In My Home This Week: A Fresh Start, Menus and Work Plans

It seems fitting to post this lovely vintage magazine advertisement with pumpkin pies on the counter and turkey ready to go into the oven to roast...It is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.  I have a turkey breast in the fridge thawing even as I write and my menu is written down, all except for 1 side dish.  I'm unsure which I shall make at the moment, but I've plenty of things to choose from.

We've just had a lovely Shabat in our home.  More and more often I find I indulge in a long nap mid-afternoon, something I don't typically allow myself, but somehow it never affects my rest Saturday night.  I always take the nap as a blessing.

You'll find fewer meals than usual on my menu this week.  John will be working tomorrow and Thursday.  I'll have dinner at my mom's, where a very small immediate family gathering is planned for Thursday and there will be leftovers for Sunday (tomorrow).  Friday I'm making a small Thanksgiving Meal for us.  I plan to have leftovers on Saturday so no menu for that day either.

I've had a little help planning meals...John's sitting here beside me watching TV and just mentioned two meals he'd like to have.  He doesn't know what a help he's been!

Breakfast:  Eggs and toast (x2)
                    Breakfast sandwiches (Spam, Eggs, Cheese), and Juice
                    Cheese Eggs, Grits, Toast
                    Homemade Biscuits, Turkey Sausage
                    Cinnamon Rolls, Smoked Beef Sausages (X2)

Supper:       Grilled Cheese
                    Creamy Potato Soup
                    Chicken Sandwich, Chips
                    Personal  Pan Pizza
                    Turkey Sandwiches (x2)
                    Pimento Cheese

Dinner:   Leftovers
                Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread
                Vegetable Soup and Cornbread
                 Meatball Subs, Chips, Pickles
                 dinner at Mama's
                 Turkey, Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Beans with Mushrooms, Gravy, Cranberry                        Sauce and  Pumpkin Pie,

Jobs This Week

 Last Week's Jobs:

Clean off the sewing table and deal with the projects on it.

Clean and wipe out the baking cupboard and organize.

Take stuff into booth and arrange.

Plant daffodils and iris, at least some of them.

Start working on shopping lists for upcoming holidays, parties, and gatherings.

Get Christmas tree out of shed and let sit on porch for a few days to that there are absolutely positively NO mice coming in with it.   

Decide just how I want to decorate this year and gather my inspiration photos, my materials and such.  Thanksgiving Table only thus far.  

This Week:

Grocery Shopping early

Harvest Day/paying bills/running errands

Plant iris and daffodil

Prep ahead by making stuffing breads, chopping vegetables, making pie, cranberry sauce, etc.

Clean out the dishes and glassware cabinets in the kitchen

Tag ten items for the booth

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Anonymous said...

Even though our weather never turns cold cold still I turn to more baking and soups and such like all the other homemakers across the country. It is cooler and you like to feel snugly warm inside. So then too projects turn inside more. Sewing and crafts and gatherings with the family to play board games or cards together and such. Starting to dream again of what the spring will bring and the garden next year. As humans we are always thinking ahead it seems. I hope we take the time though to enjoy every minute of the present.
I have been enjoying fluffing up our house. Sprucing up the yards and frankly just enjoying the time here. It has felt so peaceful here lately. Maybe because the tv is off a lot! :-) It is amazing how agitated or depressed I can get from a quick news story or an advertisement for many of the shows seen on tv anymore. Best to stay away from it when I can. More and more family and people fill our days and entertainment less and less. Helping others or visiting, cooking with or just being there.
Besides the meals made or prepped ahead {thank you!} I have rethought other things I can do to ease things. Along with easier ways of doing things comes a more relaxed life too. A circle. Now when before bed I sit down to read I more easily fall asleep!! Thankfully I read in bed!!!
This is a nice season in our lives now. Retirement is really settling in and now we have a real rhythm to it. I wrote you at first things were odd feeling and I could not figure out how to get my home things done with Hubby home all the time. And I do mean All the time! We are together everywhere we go now. Well somethings still don't get done as often as I want but is it worth worrying! :-) He sure deserved to be able to retire and he should enjoy it. Me too! So things have worked out through trial and error at times but worked out. In a few more years I imagine things will even iron out more but they are pretty nice now!! One thing that helped is we became involved in helping our little community in ways we enjoy. When he was working there was no time. Met new people in doing so too. To help others is so rewarding. Keeps us moving and exercising too! Others have found they have time now for the hobbies they never did before and enjoy being home all the time. Whatever works! We get out a lot but the days home are restful and we certainly enjoy being at home too. I cannot set certain days to do chores here. Many weeks our schedule changes from day to day but...things get done that need doing. As homemakers our homes have been our "work" and it will still be there needing our time. I think when it comes you will enjoy retirement too. I can honestly say now I Do! :) Sarah

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