished off today with a period of relaxing after a few very basic chores got done.  I needed it.  John needed it, too.  He's had some pretty busy days between shifts of late. I don't expect much of him tomorrow either, since he has to work Tuesday.

I've taken a long look at the meat in the freezer this weekend.  We can manage all right I think until end of April and then it's time for a trip to the Meat Market.  After church services today we stopped by the grocery to pick up a handful of grocery items.  I still stuck hard to my low spending but I did get a chicken that was carageenan free for $.99/pound.  Not a bad price for a whole chicken these days.  I intend to cut and split into parts.  Mama taught me how to cut up a whole bird years ago when she was teaching me to cook.  A cut up chicken cost more than a whole chicken back then.  Nowadays, too.  Knowing that I intend to go to the meat market towards the end of the April makes me want to trim back my budget a bit these next two pay periods.  I won't save all I need to purchase meat but I can save some of it.

Spaghetti with Meat and Vegetable Sauce, Bread and Butter
A lazy woman's meal...Not really lazy.  It was late, we were hungry, I was more than a bit behind on kitchenwork when we came in from church, so while food heated, I cleared up. I didn't think to make a salad and decided there were vegetables enough in the sauce to suffice.

Fried Chicken, Black Eyed Peas, Creamed Corn, Coleslaw, Peach Cobbler
I'll fry the breasts and possibly the back and pulley bone for this meal.  Yes, the back.  There's a nice lot of meat on a back.  Growing up the back was my piece of chicken, so I'm a little bit fond of it.  I'll set it aside for my meal tomorrow.  This is a large meal but I'm using freezer ingredients that I've had for some time to make the sides and dessert.  I never made the cobbler I planned to make last week so no fear of overkill.

Roast Beef Hash, Garden Peas, Pear Salad
I had a bit of roast beef and gravy leftover from Friday night's supper.  It's enough for hash for the two of us and stretches a bit of meat.

Chicken Curry, Rice, Broccoli Apple Salad
I'll use legs, wings and thighs to make the curry.  I've got some just slightly expired plain yogurt to marinate the chicken in.   This is a very flavorful dish, so the rice is a nice accent to it.  I normally use yellow rice but will cook a bit of white rice this time.  I expect to steam half the broccoli crown and will make up a broccoli rice casserole.

Potato Soup, Smoked Turkey  Sandwiches, Spinach Dip with Red Bell Pepper Strips, Ambrosia
I continue to search my cupboards and freezer for food items I can use up prior to Passover, so am incorporating what I can into our meals.  Today's spinach dip uses one such item.  I'll share the spinach dip with Mama so we don't have so very much on hand, and I'll eat it for supper a night or two with crackers and a smoothie.  Ambrosia from oranges in the freezer.

A day out with Mama

Meat Loaf, Broccoli Rice Casserole, Sliced Tomatoes
I'll use up another ingredient: Italian bread crumbs.  Since I really like meatloaf and love meat loaf leftovers for sandwiches, this will not be a hardship to make.  

Last week:

Home:  Sew Valances for bathroom.  Clearing my throat...I did sew this week, but only for my daughter in law and granddaughter.  Not enough to not do my own sewing mind you. 
Sort out kitchen appliances/pots/pans  This worked out even better than I'd imagined...Quite pleased with this job!

Yard:  Spend at least 1 hour in the shed setting it in order.  Not quite.  I spent about ten minutes in the shed and 50 minutes in the yard getting sticks up, pruning roses and lantana.

This Week:
Home:  Really.  Sew Valances for bathroom.
Work on master bedroom closet.
Get kitchen food cupboard and baking cupboard in order.

Yard: Clean up front porch.

Booth:  Tag and set new items in booth.

Extra: Vacation plans.  I've done nothing towards that at all.


Anonymous said...

Our family was also over for a while. No matter what you intended to get done it goes out the window and you enjoy the sheer joy of being together. Naturally other things come in a distant 2nd to them. We've been still working in the garden redoing things and planting. Also several odd jobs of painting and repair got done. What a warm good feeling ya get when you do finally get to accomplish something you have wanted to get to ! There may be a lot more to do but just getting the projects started lifts our spirits. Now to finish!! :-) All the time we were working though the memories of our family time together sweetened the day! Sarah

Lena said...

Haha...I like that you call a lazy woman dinner. to make me feel better,I usually call it a busy woman dinner :)

a8383 said...

Hi Terri, As always so yummy! I have been reading a long time and don't think you have ever done a specific post on "Harvest Day." Would love your thoughts- you seem to have a very specific process. And I love the name as opposed to payday! Thanks, Angela

Anonymous said...

Yes a post on Harvest Day or any of your special celebrations too would be of interest to us. Sometimes I remember my mother looking over the fence as she pinned out the clothes on our clothes line. She was looking for the next door housewife. If out they might have a quick chat. Well I find myself checking in here on the off chance you are here with a new post so I can "chat'. I think we all feel a shared bond keeping house and sharing our experiences with each other. That is a good thing. It is fun to share and learn. Sarah

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