Menu and Plans for November 2 - 8, 2014

The cold weather finally came in.  Right along with November 1 and time change, boom!  The winds began to gust mightily and have shaken the house a few times today.  The leaves are skittering across the lawn and into the brush at the edges of the yard.  Things have blown off the porch walls that I thought were perfectly secure where they were.  I had to bring in plants  last night.  We wore layers about the house yesterday afternoon.  A friend of the family came by with his grandchildren in tow and those three plus Maddie dancing about the yard in the wind (all frisky as puppies every single one of them!) had me convinced there were twice as many children and dogs in the yard.  I begged off after a bit of watching them and headed back indoors to shelter from the wind.  Last glimpse I had of children and dog they were running downhill, dropping in the grass and rolling part of the way, lol.  It was lovely!

Hearty meals, slow simmering ones, stick to your ribs sorts of meals, that's what is wanted now.  And I am more than happy to begin the week out with those sorts of dishes.  I didn't think we'd ever reach the point where a hearty meal would be welcome.  John works two days this week...That means that I'll likely eat leftovers for dinner one day and go out with Mama another.
It also means I'll likely snack for supper one night and skip it altogether another night.

Breakfasts:  Breakfast Bowl, Muffins (Grits with scrambled eggs, diced sausage and cheese on top)
                        Eggs and Toast (x2)
                        Cornmeal Pancakes, Bacon (Egg for John)
                        Orange French Toast Bake, Sausages (I'll mix some orange marmalade in with the custard mixture and pour over bread pieces I've saved in the freezer)
                         Butterscotch Oatmeal, Raisin Bread Cheese Toast
                         Fried Eggs, Hash brown Potatoes, Leftover Muffins

Suppers:  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Applesauce
                   Veggie Beef Soup
                   Tuna Melt, chips
                   Chicken Biscuits

Dinners:  Pot Roast with Vegetables, Tossed Salad, Rolls
                   Macaroni and Cheese, Brussel Sprouts, Fruit Cups
                   Shepherd's Pie, Pear Salad, Biscuits
                  Beef Stroganoff Soup, ??(to be determined)
                  Chicken Parmesan, Italian Green Beans, Green Salad, Garlic Bread

Last week:
Defrost big freezer in kitchen

Mop the floors

Tag Christmas stuff (all gathered in a basket now that I've rummaged through everything)

Tag a few new items for the booth.  (More done than not)

Plant Daffodil and iris (clearing my defense it was unpleasantly warm all but one day and that day I had to run errands away from home)

Buy a picture hanging kit

Finish guest room as near as I can and start the next big project.I have walls marked where pictures shall go and just need to finish putting hanging assemblies on back.  It should be done by end of day today, so I'm counting it as done.

This Week:

Sew curtains for a little boy's nursery

Spend some serious time at the booth, cleaning, rearranging, moving out, moving in.
I expect this to take several hours.  I won't make any other plans for this day except booth work.

Thrift day out.

Begin annual review.

Plant two or three pots with daffodil bulbs.

A little more shed work is in order.

Make a wreath for the front door.

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