In My Home This Week: I Got Sunshine!

In my home this week...

...I thought I'd do something a little bit different and just share a few random thoughts.  Okay?

...I am watching as my calendar begins to fill up for the last of the month.  I am always amused by these times when the calendar fills and how the days all seem to fall together.  And then I'll go for weeks without any sort of an engagement or appointment at all. 

... I read an interesting passage in my Bible, in Leviticus this past week. It spoke of the Sabbath of rest for farmland.  I know that we often see fields here in the South uncultivated for a year or so after cotton is grown on it but I don't know any farmer that adheres to the Sabbath rest for the farmland.  I would be interested to see how the Sabbath rest would work for a field, because the promise is that if you do this, the sixth year of harvest will be so large and so abundant you will have enough food until harvest time in the eighth year...with foods leftover to toss away!  Now that is abundance!  Wouldn't that be awesome?

...My celery, romaine and cabbage are all doing very well in the pot of soil. I am sure the warm air and sunshine in the mornings is doing them a world of good.  I have three more romaine root ends I hope to set in a pot this next week.  And in Georgia, it's time to plant green peas.  Peas don't seem to mind frost or cold here.  Parsley would do well this time of year, as well, and lettuce but it does need to be protected from frosts.  I have lettuce seed somewhere...Gracious I need to get busy and start planting so I don't miss out on good homegrown foods!

...Georgia weather is the most up and down weather of any place I know.  Last weekend we barely made it to 30 degrees for day time temperatures.  This weekend?  Windows wide open and air conditioner on to run the stuffiness from the house.  It's meant to be warm all week long.  I won't be fooled into thinking winter is done here.  Nope.  This is just the way Georgia weather will fool you this time of year.   You start thinking of planting seeds and we'll have a deep freeze.  I think it's time to put quilts on the bed and snuggle in for the winter and temperatures soar into the '80's all over again and we suffocate.

...I took this photo the other morning when the sun poured into the door and rested upon the flowers on the dining room table:
I do love sunshine!  I just noticed the reflection of the glass of the lantern on the wall behind the flowers.   Those wooden things either side of the blue pitcher are butter molds.  They belonged, as did the lamp, to one of my Great Grandmother Annie Clyde.

...I plan my work week:

John is 'gifting' me a space in his freshly cleaned out storage shed.  This is so that I can move the dishwasher Jd and Lori gave me a few years ago into his shed, opening up a whole section of wall space in my shed where I can put up a shelf unit (which is currently sitting unused in John's new work shed).  This means I can better organize my things and get some rather bulky pieces out of the way and have better access.   It also means shifting stuff about in my shed obviously, first to get to that back wall where the dishwasher is currently sitting, and then to sort out the mess left behind when I move all the stuff in the pathway.  So I expect that to take up a good solid two mornings of work at least.  Why do I have a dishwasher?  It was meant to replace mine when mine quit working.  However, my simple model shows no signs of quitting anytime soon despite being 20 years old!

We have officially set the date for carpet installation so sorting out the guest room is on my head.  John will have to deal with his music room stuff on his own.  I do not move his things though I will certainly help if he will direct me.  In the guest room I need to unload a bookshelf and remove things from the dresser drawers so they can move the piece the day they come to do installation.  I will try to have all the smaller things out of the room and packed away in the closet or elsewhere.  As always, it's a good time to sort out some things I might otherwise not have noticed needed to be removed entirely from the room.

Groceries.  John was paid early due to the county office closing for Martin Luther King's birthday on Monday.  I've already attended to the checkbook and sent off the mail that needed to go out.  Groceries are the last task remaining of Harvest Day work.

...I plan our meals:

John will be gone two days this week.  I will be on my own both days.  I don't have a plan for meals yet either of those days though I suspect there will be leftovers for at least one day's meals.
John continues to eat fruits and vegetables for another two weeks and I am following along as best I can with his eating plan.  Honestly the biggest part isn't managing my diet, it's coming up with meatless meals that both fill and satisfy.

Vegetable Fried Rice, Egg rolls, Oranges (and likely a chicken breast half for myself)

Tostados, Pan grilled Squashes with peppers and onions, Pineapple and Banana cups

Pasta with Meatless sauce, Green Salad

Portabella Fajitas, Green Salad with Pico de Gallo, Oatmeal Banana 'cookies'

Tuna Casserole, Green Peas, Baby Carrots (steamed for me and fresh for John who dislikes cooked carrots), Salad

...I plan my leisure:

I've not done very well of late with leisure time.  I seem to always be busy.  I have yet to so much as even touch the genealogy notebooks I keep promising myself I shall begin to put in good order.  Nor have I had a proper beauty day in a bit.  I think because we've had genuinely cold weather the few times I've been alone to do that and honestly our bath gets positively icy when it's cold.  This week I'm going to try and allot one leisure activity to each day.

This week I promise myself to watch The Kitchen on Food network on Sunday afternoon.

I will have a spa day (might be afternoon but that's okay) since the weather will be warm all week long.

I will pull a book from my shelf and dedicate some real time to reading.

I will pull out the genealogy notebook and begin to work on that.

I will settle on the porch with a cup of tea and enjoy the warm afternoon air.  I think the rocker would be a nice place to sit.

I don't need a thing...but I'm just longing for a day to go to my favorite thrift stores and look about. I think I'll plan to take some time this week for that.


Deanna said...

I had to chuckle a bit over the dishwasher. Mine is about 17 years old. The inside looks pretty shabby and there's a part of me that sort of hopes it will die so I can get one with a stainless steel interior. But it just keeps running and running. It wasn't expensive, either. The same is true of our dryer. I would love to have a matching washer and dryer but they just don't seem to need replacing at the same time, do they?

Delorise said...

Hi, I am located in middle Ga area. Loving this crazy weather- pulled my capris and sleeveless tops out of the boxes I had stored summer wardrobe in. Lesson learned- since I am retired and don't have as many clothes-- just keep all my clothes in closet. You never know from one week to the next what clothes you will need. We bought our home in 2002- it was built in 1990-- the dishwasher is 26 years old and still working. Of course now that I have bragged it will probably breakdown tomorrow. Just found your blog and am enjoying following it.

Christie Hogan said...

I live in North Florida, just below the Florida-Georgia State line and that is exactly how the weather is here. Last weekend we had temps as low as 24 at my house and then by the afternoons later in the week we were back up in the low 80s. You can rest assured I had pulled off my sweatshirt and jeans by then and changed I to something cooler. :)

I enjoy reading in the partial shade and sunshine of my front porch every afternoon when I get home from work about 3:00. My sweet husband insists that I take about an hour for myself every afternoon before I start chores and supper. Depending on what all I need to do or how in depth supper is, I sometimes take two!! Lol Just that bit of time for myself really improves my "attitude" some days and increases my productivity.

I love how you say "Harvest Day"--makes my heart smile! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!! Thank you for the time and energy you put into each post for my (our) enjoyment. <3

Lynn said...

Hi Teri,
Is the picture at the start of this post your home? ( the gold bedroom) it's beautiful!
Love your blog. You have such a unique way of saying things.

Lana said...

Beware! The seals don't keep 0n a stored dishwasher! Installing and using it could cause a flood in your kitchen. I know this from experience unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I'll join you on the front porch for a cup of tea! My front porch is under a foot of snow at present, but we are to head up into the 40s this week so I'm hoping it will all melt away. Then, I intend to go out and sit on the front porch and enjoy the warmth of the sun! I'm way not ready for 80s!!!! I'll take the 40s. They will feel wonderful, shirt-sleeve weather!, after -18. Pam

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