Weekly Meal and Job Plans

I'm running a little behind already this week.  I had company over the weekend and pushed myself to clean house when they left yesterday and then I was done done done.  The upside is that today I have very little that must be done and I am calling it a day of rest.  It's a beautiful day, too.  All blue and green and sweet smelling with privet and honeysuckle.  Were it not for that pecan tree out back I'd spend all day long on the back porch, which is where we spent the bulk of the weekend anyway.  I couldn't help but smile Friday afternoon and again Saturday after dinner when I saw mine and John's vision of family time on the porch come to fruition.  It was just lovely.  Now I need to get my front porch cleaned and painted fresh and make it family friendly as well.  Projects abound this time of year it seems, more than at any other.

Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Green Beans, Squash Casserole, Peach Cobbler
I'd thought I'd send the kids into town to pick up chicken but after all the grocery budget was overstretched a bit last week, so I opted to use what I had.  The squash and beans were grocery purchases.  I thawed peaches from last summer for the cobbler.  Meatloaf was a hit with the four year old grandson.  He had two whole pieces and kept telling me how good it was with every bite.  I was impressed with myself for pleasing him so.
I had some meatloaf leftover and made up pizza doughs that evening, topped one with a bit of leftover meatloaf and peppers and onions, topped the other with cheese.  Daniel wanted meatloaf pizza for his supper.  This gramma must have made a very special meatloaf.  Wonder if I can ever replicate that recipe again?  I tend to just freehand meatloaf.

Beef Stew, Corn Muffins, Fresh Pears, Bleu Cheese
I wanted to make shish kebabs, but you know there will be few opportunities to even consider beef stew as the weather heats up.  It's mild outdoors, almost a little cool to sit on the porch in the breeze, so I decided to make John's favorite beef stew while we could stand a heartier meal.  I bought the loveliest pears at Aldi the other day.  They are especially nice with blue cheese or a very very sharp cheddar.

Tuna Pasta Salad, Saltines, Lemon ice box cake
John requested this meal a few weeks ago and then it turned off all cold and wet and the last thing we wanted to eat was a cold salad.  Now that the weather is warmer, I think it will make a perfect meal to have out on the porch.  The ice box cake is easy peasy: graham crackers layered with a mixture of lemon curd and whipped cream, then spread all over with whipped cream and left to sit overnight in the fridge.  I have all ingredients on hand.  You slice as you would any cake and serve.

Bbq chicken, Steamed Broccoli with Cheese sauce, Rice, Coleslaw
I'll make extra rice and broccoli  and mix up broccoli and rice casserole for the freezer.  John especially likes that casserole as a side dish with meals. I'll make my own barbecue sauce.  I find I really prefer it.  I may put the chicken on the grill...If I do I'll go ahead and make this main dish at the same time:

Sirloin Shish Kebab, Fire Roasted potatoes,  Green Salad 
I have plenty of red and yellow bell peppers and the first Vidalia onions of the season to go on the shish kebabs.  If I am out and see pretty baby portabella mushrooms I'll get those to add to the kebabs, too.

out with Mama

Dinner in the park
I suspect there will be some sort of food available in the park for the Women's Club Arts in the Park this weekend.  John is one of the musicians presenting a program there.  At the very least we'll stop by the local diner and pick up something on our way home.

last week:

Jobs this week:

#1 Find and book vacation.  I spent 7 hours researching yesterday evening.  7!  It was more than enough to help us determine that we could not even begin to afford our planned destination or anywhere within 100 miles of it.  On to plan 'B'.

#2  You already know what this one is don't  you?  Yeah, you do.  Sew valances.  Angela's threat  promise to come do them for me if I didn't get busy helped!
#3  Get guest room ready for company this weekend.

#4 Sit down and plan out grocery purchases.  Must plan better for the short pay period.

#5  Rest until I can find my way to feeling better.  Best done first part of this week...

This Week:

#1:  Get guest room put back to rights.  

#2:  Book vacation.  I have narrowed it down to a few choices.  Once we make our final decision which best be by mid-week we'll book.

#3:  Get front porch cleaned off in preparation for painting.

#4:  Make a trip to booth to add a handful of items.  Thrift shopping is out until I either decrease stuff here at home or booth sales pick up big time.

#5:  ???  I have so many things to do or start that I really need to sit down and make a master list of them.  If I feel well (and I do other than being tired today) I'll likely tackle another area.  I'm very conscious at the moment of how many things I have so decluttering sounds like the plan or at least some serious editing.


Karla Neese said...

Oh it's been ages since I've made meatloaf but I do love it. And it's my oldest's favorite meal as long as there is mashed potatoes as a side dish. The rest of your meal plan looks scrumptious. I am LOVING your back porch. I'd love to add a "top" to our front porch to sit out there. It gets too hot to even stand for a minute during the summer.

My project this week is to start the embroidery project I picked up cheaply at WalMart several weeks ago. I decided I needed a light hobby other than the internet and magazines that I can carry with me and have something to show for. So I picked up an easy embroidered pillowcase set for less than $5. It's been years (decades) since I've embroidered but no better time than the present to get started again.

Wishing you a productive, yet restful, week!

Karla Neese said...
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