Weekly Menu and Job Plans

I've been on a streak of spring cleaning...and in the oddest places!  Like my photo albums online.  I took more hours than I'll admit  to delete thousands (!) of photos and organize hundreds of more.  I told John I want to buy a few flash drives or discs to save these photos to in the next couple of weeks.  I've lost more family photos on crashed computers than I care to own up to.  I am not having computer troubles, nor do I expect to, but I'd like to have my photos safe, just the same.

Well that hardly took me all last week to do, so no excuse for lack of posting other than a bit of under the weather feeling that had no root in any one ailment or another.  Spring fever maybe?  Humph, spring has not yet exactly sprung here in the deep south for all that we're seeing peach trees blooming.  The pollen season is only just getting started, there's little blooming beyond the very early blooms of spring and we're still having frosty mornings!  John said his wind shield  was covered in ice Friday morning when he was ready to head home from work.  There's TWO nights of frost predicted for our area this week.

I recall it was a late Spring the year we moved here.  I planted seeds and planted seeds and planted seeds.  Granny said "Baby it's the soil is too cold, yet!  You're going to have to just wait."  I recall that we didn't stop having cold mornings that year until May.

I am late aren't I?  I have been busy working this morning, yesterday we were off visiting and Saturday evening we attended church services then rushed home to do chores we'd normally tackle Sunday.  I wrote out my meal plan but had no time for posting.   The menu may look a little sketchy.  John works two days this week and I'll clean the fridge both days for myself.

I'm mopping floors today but decided to take a resting work break to post the menus and job plans.  I'll finish up the floors then head into town to do some necessary errands and post some mail.  For a little moment I actually thought, "Oh I've nothing to attend to this week..." Ha.  Guess how many jobs can pop up and say "Do me" when you think you've nothing at all to do?  Too many!

We visited the Athens children yesterday.  Lovely weekend to visit we were told...and then it rained, lol.  Not a hard rain but enough to make us wonder if a cookout was a good idea.  Turns out it was a very nice day, after that bit of rain which settled pollen and allowed us all to enjoy the outdoors.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, Kaiser Buns, Havarti and Smoked Gouda, 'fixin's, Chips and Cream Cheese Brownies
John seldom deviates from his favorites when we plan to cookout.  We discovered a frozen formed Black Angus burger that is really really good and half the price of the 'Bubba' burgers most acclaim as the best. We also discovered the Boar's Head Beef Hot Dogs.  Oh my!  No more pricey than the kosher ones we'd normally buy, ten to a package and so yummy.  Sam and Bess had all the other stuff on hand and Sam even made some Shallot and Garlic burgers of his own (so good!), we ate, we communed as family, we laughed.  It was, as John kept telling me, "A real weekend".

John certainly carried leftovers to work today.  Me?  I haven't stopped for dinner yet...There's plenty of stuff in the fridge, I have to go to town for a few things...I'll make it a late dinner/early supper I reckon and eat later.

Grilled BBQ Chicken, Potato Salad, Rutabaga, Peas, Cornbread and Peach Cobbler
Mama's coming out today for dinner and asked that we grill for her.  She's bringing all the side dishes and I'll make the cobbler from peaches I froze last year and thawed.  Part of my reason for going to town is to buy charcoal.  Really should clean the grill up a bit more, too.

Steak with Tomatoes au gratin, Mashed Garlic Potatoes, Green Salad, Rolls
Just because...John had a pretty hectic time off last week and this week is looking the same.  Since he really needs to rest a little and be pampered I'll make a meal worthy of relaxing after.  The tomatoes au gratin are an old favorite recipe of Mama's, that is so simple and delicious.  You can use sliced fresh tomatoes which I will be doing, or canned drained diced tomatoes which are also good.  Place tomatoes in heatproof dish, top with seasonings (I like minced garlic, a bit of basil if it's to be had, fresh ground black pepper) and a sharp cheese (cheddar works as does romano and other strong flavored hard cheeses) and then with crushed saltines that are drizzled with a bit of olive oil or melted butter.  Heat until just bubbly, cheese melted, crackers browned.

Sloppy Joes, Chips, Green Salad, Apples
I have some cooked ground beef to use up, will extend with vegetables from the fridge and serve on leftover burger buns.  It's an easy, filling meal.

leftovers for me

Tuna Pasta Salad, Roasted Asparagus, Saltines, Lemon Meringue Pie
I'm placing this menu on the weekend because it's finally supposed to be warmer, it's easy to make ahead.  I didn't get to make this last week though it was on my menu then and John requested the meal, so it's here this week.     

Week of March 15-22/This week's plans, too!

I got much of nothing done last week.  I'm just going to repeat every single one of the jobs from last week and in small type add this week's jobs.  You'll note there's only two jobs I attended to last week.  In fairness to me I not only did those tasks but picked up sticks, put away some of the winter protection stuff we no longer need to have out for use, and managed to completely outline a flower bed with bricks before my knee had enough of the stooping and bending.  And there were those photo files that were all sorted out, too...

Home:  Sew Valances for bathroom.
Sort out kitchen appliances/pots/pans

Start Spring cleaning kitchen area.  I'll do that pots/pans/appliances areas and the drawers this week, wiping them out, sorting, arranging nicely.

Yard:  Seriously get Maddie's things gathered.
Spend at least 1 hour in the shed setting it in order.

Booth: Must tag new items and restock booth.
Will set aside next items to go into booth.

Get new items tagged now that I have priced them.  Take into town and place in booth.

Extra:  We have determined what dates we might go on vacation.  Must find a place to go/stay.
I'll look around for a place to go but John needs to double check some dates to make sure no Continuing Education classes are coming in that time frame.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how you get so much done. Yet to see that not all on your list of projects you would like to accomplish that week always gets finished is a relief for me to see. I am not alone! I like to have a list to keep me focused for when there is time. I scan it for when I have a little bit of time to do an easy one or a longer stretch of time one day to finish that harder one. Or at times do a little on that big one each day till it gets done...no matter how long it takes! :-) Without my list I go blank at times as to what is important to finish at home. It invigorates me at times to see that even on a day that I don't feel 100% my self I can do something little. That bit that gets done makes the day extra good no matter what. There are days we are sick or too exhausted to work and some days we just need to rest up. That is ok too. You know your own body. I too love reading your posts !! Sarah

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