Planning Ahead, Starting Behind

This past Saturday, we attended my niece's wedding.  I had company over the weekend and mentioned a 'save the date' event coming up for my immediate which my daughter replied that it was just a month away.  I didn't panic right away but it occurred to me Sunday afternoon when the guests were gone that indeed in the next five weeks or so I have no less than ten events before the year ends and that every single one of them requires some effort on my part to pull them off.  True several of those holidays will be just John and I on our own but I do like to do things for us, too.  And thus far, I have done nothing...  YIKES!

I felt downright lousy Sunday.   I greatly enjoyed the wedding but it was outdoors Saturday evening, which was a cold evening.  Brrrr...And the cold came back with a vengeance.  Not a lot I could do while feeling bad...but I had to do something.

So I started making lists.  We have agreed to do family gifts for each family group but we do purchase items for one another and Mama.  I've bought nothing thus far.  I don't even have Christmas cards, having failed to purchase cards last year at end of season sales.

I started with the Thanksgiving holiday.  I must purchase several of the components for a holiday meal.  I've nothing at present but cranberry sauce and pumpkin.  And there's that holiday breakfast thing.  No canned cinnamon rolls this year but we must have a nice diabetic friendly but special holiday meal.  Oh dear.  I do, at least, have an idea of what I'd like to do with the table for mine and John's Thanksgiving meal.  I haven't done a trial run of it yet, but will try to get that done tomorrow.

Then we'll have visitors before November is over and done. I'd like to have items ready to send off with them, so I must hurry and purchase that and gather the other items .

I really ought to get the Christmas cards and stamps purchased and the cards addressed and ready to go in the mail.  I usually set up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving evening and light it.  I decorate it slowly over the coming week or so, including the decorating of the house.  I haven't even so much as a plan this year about what I'd like to do.  It will, naturally, be strictly 'Use what I have.'

Hanukkah is an 8 night celebration and usually it focuses hard upon foodstuffs.  This year, I'd like to change that up a bit.  Naturally we'll have latkes on the first night and gelt one of those nights but for the rest of the nights I'd like to try to focus on inexpensive but non-food fun items.  I've NO CLUE what I mean to do.  Last year I purchased a CD of music, made Star of David sugar cookies with edible silver glitter, purchased a DVD we liked, etc.  I don't have time (nor indeed funds) this year for any of those sorts of things.  So I'm going to be looking hard for ideas on Pinterest over the next few days.

Decorating the house...I have a few ideas of how I want it to look for Christmas but pulling elements together will be the big deal.  I'd like to have this done by our family all in one holiday.  We'll be hosting at least one family for a good portion of the week and possibly two families over the weekend.   I need to plan foods for the week, plan table setting and meal for the special meal,  get family gifts, make sure sleeping arrangements are covered, etc.  Lots to do for that.

Then there's a work Christmas party following shortly on the heels of that.  I've nothing to wear.  NOTHING.  I discovered this when I went in Friday evening to try to put together an outfit for the wedding.  The pants I'd meant to wear fell OFF.  The tops hung upon me like windless sails.  Katie stared in shock at my selection and sighed deeply as she tried to pull together an outfit.  She managed but she turned to me and said 'Mama.  You have GOT to shop.'  She is quite right.  Even the maxi skirt I assumed fit well had to be taken up in order to stay on.  That means I have 1 pair of jeans and five t-shirts.  And another stack of clothing for V...

John is working Christmas Eve but will be in Christmas morning.  It will be just the two of us for that day as well but again a holiday meal is wanted and a specially decorated table and that special holiday breakfast.

And finally there is New Year's Day.  In the South, many serve pork with greens and black eyed peas and rice.  John and I stopped eating pork years ago and he asked that we drop that 'traditional good luck' meal.  We've done Chinese takeout a few times and Sub Sandwiches but both of those are carbohydrate heavies. Since our local Subway closed down we've no options locally and it's unlikely we'll drive out of town.   Another 'traditional' meal change up necessary and again, I've. No. Clue.  Except knowing that I must have it on hand before the day arrives!

So you can see how behind I've started...I am off to study Pinterest for inspiration.


doe853 said...

Hi Terri, I just emailed you some holiday breakfasts from BHG Diabetic Living magazine. Do you follow them on
Pinterest? If not, you should. Lots of info and great recipes. Dale

Anonymous said...

My head was spinning thinking of all the projects you are trying to get done!! I have found myself getting tense and upset with so many things..too many... coming up here. I need some time to get several things done around the house and we seem to always be gone from it. I have to make myself calm down and relax and realize this too shall pass and we will get through it all. :-) Every year it seems we think we will have things organized and ready for the holidays and then boom it is here and we feel we are more behind than we were the year before. How can that be??? :-))) The main holiday gift is having the family around us and that alone is what makes it extra special. The real reason why we are to celebrate this up coming season is the real blessing for all humanity. Sarah

Sparkiedoll said...

I'm quite worn out just reading your post! Please remember to look after yourself first and foremost. Your health and wellbeing should be top of your lists. For someone who has had a life threatening health event just a few months ago and a chronic disease diagnosis to come to terms with, you would do very well just to get food on the table! 'Pot kettle black' though in real life! I will read with interest how you manage everything and probably steal a few ideas! Rose (UK) x

Anonymous said...

I quit the Christmas cards long ago. I was stressing myself about addressing them and they were expensive to mail. I would like to have some new Christmas decorations however they are not in the budget and I have a lot of stuff already that is in good shape. We have a new Hobby Lobby and I went for a look-see. Garland, ornaments, arrangements are so expensive. I spent $4 on treat bags for homemade candy and two big packs pumpkin napkins on 90% off for next year. I probably will not go in there any more, it made me feel discontent with the beautiful, traditional, paid for things I have at home already.

What size are you now? If you can wear 14 bottom, XL top I have several items I purchased last year that are too big. I would be happy to share them with you. I had to go up a size to allow for a huge cyst on my ovary. I had both ovaries removed this year and no longer need the extra tummy room. I have a beige skirt of modest length in a 14/16 with a purple top in an Xl and a couple pairs of jeans in a 14. I probably have some other tops but I am not home to look. I am not too tech savvy but if you have a facebook account, I think I could send you some pictures on there and then mail what you want. Kip

Lana said...

I am right there with you! I finally did write down the Thanksgiving menu which made me feel more in control. We will have 12 here and some are helping with cooking the biggest being my Mom doing the pies. I do have all the guest beds washed and made thank goodness. That is a huge job to me.

We have to stop doing household projects and get through until January. Somehow everything gets done although I always wonder how after it is all over. I am debating about Christmas cards. We are kind of off and on with them. Sometimes I just post a picture and greeting on Facebook now.

Do you have a consignment shop that could help with new clothing? I have friends that are devoted to certain ones here in town. I have never done it myself though.

Lana said...

What about omelettes for holiday breakfasts? We consider them special because I so rarely make them.

Leigh said...

It's so frustrating to feel unwell and doubly so to feel oneself getting behind in the many things to be done. I hope you are back to yourself and enjoying the creative process of finding and testing new recipes and new ways to enjoy your decorations.

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