Weekly Meal and Job Plan: May 11-17

Another week has flown past.  I have finally made out my project list.  It should take me until sometime this time next year to finish it all.  I decided to take a break from project planning and do something less tiring, like planning meals.  I have all the materials on hand for that!

The weather has heated up nicely.  We saw 90F days several times last week.  Time to start thinking of summer meals.  I even got a little sunburn one day while working outdoors.  Yep, the warm weather is here.  And warm weather makes me ready for strawberry shortcake.  I shall have one this week, a good old fashioned sort with biscuity cake and lots of juice and lovely real whipped cream.  It's a springtime favorite and once upon a time, many many years ago, I would serve a strawberry shortcake supper to my children, not a thing more and all they could eat.  When you're broke as we were, this seemed a rather glamorous and frivolous sort of meal but it wasn't really.  I mean honestly, a proper shortcake is cheap as can be to make.  Strawberries in season, about a quart of good ripe berries...the most costly thing was the whipped cream and that was cheap compared to the price of meat!

Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Fresh Green Beans, Coleslaw
It mightn't seem a summer sort of meal but to me it is, when I can have fresh vegetables and they are fresh just now.  I don't have to fry a whole chicken for just the two of us, but a couple of extra pieces will work out nicely for a cold supper one night.

Beef with Broccoli, Rice, Egg Rolls
I could use thin sliced steak or I could use ground beef.  I'm opting for ground beef this week.  It's less expensive and I have more than plenty on hand. Shredded carrots, onions, broccoli, water chestnuts in a rich brown soy based sauce.  Yum.

Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, Fresh Spinach Salad, Fresh Pears
One of my favorite uncooked pasta sauces is so simple.  I combine chopped tomatoes, fresh parsley, garlic, salt and pepper, olive oil.  That's it.  Combine in the morning, let sit all day long on the counter and those tomatoes will make a lovely 'sauce'.

Fried Rice,  Egg Rolls, Ambrosia
I expect there will be some leftovers from our Beef Broccoli dinner, so why not go ahead and plan a meal of fried rice.

Pigs in Blankets, Chips, Cabbage Salad with pineapple
I don't always make pigs in blankets using biscuit dough (hardly ever with crescent rolls).  Now and then I just take a slice of bread, lay the split hot dog stuffed with cheese  on the bread slice, and then I use a toothpick to hold it all together and bake. 

Chef's Salad, Crusty Italian or French Loaf, Strawberry Shortcake
I call any big salad a chef's salad if it contains meat and cheese and eggs and such.  This one might well have some chicken in it, either leftover fried or some I bake especially for it, depending on how this week goes.  I'll pick up the bread at the grocery, along with the strawberries.  Dessert will be my favorite part.

On my own: whatever leftovers I have on hand

  This Week's Jobs:

last week:
#1:  Get guest room put back to rights.  

#2:  Book vacation.  I have narrowed it down to a few choices.  Once we make our final decision which best be by mid-week we'll book.

#3:  Get front porch cleaned off in preparation for painting.I got the patio cleared and unloaded most of the porch stuff onto the patio...I was hindered by some pretty poor equipment but John has ordered me a professional sprayer to use to help this job along. 

#4:  Make a trip to booth to add a handful of items.  Thrift shopping is out until I either decrease stuff here at home or booth sales pick up big time.  I got too caught up in the patio project which involved being chased about by a large toad...ugh.  Anyway, too hot and tired to go into town and back hurt to badly the next day.  Them's my excuses.

#5:  ???  I have so many things to do or start that I really need to sit down and make a master list of them.  If I feel well (and I do other than being tired today) I'll likely tackle another area.  I'm very conscious at the moment of how many things I have so decluttering sounds like the plan or at least some serious editing.

This week:

#1 Do some more work on front porch

#2  Go to booth and add a few items.

#3 Garden center and buy some potting plants for porches.

#4  Grocery planning and shopping.

#5 Tackle one project on my list.  Must decide which that should be.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Thanks for some good ideas for this week's upcoming dinners from your menu plan.

I got a good chuckle visualizing you out on your patio being chased about by a large toad!

Karla Neese said...

Your meal plan sounds very summery! I was lucky this week in that most of the dishes I planned I had a bulk of ingredients already in my pantry to use up so that worked well without me even really trying very hard. I've GOT to get better at that.

My family project this week is to read and do the workbook on the first week of Dave Ramsey's Financial Planning workshop. My husband's work is offering it to employees and his boss is so passionate about it that she paid for our fee when she heard we were going to do it. What an unexpected blessing!

My home project is to declutter the laundry room. It's the catch-all area it seems. And it's ridiculous.

My personal project is to get my supplies set up for the little embroidery project I bought cheaply at Walmart weeks ago. It still sits in the bag waiting for me.

So that's a bit of my week. I'm fighting allergies or a cold or something so I'm behind on things I was already behind on. :)

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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