This Week In My Home: Menu Plan and Work Week

The weeks seem to be rushing towards the inevitable conclusion of the end of the year.  I feel truly that I've only just begun each week and it is Friday and the end all over again.  I want to wrestle with time a bit and tell it to slow down, sit on it if I must to keep it from flying away from me.  But it's like trying to wrestle with the wind...It can neither be captured nor sat upon and it will do what it will do.  Right now it seems determined to speed along and leave me reeling.

Our meat stores are seriously low, especially in the poultry department.  Never mind.  I can always purchase more of that nearby.  It's the beef we want to stretch a bit harder and that we shall do.  I've a number of dishes on a list nearby that I've thought of over the past week or two which sound lovely for cooler weather. Things like cabbage rolls and picallily over rice, Swedish meatballs and Baked Chicken and Dumplings and Pot Roast with Cherries.

Let's get on with the meal plans shall we?  I'm getting awfully hungry!

Egg Nests, Toast (hashbrowns baked in a custard cup with an egg broken into a depression in the center)
Biscuits with Sausage Gravy
Toasted Cheese Biscuits with Grits
Eggs and Toast (X2)
Poptarts and Bagels (company breakfast)
Banana Nut Muffins, Cheese cubes

Tuna Melts, Chips
Egg Salad, Tangerines
Chicken Rice Soup
Salvation Army Breakfast Casserole, Fruit Cups (Shabat Evening)
Turkey Sandwiches
Two meals on my own either leftovers of soup or Cheese and crackers

Ravioli Beef Bake, Salad, Tiramisu
Baked Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans, Coleslaw, Cranberry sauce
Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Black Eye Peas, Tomato Relish
Fettucini Alfredo, Green Salad, Roasted Italian Vegetables, Crusty Bread
Dinner out with Mama
Leftovers on my own
Tortilla Towers, Whole Kernel Corn, Green Salad, Chocolate Pudding

Jobs This Week
Last Week:

Grocery Shopping early

Harvest Day/paying bills/running errands

Plant iris and daffodil very nearly all the iris are planted too, just need to finish with those

Prep ahead by making stuffing breads, chopping vegetables, making pie, cranberry sauce, etc.

Clean out the dishes and glassware cabinets in the kitchen

Tag ten items for the booth

This Week:

I'm leaving this week open.  I want to make it into town to the booth and would like to take new stock with me when I got in.  But I also have a big family weekend coming up and I need time to prepare myself mentally and physically for it all, so I'm slacking off on the additional duty that I normally set for myself and doing whatever is required to make the weekend go very smoothly and easily.  The only 'extra' planned tasks this week are to clean up the guest room very nicely, right after I tag a few new items for the booth (need to carry those in this week and replace what's sold).  I also hope to get a day out to do some thrifting, but we'll see.  


Rhonda said...

I read on Facebook that commenting here should be easier so I'm going to try. But I sure hope you don't get a bunch of spam comments too.
It just dawned on me that Monday is Dec. 1, just one month left of 2014. It went fast!
Your weekly menu sounds good and I sure hope the big weekend ahead is a happy time, not too much stress and fun times, fun memories for all.

allisamazing said...

Your menu for the week sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Finally, I'm working on a menu for December ... for the first time in my life!! I've been married 37 years! I'm enjoying it and thinking of so many yummy dishes that I haven't made in ages.

I do get in a rut fixing the same things over and over, and I can see that a menu will help with that. You can take the credit, Terri, as you have been my inspiration.

I'm using a calendar to plan meals on. I see where some print off a month and then plan on that, but we get so many free calendars that I figured why spend the money to print.

I hope your booth does well this holiday season ... I still pray it is profitable for you.

This week I need to tackle some housework but am coming off a migraine. Tomorrow I should be able to bend over and not have it flare back up.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


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