Weekly Menu and Job Plans - May 18-24

Good Morning!  I'm a little bit late this week but with good reason.  We had a real proper weekEND this week and while we did keep Shabbat and do no work we weren't home.  We went out and then we had dinner out.  It was lovely, the weather so beautifully cool and sunny and the landscape so lush with wild flowers and grasses and leaves.  There were moments when the wildflowers grew so thickly they simply colored in the area with a whole swath of one color and it took my breath away.  Sigh.  Remind me how much I love spring come next autumn when I'm waxing poetic over the dying leaves and the Fall wildflowers.

Yesterday we went to church, after a round of light housework and dinner prep on my part.  Home in a rush, dinner in a rush (but oh so good!) and then off to the big city for a baby shower for my grandson to be (just weeks away from making his appearance).  I got to see Sam and Katie both, as well as the lovely Bess (mama to be), met her lovely family and then we took the slow scenic route home, a treat for Mama who got to see a good portion of town and countryside she's not seen in years upon.

We came home to freshly washed lawns and roads and  Maddie atremble with anxiety over the low, slow rumbles of thunder.  She was  relieved we were home so she could go climb in the doghouse and hide out and not do her of job of keeping watch over the house.  Bless her big red silly self, she invited herself into the house which she never does when there's no storms and only reluctantly went to her dog house.

I must say she reminds me a lot of my much loved, big gruff part Chow dog Bear.  He had a bark that sounded like a deep foghorn and a knack for saving it until you were upon his pitch black self in the pitch black dark, lol, but let one little rumble of thunder go off some 40 miles away and he was a quivery mess who'd dash into the house and head to the nursery to get under Katie's baby bed.  We always knew when a storm was over by his presence at the back door demanding to go back out again. He never ever came indoors except during a storm.  Perhaps I should fix Maddie a place at the back entry where she can stay when it's stormy...

Time to get busy with the week.  It's started without me this week!

Sunday:  Chicken Nuggets, Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce
A simple and quick meal was a necessity.  The pasta sauce sat on the counter mellowing since Friday.  Easy recipe: Four large-ish Roma tomatoes diced, 3 cloves of crushed garlic, enough olive oil to come up halfway of the tomatoes, salt/pepper/parsley and just before serving yesterday I stirred in a teaspoon or so of prepared pesto.  Toss with hot pasta and sprinkle with Romano/Parm/Asiago.  You want a rich aromatic hard cheese with this pasta dish.  This makes a great pasta salad for pot luck as it requires no refrigeration and can be served room temp.

Monday:  leftovers on my own
John works two days this week, so I'll cook a good bit less and scrounge about a good bit more.  I have work plans!

Tuesday:  Roast Beef, Corn on the Cob, fresh pear salad
An oven meal today, as this is the wind down of our cool spell and we return to normal low 90's for rest of week.  I won't want to cook this meal later in the week!  I've plans to slice the roast and put aside some of the meat for sandwiches or salads next week.  I'll save extra corn for later this week.

Wednesday:  Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole, Steamed Asparagus, Green Salad
I haven't made this casserole dish in a long time.  I'll make it today, using chicken I've poached in broth.  The broth is going to do double duty...And I mean to set aside some asparagus because John and I are really ridiculous in how much asparagus we will eat at one sitting.

Thursday:  Corn Chowder, Turkey Pastrami Melt Sandwiches, Apples with peanut butter dip
I like corn chowder and even if it is meant to be hot today, I think a soup and sandwich dinner is perfect.  I suspect John will be busy mowing anyway and it's lighter fare he wants on those days he's spent out working in the heat.

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday:  Quiche with Asparagus, Sliced tomatoes, Hash brown potatoes, Biscuits or muffins
I'll do the bulk of prep on Friday to keep this meal quick and easy for me on Saturday.  Any leftover quiche will be most welcome next week.

Last week:
#1 Do some more work on front porch

#2  Go to booth and add a few items.

#3 Garden center and buy some potting plants for porches.

#4  Grocery planning and shopping.

#5 Tackle one project on my list.  Must decide which that should be.

This week's plans:

1.  Pot plants I purchased this past week.

2.  Wash the front porch and siding off.

3.  Must go into flea market this week and tend to my booth, put out new items, remove oldest.

4.  Paint plant pots (before potting them all up!)

5.  Plan and prepare for next week.

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Iris Dondlinger said...

We had a golden retriever that was terrified of thunder, lightning , and fireworks. We bought a bottle of chewable tablets at pet smart that helped a lot. I'll try and find the name of them.

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